Pony Terschuur Checked: Livius and Baltic VDL Heroes

Serette (by Livius) Photo: Jacquelien van Tartwijk

In the Terschuur pony check, the title in dressage ponies was Livius Serette’s daughter, and she belongs to the same mare line as the International Small Tour Hero-K horse. The best jumping filly was Sunita, the daughter of the Baltic VDL of the successful Van Wesel family’s bloodline.

The heroine of dressage ponies was the daughter of Livius Syret. Her breeder G. Kamphorst bred the international horse Uerette (Silvano N) from Inter-I Hero-K who is ridden by Saskia Poel. Mother Merritt is the daughter of High Five US. Now GH Kamphorst is also listed as an Associate Breeder. Inspector Marcel Bookers spoke of an attractive leader group in dressage ponies. “The Serette is a well developed, long-legged, attractive pony with a long neck and a lot of blood. She trotted with very good style, is light-footed, and has a lot of technique and dash.”
The reserve hero was Saffier W. Joop van Wessel This son of Desperado was born from Meganita Elite IBOP-dr PROK by the Governor. Granddam BIganita has already produced a small tour and horse ZZ-Zwaar by Apache. “A sufficiently developed and attractive pony with a good forefoot that keeps the neck motion slightly vertical. He has a lot of technique in this but should show a little more use of the body.

The weather in Camphurst

Pony J Camforst of Zuwartbrück also took third place. This time he was the son of Lloyd Santiago K (from Fivesta MH Elite EPTM PROK by Vivaldi). “A sufficiently developed pony, sufficiently tall. He has an attractive forehead and a slightly sharp line, but in movement he shows a lot of posture and has a lunge, but can show a little more use of the back.
In fourth place we saw Sammy H, son of My Blue horse Santiano from Kiki H elite EPTM-0dr PROk from Googel, breeder Topfokbedrijf M. Hanegraaf BV from Vinkel. “A well-developed, attractive foal of sufficient length. He can be a little stronger in the front line. The movement has a lot of momentum and technique but he can move a little more with the withers.

Six to NVK

Other foals are allowed to appear in NVK. First of all came fifth Sarai Verdoni (Kjento of Maia B ster IBOP PROK of GLOCK’s Toto jr, breeder NMH van Dommelen of Dieren. Granddam Rhea B is also known as Lotje Schoots’s Heavy Tour Horse Athene B dam outside the well-known breeding facility for the Bleeker family and stallion Certified Nordic Blue Horses (by Totilas) “A very attractive pony with a nice head and lots of forward. She has a good lead line and jog in the final with more flexibility and technical suppleness than she was on the first lap. The trotting was still a bit tricky.”
The sixth pony was the son of the Las Vegas Seattle Cajun (of Sandreo’s Felinez Elite IBOP-dr Sport-dr PROK team, who ran the Z2 himself and actually produced a Z2 dressage horse from Desperado), of Nederhemert’s JG Keijnemans-Bos breeding. She has developed foals that can show more blood, but have a lot of feet and show good movement technique with which they can impress more.”

Van Wessel Jump Champion

Among the jumping foals, the champion bar went to #1 on Sunita’s starting list. Just like Joop van Wessel’s dressage foals, this one goes back to the stock dam Fanita. However, jumping horses from this branch have been bred for decades. Sunita is the daughter of the Baltic VDL from Gunita’s Elite Advance IBOP PROK from Corland. “A well-developed foal, long lined, attractive with a sufficient forefoot and a good upper line. The movement is active, but it is slightly forward. It has good scope and sufficient flexibility.”

However it referred Sunny Boy MZ, who is raised by Zelhem’s GJA Maldeirink, to the Reserve Championship. The son of Poker de Pariposa (from Heidy MZ Elite Sport-Jump PROk of Zambesi) comes from the same stock Grand Prix horse Cappachio and has appreciated himself in the championship selection. “Pony is more than adequate, attractive, long-line, and lacks some muscle in the front line. The trot could be a little stronger, but especially in the tournament, he had a lot of lunge and flex.”

Another pony from Joop van Wessel took third place. This time it was Silverstar W, Verdi’s son of Nolanita’s elite IBOP-jump PROK who was ridden by Cornette Obelinski, the half-sister of the champion’s mother. “An attractive pony that is more than sufficiently developed and is sloping down a bit at the rump but has an adequate forehead. He trot lightly and in the trot has good balance. He was a little tired in the championship inspection.”

Source: KWPN

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