Top beautiful numbers in CK Harness Horse East with Nalanita as overall champion

Horses roaming horses. Melanie Brevink – Van Dyck’s photo

De Nieuwe Heuvel in Lunteren yesterday hosted the Harness Horse Region East Central Inspection District. Inspector Viggon van Beest assisted in the evaluation of the horses by Bauke de Boer and Thomas van der Weiden. The trio saw good horses, and they described the day by saying, “We are delighted with the beautiful, impressive numbers and the fact that we were able to invite a large number of horses to celebrate National Horse Harness Day.” The overall tournament was four-year-old Nalanita (Ebert x Starboard).

Thirteen-year-old belt horses were presented in two groups and five mares were invited to participate in the final. The situation was tense in the selection of the tournament and the jury described the section as follows: “We saw a nice lead group, where the mares matched evenly. Small details became decisive in the end.”

Oreda hero

After winning the title last year, she’s been able to do it again this year with the three-year-olds. Oreda (athlete from Fureda elite v. Unieko) bred and owned by 2020 breeder Fam Daniels from Wageningen. They also raised a daughter Unieko Mureda, who recently became CK’s overall champion in the West. Viggon van Beest Oreda describes Oreda as follows: “It is a well proportioned and properly built mare, solid and youthful. The neck can protrude a bit more when standing as well as moving, but it has a lot of technique on the move. It also has an easy way to trot, which I manage to convince her.”


Second place went to Olien (athlete from Idelien ster by Cizandro) f/g G. Wijnne and co-scoringer EL Polinder from Nunspeet. Idelien is the full sister of the famous Heidelien mare. Van Best gave the following explanation: “Olien has a very good elongated form, radiates a lot of youth and has very good feet. She has a little under her neck and in a trot she tends to extend her nose too much. We have seen this on occasion in her charismatic movements, but she has kept on a lot of attitude during the championship check.”

The most beautiful model

In third place was Onita (Hertog Jan of Indinita Elite vs. Eebert) f/g JW van Wessel. The registered subscriber is JWH van Wessel from Zwartebroek. In 2004 the Van Wessel family became Breeder of the Year and from this line came the competition horse Briljant, Icanita, Taunita and the KWPN Heliotrope stallion. Van Best talks about Onita: “This is probably the nicest horse we’ve ever participated in in the championship. This very temperamental mare has a very gentle forefoot and good use of the front leg. Using the hind legs can be more powerful and they can also show more balance.”

Pirose is on top among two-year-olds

Four were presented in the two-year-old horse group, with Pirose (Icellie outside Jelsje Rose ster v. Athlete) f/g fam. Van Vemde from Epe is in the foreground. From this line comes Wendelrose and KWPN stallion Icellie. Thomas van der Weyden describes the mare as follows: “It is a beautiful, true, and complete modern mare. It has a nice long neck, but it may be a little more. It moves with great strides and a lot of balance, but can show more posture.”


In second place came Piomara (Cizandro from Kiamara ster v. Dylano) f / g D. van Engelen from Nunspeet, van der Weiden gave the following explanation: the hind leg. The trot is good, but it can climb a little more.” Both of the mentioned two-year-old mares got their first premium and were invited to present themselves on National Harness Day.

Nalanita seasoning for elite mares from 4 to 7 years

Nalanita (Eebert out of Caunita ster, pref, PROK of Starboard) f/JW van Wessel was the only mare presented in the 4-7 year class of keur and elite mares. She was the absolute trendsetter on this judging day. Viggon van Beest gave the following description: “Unfortunately we only have one mare in this department, but she is a very beautiful mare. She exudes a lot of quality, she has amazingly beautiful withers and a strong top line. On the trot she convinces superbly, adjusting the neck very well and enjoying Well positioned body with plenty of suspension moments. They combine this with a very robust use of the back leg, and we are delighted to invite the mare to horse harness day.”

Nalanita overall tournament

Two-year-old Pirose V, three-year-old Oreda and four-year-old Nalanita were invited to participate in the public tournament. Bauke de Boer described the standings as follows: “We saw a very good team for the general championship, where the very typical Nalanita stood out for us.”

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