Punt editors look back at the past school year

The school year is over and that means summer vacation is here. editors Point Take a look at the last school year. What stories did we find special that stayed with us?

(Editing) Editor Susan Walters
The Corona pandemic once again dominated this school year. But of course a lot happened. In Avans, Holland and the rest of the world. You can see that in the stories we made. In January, I spoke with Janine Jansen, Avans Professor of Security in Dependency Relationships, about the revelations about Holland sound† Victims don’t think quickly: I’ll ring the bell,’ Jansen said. “They are ashamed or self-doubting: I may have misunderstood or done something wrong myself.”

In February, Russia invaded Ukraine and the end of the war was not yet in sight. Ukrainian exchange student Yuri Dobritsya said in March that he is constantly busy with news from his home country. He felt helpless and couldn’t do much more from Holland than raise money.

After more than two years, we organized Student of the Year elections again. We selected five of all the students who were nominated. An independent jury chose the final winner: Asala Al-Dariwishi. It is committed to making students of non-Western immigrant background feel at home in Avans. She has since organized a breakfast and event around Kitty Koti.

Editor Levi Friend
Last school year was a special year. one with the other CloseA war in which a war broke out between Russia and Ukraine, and another with a closure without many Corona measures. Good thing too. my stories about Point It was varied too.

The story that has stayed with me the most is that of Rutger van Holst, the now-graduated student. His parents died last year in an accident. The graduates of St. Juste School of Art and Design were very sad, but they turned that into motivation and made the graduation film my parents live on Jupiter. One day after I spoke to him, his parents passed away exactly a year ago. He honestly told how the past year was for him and his sister. His grief is enormous, but he can talk about it well. Through his film he wants to start a conversation about death. Because, he says, “a lot of people don’t do it until it’s too late.” There is something in it, I think.

The story I also loved to be told was the interview with Shkula Gazizoi. This international business student combines her education with motherhood. Earlier that year, she gave birth to her first daughter. She was not planning to become a mother now, but the baby was very welcome. It’s hard work though, so studying takes a lot of time, and when she comes home she can’t just sit back and relax like many other students. Then she waits for her daughter.

Editor Larissa Gomez Mayer
Two stories from last school year stayed with me the most. The story of the pilot who has gender-neutral restrooms and student Marjoline, who has been battling her depression for years. As part of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, she shared her story with me. “I think it is important to share my story with others. To break the taboo and maybe my story will help someone else.” For this story I made a tool and a video in which Marjolin talks about an obstacle called depression.

Editor in Chief Susan de Crone
A few weeks after the broadcast of BOOS, which in January this year showed the transnational behavior of the TV show Holland sound Deplored, the Avans executive board came up with their response to the infringing behavior. I had a conversation about it with the three members of the Executive Board. I was pretty curious about how Avans would handle that. The result is a straightforward story in which students and staff come first.

I also remember the stories we wrote with our editors about the war in Ukraine. The many actions I started to help people. Staff and students organized fundraising campaigns, an art exhibition and language lessons for the people there as well as for the refugees.

Sydney Dawes editor
In May, I accidentally received an email in my inbox stating that the Academy of Building and Infrastructure had missed two exams. As a result, I wrote a background article about the path the test took before the student knew the score. For the article, I spoke with the Academy’s administrators, the Academy’s office, the exam board, someone from Digital Assessment and OERexamensupport.

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