NRPS West Region: The Great Wrestler Dressage Champion

Gwen (wrestler). Photo: NRPS/Sandra Nieuwendijk

In the Western NRPS Inspection Zone, all the heroes were worthy representatives of their breed direction and age group. All mares three years old and older have been declared a star. Three-year-old dressage champ Gwen (former National Champion Calista vs Nespresso wrestler) Pauline and Lambert van Nispen-Knowles performed really impressive.

Gwen’s height is 1.68 meters, a beautiful sight. She has strong legs and a trot with a lot of bend in the hock. In the enclosure she was having some issues with tension, but she continued to move well in contact. Judges Sjoertje Hakvoort and Bart Waninge gave the Gulf mare 80 points for both outside and movement.

backup hero

The reserve champion is eight-year-old Maxima Packer (Brandon x Santiago) led by Ms. TN Baker. The mare is slightly short-legged, which can show greater self-transportation in a functional trot. Her spacious and light-footed colt Robin Duane Packer (by raccoon) received its first premium in this examination.

to jump

The charming showjumping champion was able to convince her by getting 85 points for the jumping components. The Hannaleine G (by Grand Slam VDL) is a properly built mare with plenty of foreground, that’s also right on the move, and can shift well in the box. In jumping, she showed enough technique, plenty of range and good reflexes, and opened enough from the back. The dam’s offspring Madaleine G (Baldwin B x Vasco) is known to keep growing for a long time; Madeleine herself didn’t stop growing until she was eight years old, according to Truss Kloppenburg, who is known to be a breeder with her husband Bert. The owner of Hannaleine G, whose height is currently 1.60 meters, is Isis Zijlstra.


The dressage pony championship title went to 14-year-old Ilana (Krimh ox x Nørlunds Mr. Swing King, breeder JJ Koekoek) who was riding by Y. Kirschenmann. A good pony, above the correct average, who has proven himself in sports and has a lot of tact, walks and walks. Because of the sport’s kickstand, he had an exemption for freedom of movement, so the canter was not evaluated.


The pony jump/all-around champion is five-year-old Luna (Jane Bauer x Edsard, breeder Jan Deckers) owned by Bonnie Wolf. The attractive hawksbill is long enough, has a slightly short rump and the middle part looks a bit sunken. The trot and canter are true with plenty of self-transportation. The jump was more than enough for an overall pony; When she came quietly, she showed sufficient overview and technique.

Horse filly rides

Milford Voice. Photo: NRPS/Sandra Nieuwendijk

Two of the best dressage fillies were honored as champions and reserves. Milford Sound (by Milford) from breeder Yasmin Koopman-Kalkhuis received no less than 85 points for movement (75 for formation), a beautiful, large pony with a lot of potential as an athletic horse. He really climbed the mountain and could change gears really well. The canter is well closed. Kind could have been more elegant.

Reserve Champion in White Dream GF

Reserve champ Winston AM (White Dream GF x Formidable) from breeder Ina Mulder-van Dam would have also had more charisma (especially in the head) and had to give in to the champ in action. However, he did well with 80 points.

advanced foal

Colorful Dolly WM. Photo: NRPS/Sandra Nieuwendijk

In the jumping direction, Wesley Mulder’s brown mare (Caesar ter Linden x Warrant) can be honored as champion. Beautiful and adorable pony, sophisticated and charismatic. In the championship selection, she showed herself a little better than reserve champion Whisper It (Winston x Kasparrow) from L. Berk, but due to his good strength and attractive formation, she was very close to the final champion. pony pony

pony pony

Yoko Ono. Photo: NRPS/Sandra Nieuwendijk

Bonnie Wolf was also honored with a hero in pony, Palomino Yoko Ono HW (Don Cremello du Bois x So You Know). The nine-year-old Imagine isn’t the tallest at 1.60m, but it lends itself perfectly to the breeding of strong, beautifully colored foals with pony stallions. Yoko Ono is a good type and well proportioned. She has a nice trot, she can use more movement through the back. They are well developed and have the appearance of a horse.

Real type of pony

The Reserve Champion Fudge Deluxe MT (Cassanova du Bois x Wengelo’s Ricardo) from breeder MKH van Tilburg is about a month younger than him and represents a true type of pony, making it somewhat like comparing apples to oranges in the championship pick. Al Mahran had 75 points for formation, but Yoko Ono showed a slightly higher quality of movement.

Source: press release

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