Issa Rae returns with Rap sh! t, where City Girls are real

After the influential Insecure movie goes extinct, Issa Rae returns with Rap Sh! t, a comedy about two young women trying to rape their way out of misery. You’ll get to know them a bit from the hip-hop duo City Girls, who accompanied Drake four years ago on his monster movie In My Feelings, though at first glance there’s little comedy to glean from their lives.

“We’re in the middle of a bad bitch renaissance!” in sh rap! T Two old school friends from Miami meet and impulsively decide to form a rap duo. One is a single mother and makeup artist who tries to keep her head above water with three jobs. The other is an aspiring rapper who works in a hotel. The main characters share something in common with largely anonymous interpreters KaMillion and Aida Osman, but even more with executive producers Caresha Romeka Brownlee and Jatavia Shakara Johnson, who have been roaming the American hip-hop scene since the end of 2017 under the names Young Miami and JT – Together: City Girls. Only the biography of these two women together and separately reads more like a raw social drama than a quick comedy about empowerment.

When Yung Miami and JT joked about their first song in 2017 damn this nigga In recordings of mouth-watering, eloquent spitting opinions about uncritical men, City Girls hardly knew what she was doing. JT had a background in hip-hop, but Yung Miami had never sung before – and then tried to market her clothing line via Instagram. Half a year later in my feelings By Drake, one of the biggest pop hits of 2018, he took them to the heights of pop music. Shock, because like their counterparts sh rap! T They were struggling Miami girls for whom Drake was a star in the sky. They couldn’t see him, but they recorded rapping to a naked beat and some of the master’s vocals sent by his entourage. They weren’t even sure their contribution would be approved, until the album was released on June 29, 2018 Scorpio issued. “When the time finally came, we both took care of a standard side,” Young Miami said afterwards. The price was a 9th on the B side. I heard the hits and said, “My GodThis is our song! We were very happy.’ A few hours later, JT turned himself in to the police.

The biography of the two women together and separately feels more like a raw social drama than a fast-paced comedy about empowerment.

in clip in my feelings It’s no coincidence that Young Miami only appeared with the words “Free JT” on her jacket. At the time of the recordings, her close friend was serving a sentence for identity theft. “I need a nigga who will give me a visa”had them in it damn this nigga But it looks like she hit him. At the end of 2018, she appeared during her sentence girl iconCity Girls’ debut album. Young Miami hosted the World Twerking Championship via social media and brought the 20 finalists together to search for a solo video. twerk – Featuring Cardi B – who has toured the world and sparked a heated debate among feminists. The day JT got out of prison, they dropped the track JT first day abroad

For those still in doubt: City Girls is a fact. They speak the way they sing and they know what they are talking about. When JT was accused of sniffing cocaine on Instagram Live shortly after her release, she responded angrily: “My mother was an addict, so my entire childhood was ruined by drugs. I hate them, I don’t even smoke weed.

Note: This quote has not only been translated, but cleaned up well with brown soap.

Young Miami did not originate in Miami itself but in neighboring Opa Loca, which had the highest crime rate in the United States at the turn of this millennium. When she was pregnant with her daughter with music producer Southside in 2019, her Mercedes was attacked by unknown people. She descended from a fear that could not be said of the father of her first child. After she was shot and killed in 2020, prostitutes claimed online that Young Miami was behind the attack herself, in retaliation for the domestic violence she has suffered for years. Soon it turned out that there was no basis for her guilt, but the violence against her was real: there are legal documents for this.

Rapper Kodak Black and old Diddy were also already competing at the hand of Young Miami. It’s not doing well in the LGBTQ+ community since an old tweet surfaced in 2018 saying, “If I find out my son is gay, I’ll beat him up.” She apologized, saying she had nothing against gays, but refused to retract her son’s statement: “I wouldn’t really hit him, but I don’t want my son to be gay. This has nothing to do with the gay community in general.”

Curious what Issa Ray thinks about it? You made it! Unsafe Decode a point from the well-established image of black manhood and it was in 2018 he or she Standing at Scaffolding, a series about a bisexual black man. Pending the first critical interviews, the idea of ​​City Girls as the inspiration for her new series is a tantalizing reminder that role models don’t have to be perfect either. City girls are morally unstable, but their ostentation and resilience embody the woman Issa Ray aspires to become.

sh rap! T

From Friday 22/7 on Streamz.

city ​​girls

Consists of Caresha Romeka Brownlee (1994) and Jatavia Shakara Johnson (1992), better known as Yung Miami and JT.

to dive In 2018 in the blockbuster Drake in my feelings

While JT in prison for identity theft, releases their first album girl icon (2018) and causes video for twerkin association with Cardi B, Global Protest.

GT He has a frequent relationship with Lil Uzi Vert.

Young Miami Experience something beautiful with Diddy. She already has a daughter (with producer Southside) and a son from previous relationships, whose father was shot dead in 2020. She herself had been shot from a speeding car a year earlier.

life and work By City Girls Loose Model sh rap! TThe new series is written by Issa Ray.

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