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at home The city of Denkavit in Voorthuizen has taken and announced a series of measures to “further improve animal welfare”.

The small animal feed producer, which has subsidiaries in six countries, reported this Friday afternoon in response to a letter sent Thursday to the Denkavit department of animal welfare organizations Dier & Recht and Eyes on Animals.

The message was directed by secret recordings made in February of this year by the French animal welfare organization L214 at a research company with calves from Dencavit in the French town of Montreuil-Belay.

abuse “These horrific images show how Dinkavit employees seriously abuse young calves,” writes director Frederic Schouten of Dier & Recht and director Leslie Moffat of Eyes on Animals. “The animals are pushed, kicked, prodded, and beaten repeatedly, including with sticks, fences, and by hand. One calf is pulled by the ears, another is thrown to the ground and kicked.”

In addition to abuse by the staff, the photos also show serious deficiencies in the care of the calves, according to Schouten and Moffat. Many animals suffer from cough, nasal secretions and abnormal breathing which indicates pneumonia or pleura. Calves are dirty and have diarrhea. Sick calves are not isolated and do not receive the necessary care. Pictures from the log show that the calves have a fever. The animals have no clean, dry place to lie down and even feeding troughs are contaminated with manure.”

break in Denkavit had already given an initial reaction to the video images at the end of April. In it, the company claimed that it was the victim of a burglary. It aims to harm our image, values ​​and veal farming in general. These recordings were obtained illegally and do not represent at all the way we Dinkavit treat our animals. We are shocked by the images showing violent and inappropriate behavior towards calves.”

The company also reported that it has begun a careful analysis of actual events. “Based on the findings, we will take appropriate measures to ensure that the animals are treated with respect.”

unacceptable In the letter sent Thursday, Dier & Recht and Eyes on Animals called on the Dencavit’s management to announce the actions. The young animal nutritionist does this a day later with an “Animal Welfare Statement”, signed by the Denkavit team.

“We were also shocked by the images we saw. As an organisation, we advocate for animal welfare and this means that the activities we saw in the video are not acceptable to us,” the company confirms. When the photos reached us at the beginning of the year, we took immediate action. For example, we investigated how this situation occurred. We have once again carefully examined and tightened the internal rules for dealing with animals. Controls on this have been intensified.”

According to spokeswoman Marja Lelieveld, this includes tighter protocols, procedures and random checks, but also the use of cameras and the use of biometric equipment to determine if an animal is sick faster.

rubber floor Duncavit has also announced that it is tightening its hiring policy for employees who work with animals and further promoting animal welfare. Lelieveld cites plans to reduce transportation time and replace stable wood flooring with rubber as examples.
The company from Voorthuizen says it is working with Wageningen University (WUR) “to determine which measures can be applied in the short term and which ones are in the long term.”
The statement also includes the appointment of a caretaker and the initiation of a global sustainability program in which animal welfare is a core value. “As a result, animal welfare occupies a more prominent position within our organization.”

Supervisor Duncavit reports that it is under increased supervision by the French public service, the DDPP. This authority has already conducted several checks. We are also working together in this aspect to treat our animals as best as possible.”
“Unfortunately, we cannot undo what happened,” the company concluded. “We can only be more vigilant about the future. And we will definitely do that.”

sixty countries The Denkavit Group has subsidiaries in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the United States. The main office is located in Tolnegenweg in Voorthuizen. “From this site, our international team sells Denkavit products in more than 60 countries around the world,” the company’s website reads.

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