CK Heerjansdam: 10 tamed mares have been put to the test for the tournament

Oresia ASD (All At Once x Sandreo) Photo: Jacqueline van Tartwijk

It seemed like a holiday to the huge amount of spectators in Hergansdam; Enjoy the beautiful horses on the balcony under radiant weather conditions. But behind the scenes, a lot of hard work was put into making this genealogy book and central inspection a success. During the Corona period, the two inspections were somewhat forced to merge, and it went so well that the Board of Directors of the South Holland Region decided to continue in this direction for the time being.

Yesterday the jury was at work. Johan Hemminga, ambitious jury Luke Smitzers and Regional Inspector Pietro van Trommelen. At the end of the first day, he was a satisfied guy: “We had a lot of young, young female models on the track today. Generally normal to well developed and a little bit ‘young.'”

Average good foundation

“The establishment should always be a point of interest, but the choice obviously depends on this, because we have seen very few major distractions down the street. This is only my second year here as a regional inspector, but this site is good. The soil is good and there is peace, so horses can To show itself optimally. The team of drivers get along well with each other and do an excellent job. The only shortcoming was of course Dirk Reagan. He was a speaker last year, but he has since passed away. Anyway, looking forward to tomorrow, because I think he is with ten We are going to have a very interesting and exciting section of the tournament!” Johan explained the morning program with Petro, Luuk took over from Petro in the afternoon. It was very easy to follow the jury team’s explanation on the edge of the box to the audience. Mares were judged in ten groups. In total, there were 44 three-year-old mares, an increasing number in the region. Of these, 33 were superstars and 22 were temporary.

Olympic stallion

The catalog order has been put in place to screen heroes including Oresia ASD, the almost black daughter of All at One from Persian favorite star Ciresia (s Sandreo). In the Dam line, in addition to several international sport horses and custom stallions, we also came across a KWPN-certified Grand Prix and Olympic stallion Glock’s Dream Boy. The jury said of Oresia ASD: “A very beautiful and attractive horse. She moved very lightly and with remarkable poise. She walked neatly. On trotting she showed a lot of expression and good posture. The latter was also applied to trotting with always strong use of the hind leg. Oresia ASD was bred by A. Schellekens from Sprang-Capelle and sold through Stal Brouwer Auctions Currently registered as: MP Overvliet from Leiden She has scored 85 for her formation as well as for her movement.

Oresia ASD (All At Once x Sandreo) Photo: Jacqueline van Tartwijk

Breeding Van Helvoort

The 1.78 gauge and Olly-Esther bred in the Van Nobelen stable also received an invitation to the championship. The generously developed daughter of the Blue Horse Zack has good body proportions. She has a good shoulder/shoulders. In motion she had looseness and posture. Striking has a score of 80 for both appearance and movement. She is registered with Lewis and Gabrielle Rust of Het Harbush Stables in Straw and with Tim Coomans of Odd-Bagerland. Olly-Esther dam is O.Esther (Elite, Prest. D-OV vs. Jazz). It is also the dam of the three great dressage horses: Asther de Jeu (s.Contango), Brother de Jeu (s.Voice), Esther SVN (s.Voice) and Zafriq de Jeu (Rousseau). Furthermore, we also meet in the line of mare the descendants of Gribaldi, Sisther de Goe and Thriller, who have achieved great success at the international level in Grand Prix racing. O.Esther was purchased as a dowry by Huub and Tiny van Helvoirt by Emmy de Jeu. She then sold the mare to Ruud van Kuplen, who bred above-average dressage horses from her. Ole Esther was born in the year he passed away or Esther.

Olly-Esther (Blue Horses Zack x Jazz) Photo: Jacquelien van Tartwijk

beautiful climb

Ostara Reina VDJ climbed when she started moving, according to the jury: “A very attractive model with a beautiful front. She moved very lightly and with great flexibility. On the trot she climbed really well every time and showed a lot of technique.” Dark Chestnut by PH van der Jagt from Zuid-Beijerland is 1.69 meters tall and is the daughter of In Style. She was bred from the Steyr Serena mare (by UB40) and descended from the Raina breed prevalent in Wim van Arkel. Ostara Reina VDJ has a score of 80 for both her looks and her movement.

Ostara Reina (In Style x UB40) Photo Jacquelien van Tartwijk


At least five Blue Hors Kingston descendants participated in Heerjansdam. It’s no surprise because this stallion was a trendsetter during the 2018 KWPN Stallion check and was affiliated with Ad Valk before he moved to Denmark. Four of Kingston’s daughters are provisionally approved today, and number five has been given the sterling datum. Oriflame did well to get 80 points for formation and movement. She was knocked out by the sport mare Flame (Lord Loxley), who had competed successfully on a small tour. The beautifully designed Oriflame stands out in both trotting and trotting due to its strong use of the back leg and powerful impulse of movement. It is generously developed and has a good rectangular form. She also showed nice muscles. The Bayhorse was bred at Hamerpagt stable in Nieuwland with the registered name: E. Kossowicz in California.

Oriflame (Kingston BlueHors x Lord Loxley) Photo: Jacquelien van Tartwijk

good mother line

The same result went to the half-sister Our Pleasure among the elite preferences of the Wild Pleasure mare. This Jazz daughter comes via Leandra (Ferro x Variant) from the dam line of Negro’s higher ancestor. Wild Pleasure is also a KWPN-approved Dark Pleasure dam. This stallion was successful in the small tour before being sold to America. Here he died of laminitis. He’s left behind KWPN certified and it’s fun. Wouter Plaizier from Heerjansdam is a registered breeder/member of Our Pleasure. The jury described the black mare as: “A sharp-formed and bloodied mare, young and thoroughbred in appearance. She moved with much expression and in a light manner.”

Our Pleasure (Kingston Blue Horses x Jazz) Photo: Jacquelien van Tartwijk

one family

O’de Vie comes from the same mare line, with Leandra (Ferro x Variant) as a grandmother. Blue Horses daughter Zackey is out of temporary keur mare Her Pleasure (by Bretton Woods). At 1.73 meters high, the O’de Vie is generously developed and has a good rectangular form. The Persians that stood out because of their good relationships. She walked cleanly and diligently and on the trot showed good technique. I ran very hard. The black-and-brown Mustang by f/g M. van Cortenberghe of Reeuwijk also scored 80 points for both exterior and movement.

O’de Vie (Blue Hors Zackery x Bretton Woods) Photo: Jacquelien van Tartwijk

Olympic horse

Una Ivy is the daughter of a US Total Olympics horse born of Ivy (Elite Ibop (dres), prok, D-OC v. Ampère. She was bred and registered by MJ ten Holter and RG Klijn in Dordrecht. He explained: “An attractive mare with an introduction Very gentle and a beautifully arched neck. She had wide, clean strides. She sagged a little in the trot, but showed a lot of technique. Just like in the trotting.” Good sporting horses.

Una Ivy (Total USA x AMP) Photo: Jacqueline van Tartwijk

moving normally

Oakley, the brown-haired daughter of the US Debarron, was highly regarded by the judges for her natural movement: “This mare is very well built and very complete she has a strong baseline and moves up high. She shifts gears very easily, she changes gears with ease and always stays in balance. “. Oakley comes from f/g C. Heemskerk from Rijsburg from Facey-Zelma (elite, Ibop (dres) s. Oscar) from the well-known Pretendent Hoeve breeding. Oakley scored 80 points for both formation and movement.

Oakley (Deparon US x Oscar) Photo: Jacquelien van Tartwijk

Versatile breeding

There was exactly the same number of points as Ohana from Forest Jazz. A well-built and tall fox with a beautiful silhouette. She walked clean, and in her light jog showed good leg technique. Her attitude was positive. The Mustang was generously developed by Monster’s f/g PC van Selow with a 1.71 metre. The dam is Cifeera-Altena (s.Valdez) on paper. In the embankment line we come across international dressage horses, but also an international event and jumping horse.

Ohanah (Furst Jazz x Valdez) Photo: Jacquelien van Tartwijk


Ofira Waard hails from a well-known tribe and its founder is Luuk van Rijn from Nieuwland. The jury described the sharp and well-developed chestnut mare as astounding. She also has a strong back and waist. The longer she stays in the aisle, the better Glock’s daughter Flavio gets to finish her steps. It went well in her body. On the trot, she showed a lot of expression and bent at the knuckles, turning very easily. She also did the latter in the canter and showed strength and rush. Ofira Waard Dam is Wintana Waard (Elite, Prest s. Jazz). She is also Dam National Foal Inspection champ Gregwaard, who has competed on the Heavy Tour and is now successful with Mickey Schelstraete, as well as Karsten Ward, who competes internationally in Intermediair I. The full brother of Wintana Waard, Zegerwaard or Junimond has been launched in the Grand Prix. Today’s Ophira Ward scored 85 points for its form and 80 points for its movement.

Ofira Waard (Glock’s Toto jr x Jazz) Photo: Jacquelien van Tartwijk

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