Hoekstra smart third in GP Falsterbo, Thieme strategist wins

European Champion Andre Thiem and DSP Chakaria (by Chapter One) won the 5* Grand Prix of Valsterbo on Sunday afternoon with a lot of strategy, a lot of speed and a little luck. Hessel Hoekstra and Icon VDL (by Bubalu VDL) played the game very smart and came in third place. Second place went to home racer Henrik von Eckermann and Nababette Z (by Nabab de Reve).

The 1.60m Falsterbo Grand Prix is ​​run over two rounds, with the best 25% going from round one to round two, where there is a slightly shorter track run on time. Twelve of the second-round combinations rode on Sunday, seven of which started with a zero on the table.

Hoekstra on three

Hessel Hoekstra and Icon VDL only got out of the first round with two time errors and were allowed to start fourth in the second round. Hoekstra moves with precision and Icon dodges obstacles with obvious ease. It wasn’t very fast, but it was very safe and smart as well. Because after removing the smoke, it turned out to be good for third place.

Theme in the corner

After Hoekstra, European champions André Thieme and DSP Chakaria flew in a very short lap. Thieme was the slowest distance of the seven to come out of Round 1, but he clearly had a new plan in mind for Round 2. The inside turn to the next-last hurdle – a steep white jump – took the crowd’s breath away. The two kept miraculously clear and came in about 7.5 seconds faster than the Hoekstra. With that, he took the lead. But there are still six groups whose names do not have a zero.


Jens Fredricson and his adorable sidekick Markan Cosmopolit (by Calido I) made the same impossible transformation into a steep white jump as Thieme and were even faster. However, the Swedish audience collectively shouted “Ah” when a beam fell from the last bull. He could have been faster than Thieme, but he couldn’t have been clearer faster. Henrik von Eckermann got close to Thieme, but lost a bit of time on the hard turn to the slope with his big-framed chestnut Nababette Z. The excellent jumping mare came in a quarter of a second slower than Shakaria.

Friel bites himself to pieces

Jur Vrieling was second after round one and was the penultimate start in round two with Fiumicino van de Kalevallei (by Plot Blue). They made good progress through the first half of the course, but had a bit of a meltdown midway through. Vrieling then decided to attempt a tight turn for a sharp jump, but Fiumicino was already unbalanced and refused after coming to a nearly stop before the hurdle. Vrieling completed the round, but his 12 penalty points saw him falter to 12th.

Hoekstra in squirting

Hessel Hoekstra is in a state of flux. A few weeks ago he won a 3-star Grand Prix at CSI Eindhoven for the first time, came second at the CSI Twente Grand Prix the following week, and debuted in Rotterdam at a level 5* with seventh place. That was just three weeks ago and now he has an impressive 3rd place in the 5* Grand Prix at the Falsterbo Horse Show. “that’s cool!” After that, Hoekstra said excitedly. “It was a tough track, of course I don’t have all the experience and neither do my horse. As a result, we had two time errors. At first I was very upset about that, but I can’t change that anymore. So on the second lap I couldn’t do better than zero. “. And they did it again, this time at the right time. He has nothing but praise for his horse. “Cool, cool, he’s only nine years old but he always wants to jump to zero and do his best.” When asked what it’s been like in streaming since CSI Eindhoven was even nominated for Herning’s World Cup longlist is the result, he answered humbly. “This is really special, but I don’t fit any chances myself. I haven’t raced in the Nations Cup yet, but it’s great to be on the list. For now Icon is going to have a rest, he jumped a lot and then we’ll set a new schedule” .

Colleagues and Smolders

Johnny Pals and Fernando (via For Pleasure) hit the triple bar midway through the first round with both hind legs. The duo then quickly accelerated to reach the second lap. All was well, and Bales, 16, crossed the line in 79.19 seconds. In the end, unfortunately, that was not enough. They were thirteen. Harry Smulders rode the Grand Prix with ten-year-old Yurikas van de Katevenen (by Yuriko). The middle hurdle for the triple jump came from spoons. Smolders continued to ride quietly and left everything behind and became 19th rank. Patrick Lehmann saw two beams fall in the first round.


Source: Horses.nl / KNHS press release

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