Summer Picnics in Nieuw-West – Municipality of Amsterdam

It is Summer. School vacation has begun. Many people spend their holidays in the city. And everywhere in Nieuw-West there are things to do. There are many free activities for adults and children.

You can choose from sports and exercise, watching and making art, playing and sailing. In the park, on the waterfront, in the neighborhood house, next to the museum and on the sports field. Many, many activities in Nieuw-West are free.

Playing in the New West

Boat trip in Sloterplas

Take the boat (whisper) “het Rabootje” and discover what Natureluur looks like from the water. You will learn all about waterfowl, beach plants and other flora and fauna at Sloterplas.

  • July 20, August 22, August 24
  • De Natureluur, President Allendelaan 4
  • A ticket costs 3.50 euros (1.75 euros with Stadspas)
  • Swimming diploma required
  • Register via

Photo gallery Our view at Slotervaart

Slotervaart residents display self-made photos of their neighborhood. They show what the neighborhood means to them and what makes Slotervaart special. They were accompanied by photographer Karen Van de Wel. The gallery is part of the neighborhood initiative “Together for a Clean, Safe and Connected Slotervaart”. Resident Larissa Corporal received the neighborhood budget for this exhibition from local residents last year.

  • Until July 22
  • August Alleppey Square
  • Instagram: @samenslotervaart

Take action for someone else!

One day, kids between 8 and 12 take action another day, to make the neighborhood more fun. In a talent test they find out what they are good at. Then they explore the neighborhood with other children and a supervisor. Think of a great job, prepare it and then get to work.

Gallery #herecomestheflood

Through the photo gallery #herecomestheflood, artist Rem van den Bosch shows in a stunning way how high the water can rise when levees are broken. Artist van den Bosch depicted places known throughout the country. Places at risk or related to climate change and sea level rise. For the exhibition in Amsterdam, van den Bosch also photographed venues in our capital. Pictures can be seen on billboards next to the Van Eesteren Museum.

Dance in Beit District de Aker

In the coming months, residents can meet, meet and dance. Resident Josine Taos is organizing the third Diner Dansant this summer. This is one of the neighborhood budget plans for the New West. Every Sunday evening you are welcome to the (free) Latin dance lessons and free dance.

Het Landje Construction Stadium

At the Het Landje construction playground in Rembrandtpark, children can build huts out of wood, tools and cloth. During the school holidays there are activities: sports, crafts and cooking. There are also 6 ponies that kids can learn to ride for a small fee.

  • during summer
  • Rembrandtpark, Staalmeesterslaan 197A
  • From 10 am to 5 pm.
  • Registration via website (12.50 € per month for 2 lessons per week, with city ticket 10, -, Single lesson 4 €, -)
  • View the program at

Summer in New West with kids activities

Also this year, kids aged 4 to 12 can enjoy creative and sports activities (which are free) throughout the summer holidays. Activities are all afternoon on weekdays at Talentenhuis and at the Glass House.

  • From Monday 18 July to Friday 26 August
  • The House of Talents, Mir in Fart 290
  • Greenhouse, square ’40 -45
  • Register via the website:

Osdorp Summer Boulevard Osdorp

Today, the banks of the Sloterplas have been transformed into a warm and colorful market with activities and stalls from the locals, with art and curiosity, homemade items and good food. The market shows what Osdorp and Nieuw-West have to offer. Osdorpse Zomerboulevard is a residents’ initiative and made possible by the Nieuw-West neighborhood budget.

  • Saturday 27 August, from 12:00 to 20:00
  • On the banks of the Sloterplas

Playing at the natural clock

De Natureluur is located in Sloterpark, next to a children’s farm. It is not just a playground, but a mixture of playing and learning in nature. There is exciting play equipment. Children can play in the water and learn about the plants and animals in the garden in a fun way. There are regular children’s activities. Supervisors and activities are available Monday through Friday.

  • Every day from 9 am to 4 pm.
  • De Natureluur, President Allendelaan 4

Draw a flyover

Many people find the bridge at Hemsterhuisstraat – Marius Bauerstraat desolate and grey. Together with New Metropolis, neighborhood initiative Samen Slotervaart is organizing two creative brainstorming sessions. People can contribute ideas about the design and help the artist make it. Register via the website and participate in this community art project at Slotervaart.

ESAN in summer

It is summer and quiet in the neighborhoods. But not at ESAN, the Energetic Seniors Nieuw-West group. The activities just continue there. Over 50s can participate in activities such as walking, creative activities, coffee and chatting, and reading clubs. Really a lot of activities. To make you happy and get energy from. It is organized by volunteers.

Dyeing and weaving

Weaving combines very ancient techniques and traditions of cultures. Children between 6 and 12 years old can, of course, dye them with plants and weave them into a weave frame. Children get natural dye baths and various weaving techniques.

  • July 24, August 7, 14 and 21
  • From 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
  • Breeding place FLIGHT, Burg. 125
  • Register via the site

West Beach Festival (film)

Behind the scenes, we’re working hard at the Sloterplas culinary and cultural festival. With good food, live music, dancing and outdoor movies. Come on time, full.

  • From Thursday 15 September to Sunday 25 September
  • At Sloterplas, North side 41, next to Sloterstrand

Art Route Sloterdijk – Spaarnwude Park

Cyclists can take a 21-kilometer trail along the art objects in the Sloterdijk district and Spaarnwoude park near Halfweg. The bike path passes through Geuzenveld, Slotermeer, Gardens of West and De Bretten. The path is marked with chalk marks on the path. You can download audio stories to your phone.

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