Norricone VH, Marylin-Dine and About You RS2 lead in Pavo’s preliminary selection Gelderland

About you RS2, image archive. Photo: Hof Burgmann

With 88 points, four-year-old Norricone VH (by Morricone) under Jennifer Sekreve scored the highest result in the Pavo Cup pre-selection at Ermelo. The five- and six-year-olds’ toppers also scored well: Marilyn-Dane (by Daily Diamond) was in the lead in the five-year-olds with 85 points, and About You RS2 (by AC/DC) had 86. Robin van Lierop rode the lead at the age of five and six.

In Ermelo, Morricone’s son Norricone VH scored 88 points during the second Pavo Cup pre-select. Second place went to Svenja Grimm and the well-tested Fall in Love (by Blue Hors Farell). In total, 10 horses scored 80 or more points.

“These four-year-old horses were presented very well for the most part and we can say they were well prepared. In the lead group we see a number of horses with nice light feet that have been immaculately presented,” says jury spokesperson Marianne Dorestijn, who judged horses with Veronique Roerink.

Lots of self transport

According to Dorresteijn, the descendant of Morricone Norricone VH (from Jensie Elite-dres sporting IBOP-dres D-OC by Enzo Ferrari, breeder H. van Hattem of Oldebroek) is an impressive horse with plenty of front and looks. “We saw a beautiful naturally existing self-posture and Jennifer was able to show a very empathetic image. Walking uses a lot of the body, a nice stride and good range and stay active in it. On a trot the self-transport is amazing, the horse has a lot of balance and doesn’t need to be speeded. See Also the same self-trotting cart, although he could have been carried a little more on his hind leg. A very complete dressage horse.”

nice show

Second place went to Svenja Grimm and IBOP topper Fall in Love. Blue Hors daughter Farell (of Sophie van San Amour) scored just half a point lower through IBOP with a score of 87. “A very full horse,” praises Dorresteijn, who underscores how good the ride is with this group. “The harmony was very positive. The rider can continue to ride with a nice little assist and the support remains very firm. The mare shows a very stable profile. The ride is very immaculate and wide, in the trotting the lightness and dexterity is remarkable, the mare being very well pushed into the hand. At the trotting we see Lots of rushing. For the higher marks, the mare can move a bit more in the body and with the withers, but first of all this was a very interesting show to watch.”

Sympathetic show

Two horses got 84 points. Secret descendant No Secret (of Esina Elite Sports – IBOP-dres PROK from Jazz, breeder Stal Willig of Abcoude) emerged with a presentation in which flexibility prevailed. “There is no secret that he walks gently, he walks gently with his ears up and shows a lot of effort, without the pace being too high or there being tension. The positive is the beautiful transitions and leg technique this horse has.”

Lots of self transport

Most Wanted Nero von Belen, who is also a descendant of Morricone (from Cuwensie stb-ext by Donnerball, breeder CJ Bruin from ‘t Harde), is also a horse with plenty of charisma and an impressive front four. “This stallion impresses in the draft with his leg technique, but can stay a bit locked up for higher points. Walking and jumping in particular were very positive, and he was a very complete dressage horse with plenty of self-transportation.”

Marilyn Dane

Marilyn Dane won the pre-selection for the Pavo Cup in Ermelo this afternoon, led by Robin van Lierop. The mare got a 9 for her horse and finished with a total of 85 points.

Marilyn-Dine is the daughter of the Daily Diamond of Farludine’s elite who favors IBOP-PROK by Vivaldi, IMC Schel-Schippers breeder. They originate from the same line of Small Tour Androdine and Jacky Kennedy DVB horses. It was entered in the genealogy book with 85/85 two years ago and reached the NMK. Now she is again convinced. Bart Bucks explained to horses: “A mare with a lot of charisma and size. She shows a lot of dexterity in her workouts. Walking is active with good range and use of the body. The trot has a lot of technique and good use of the front leg. The back leg comes in well. Canter has a good lunge and lots of Rush Sometimes she could sit a little more, but overall it was a very sympathetic picture. With 9 for the trot, 8 for the boat and 8.5, her score came to 85 points.

84 points

German contestant Svenja Grimm, who lives in Chile, introduced the stallion Madison. This son of Gamble H (from Cointreau Stb-Ext by Johnson) was born by Jan Brouwer Horses BV. “A large-framed horse with a lot of expression. Walking is active but should show a bit more use of the body. The trot has good dexterity, range and drive and has tremendous power and range. On the back he can keep going up a bit more. With 8 for walking and another 8.5 was That’s good for 84 points.”

Girdyn Marie Massimo (Glock’s Toto Jr. of Bretton Woods, Fokker M. VAN Cortenberghe) rode to the same conclusion: “Combination with a very beautiful picture. The horse performed a correct obedient trial. The march is active with a good range as it was able to maintain good purity in closing. The trot has good range with good use of the foot, lunge and balance. The trot is a good 3 runs with more than enough range but can show a little more use of the body.” They just got a 9 on the trot.

about RS2

Among the six-year-olds, the highest score this afternoon in Ermelo was for a Westphalian born RS2. With this Robin van Lierop achieved his second win in the Bavo Cup with the preliminary selection today. The best KWPN horse was Lenthe Ce who scored 81 points with Cynthia Eggenkamp.

A total of 13 six-year-olds appeared before the jury. Robin van Lierop delivered the Westfaler Stallion About You RS2 (Ac/Dc x Escobar) accurately and scored no less than 86 points. With this he achieved the second victory after Marilyn Dane at the age of five. Bart Bucks of Horses explained: “A horse with a lot of charisma, has a beautiful silhouette in the test and is very obedient. Walking is active with a lot of body use, sometimes a bit quick. The trot has a lot of style with good use of the back leg, and lots of balance and posture. At canter he has a lot of lunging and jumping and comes back easily in the changes.” Because of his pedigree, Anak does not stand a chance of getting a place in the semi-finals.

rest and balance
KWPN’s tallest horse was Lenthe Ce, daughter of Johnson from Briacarla ster IBOP-dr D-OC by Van the Man, Chr. Eggenkamp of Voorthuizen and M. Schoemaker-Peper. “The steed which showed a very nice profile, with a very nice stance that radiated a lot of peace. Walking is a good four stroke, it is energetic but can show a little more use of the body. The trot has a lot of speed, it bends in the back leg and it has a lot of balance In the drills. In the throttle there is a good jump, a lot of range, but in the counter you can keep a little more balance. The total comes to 81 points.”
Christian Gause was a Leonardo accountant passenger at DT (Zonik from Grace Kelly VDT elite EPTM-dr D-OC van Jazz, educator: A. van de Tillaart of Zijtaart. Passes., left and right. Fully radiant calm and also showed nice little changes very.walking four strokes and has space but can sometimes be more diligent.trotting has more than enough technique and has strength,but sometimes in trotting shows a lot of balance and space.In the counter he may be a bit fast and lacks body use,but Overall a very nice show.”


Source: KWPN

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