interactions. The red flame after the historic quarter-final: “Champagne? The shakes of the recovery are already ready”

“This is a historic achievement in women’s football. The way the team has grown during the tournament makes me very happy. The girls worked hard, also in preparation, and today we see the result,” said Cernells. He had to “let the rehabilitation sink in for a while”. He continued, “I congratulated the girls on entering the history books.” “I am so happy.”

The next challenge awaits on Friday, the quarter-final against Sweden State. “We now have three days to prepare for the next match. This extra match that we have now is a great move for many players, and one that is difficult to imitate in training matches,” stressed Cernells.

Aves Cernelles jumped into the air after the whistle blew. © BELGA

“There will be some singing on the bus now. There is also something to enjoy today. But from tomorrow we have to go to the field. Laura (De Neve) had a slight injury, and Amber (Tissiak) was suspended. Now we have to try to get 23 players ready for the day. Friday “.

“We’ve explored all the countries that are here, including Sweden. I already know a few things about it, but I’ll quietly include it with the staff tomorrow. You only meet the best teams in the quarter-finals. It will be a huge challenge,” he concluded.

Top scorer De Kinney: “It feels great”

It was a goal by Taine de Kinney who led the red torch over Italy. “It feels great. We worked hard for this and now it is being rewarded.”

De Kenny has not scored any goals for Belgium in five matches but said earlier this week in a press moment that “her moment will come”. “That’s right,” she laughs. “I am really happy that I was able to help my team in this way, but it is the way we played as a team in particular that makes me happy. We fought and ran for each other.”

Tiny De Kinney (centre) opened the scoring.

Tiny De Kinney (centre) opened the scoring. © ISOPIX

The match, which took place at the swelteringly warm Manchester City Academy Stadium, turned into an exciting story in which the two teams literally went out to win and qualify. “After our goal, we collapsed a bit. Italy put pressure, as we could have expected, but we gave everything and in the end the win was well deserved.”

Also for seasoned De Caigny, this qualification is Red Flames’ greatest achievement to date. Five years ago we did not succeed in the European Championships in Holland. This year we definitely wanted to do it and this is definitely one of the biggest stunts we’ve seen in Belgian women’s football.”

And now looking towards Sweden? “Now let’s enjoy ourselves for a while. We deserve it. Tomorrow everyone should recover well or train if necessary. Then we can look at Sweden more. I don’t know anything about this team at the moment, and I haven’t played against them yet. I’ve watched Sweden matches in this European Championship. It is a good team, it will be very difficult, but if we recover well, anything can happen. It is still football. 90 minutes must be played. Now that we are there, we want to move on.”

Woman of the match Sari Kiss: ‘I didn’t expect this election’

Sarri Kiss was named “Woman of the Match” by UEFA after winning 1-0. She performed strongly at full-back and thus had her share of qualifying for the quarter-finals. “A very nice feeling,” 21-year-old Flame described being elected as the player of the match. “I wasn’t expecting that, especially given my age.”

Sari Kiss (right).

Sari Kiss (right). © ISOPIX

The Flames were under heavy pressure after De Caigny’s opening goal. “The last 20 minutes were very difficult. But just like against France, we coped with it well tactically and in the end it was a fight until the last minute. We deserved to win, especially in the first half,” Kiss explained.

Due to Laura De Neve’s injury, Kees formed a duo with Julie Biesmans in central defense, who usually plays in midfield. “I think it’s the first time we’ve played together in the back. It went really well. Julie is also very mature and experienced. We worked really well together,” said Case.

“A tough opponent, like France,” Kiss knows about the upcoming opponent. “We will see. Today we will enjoy the win and then we will work on Sweden.”

Goalkeeper Nikki Everr: “Champagne? Vibrations of recovery are already ready”

Goalkeeper Nikki Everr kept a clean sheet and thus contributed to the historic qualification to the quarter-finals of the European Championship. “It was a very exciting match. I managed to keep a clean sheet and I am always happy,” Everr said after the match, which was played in the mixed zone at the Manchester City Academy Stadium.

Five years after being eliminated in the group stage of the European Championships in the Netherlands, Flames’ goal was higher in England. The Belgian goalkeeper stressed this goal after the qualifiers.


“We indicated up front that the quarter-final was our goal. We can now say that our ambition has been fulfilled. With Red Flames writing the history of Belgian women’s football today, you have to be realistic about that,” continued the goalkeeper.

According to Everr, the Flames should now celebrate qualifying “but we’re not going to do anything crazy,” she asserted. “I already have a question about champagne, but the shakes of recovery are already ready. Starting tomorrow we have to turn our full focus to the next match against Sweden. It will be a tough race just like today, but we are in a European Championship. Every match is tough.”

Biesmans: “It makes me a little emotional”

Julie Bismans has moved to the center of defense against Italy due to the injury of Laura De Neve. Together with Sari Kiss, she held up well in the center of defence. After the final whistle, I celebrated the 1-0 win and qualification to the quarter-finals. “It’s unbelievable. After the match at the Manchester City Academy Stadium, I usually feel calm, but it makes me a little emotional,” she said.

“We had a good start. It gave me confidence. After that we lost the ball more easily but fortunately we did not concede a goal. In the second half we controlled the game and in the end it was just staying put. But we did it well”, Besmans continued.


As usual, Basemans played in midfield against Iceland and France, but she also has experience in defence. “I’ve been there before. It’s fun to play with Sari Kiss, so I found my place quickly.”

What do Biesmans think of Sweden? “Best country. They excelled in the group stage. “We’re going to have to make a good plan for that,” Besmans says. “Now we’ll enjoy it for a while and then move on to the next match.”

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