Schuttert rushes to win the Grand Prix qualifier at Wengen. Also the first places for Zuidema, Mulder and Zoer

Frank Schuttert managed to write his name in the main section of CH De Wolden on Friday night. This class, the 1.45-meter Spruce Meadows, was the second qualification for Sunday’s Grand Prix.

With Jovial Es (Fernando H \ Casall \ Elegant), an eight-year-old KWP horse, Shortt rode a very fast jump over 1.45 metres, completing the decisive stage in 36.30 seconds. The knight of Omen knew no hesitation during his winning phase. Second was Bass Morings who came very close: 36.48 seconds. He had a very short role with Jesther (Cardento 933 \ Guidam \ Vesther) in the early stages of the jump as the competitors took on a much larger role. But in vain, Morings was behind Shortt by about twenty milliseconds. The third place went to England’s Tim Gridley, who scored 37.53 with the Commissaire S (Comme Il Faut 5 \ Polydor \ Pershing).

win the horse

A nice victory for Schuttert and where he made himself short last Sunday by not pulling all the stops during the Grand Prix, that is no longer the case. So it’s clear that Schuttert chose his winning horse tonight for his second Grand Prix on Sunday. “No, I’ve thought about it carefully, but I’m on a horse last Sunday anyway. The car I drove tonight is no more than eight years old, and then next Sunday’s Grand Prix, it’s going to be very hard for him. That’s why I chose Gream,” “And then I hope to go fast on Sunday and leave nothing behind,” Schütter said after qualifying. Last Sunday, Schüttert finished third in the Grand Prix.

On Friday morning, a show by Bert Jan Zwidema from Lindy caught the eye. He had to wait for the results of at least 44 sets before being sure of winning the Stal Broek. Zuidema entered the ring at number 48 in this division at 1.25 metres.

For this test, Lobalia (from Dallas) saddled a six-year-old KWPN mare. He went fine and left the clock in 65.07 seconds. In the next 44 rounds no one came. German Karl Brooks remained closer to the rider than Linde. With the Spirit 382, ​​the Brocks came in at 65.35 seconds. His compatriot Caroline Holzer also failed to dislodge Zwidema from the first place. Holzer came with Lampard M (Harley \ Vancouver \ Addit M) to 65.64.

special competitor

Later in the class, Zuidema became his contender, because as a second horse who was also six years old, he had taken out Lolivia VDL (Glasgow Vh Merelsnest \ Volivia VDL). But with that, Zuidema was unable to achieve a high rank. Zwidema left the ring with four penalty points with a time of 71.56 seconds.

The rider who has his own stable in Lindy is currently focusing on young horses. “Lobalia, which I won this morning, has potential,” the rider said later in the day. “I got around really well this morning and did a nice run. And the fact that there were no mistakes is of course very good.

On Friday morning Zuidema was full, as he rode two horses at Stal Broek Prijs and on Friday afternoon his eight-year-old KWPN mare, Jaleska Floris, also entered the Handelshuis Schuttert Prijs, a 1.30-meter contest in three contests that Zuidema rode On Friday, he had to go quickly to his stable at Linde, because a number of horses were also waiting there.

Beam Mulder

Bem Mulder was the one who stood out, too. The rider from Dalfsen took his third win in this second part of CH De Wolden on Friday afternoon. Thursday morning Mulder won with Powderpuff and on Friday afternoon he won again the Rietdekkersbedrijf Dekker with the same horse. On Thursday afternoon, Mulder was also able to receive the first prize.

On Friday afternoon, Mulder drove the Powerpuff flawlessly through two stages, as the combinations remained clear. In the second stage, a knight like Dalfsen was riding around as fast as he could. His 24.20 time hasn’t improved nor matched. It was Dan Van Gil (Geese) who took exactly one second more to complete the second stage.

Albert Zuer

In the penultimate match on Friday, Albert Zuer of Akhten won the first prize. In the Sterrehof Prijs Stoeterij Sterrehof Prize Zoer went well in Jayla (Emerald \ Baloubet Du Rouet \ Fabiola-W). Zuer made no mistakes in the two-stage course at 1.40m and was fastest in the second stage. The group reached 28.22 seconds and many people bit themselves. The jockey from Echten entered the ring where he was eleven out of 67 participants and 28.22 was pretty sharp. Everyone after him noticed, because none of the 56 combinations managed to take Zoer out of first place.

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