Kaatsers KV Cannegieter has hits at the Schotanus Concrete Party

She looks anxious on a Sunday morning around eight. It rained on the handball court in Balkster. The temperature was only 14 degrees and the temperature of the wind rose. Not the ideal weather to welcome pupils from all over Friesland.

But the rain stopped long before the start time at ten, the wind was blowing from the right direction and halfway through the bouncing day the sun broke and the shorts could be worn again. For example, the Schotanus Concrete was a huge success with 87 keepers competing for wreaths, which are often praised for the splendor of their colors.

Cannegieter’s pupils also received some awards. It wasn’t immediately apparent from her face, but Sarah Galdau Kramer could look back on her KNKB debut with great satisfaction on Sunday. On her handball court, she dared to stand amongst the handball violence of Friesland.

For the first time, the pupils played in three classes and this was the perfect opportunity for Sarah Galdau to try it out. successfully. In the B2 category she took home a nice third prize in a KV Cannegieter jersey with Aisha Mahmood from Sint Annaparochie.

The girls also had success in their field in the B1 category. Maren de Vries also managed to add a third award to her list of honors. It was a hit with Dronryp’s Iris Verhoeven. In the third place consolation final, Marin and Iris were 5-5, 6-2 too strong for the Steiners’ Anna Miedema and Els van der Galen.

Mariska Stegenga took second prize in the A category. Even though she lost out to sister competition to Hendrika, she still earned more points. Mariska and fellow Dronryp’s Anna Lotte van Beem had 17 points, two ahead of winners Noëlle Hiddinga (Sint Annaparochie) and Manouk Scharringa (Dronryp).

In B1, the wreaths were for Floorke de Boer from Hommerts and Fenna Koster from Niawier and at B2 Dana Marrit Koopmans (Blije) and Jelina Bosch (Arum) took the flowers.

Cannegieter handball players had to do without prizes for boys. Sverre Stobbe was very close in B1. Against subsequent winners Siem van der Wey of Witmarsum and Hilwert Kuiper of Huins, he narrowly lost the group match to Jorrit Kroondijk (Sint Annaparochie) (5-5, 6-4). He won the other two matches, after which De Balster was allowed to compete for the third prize.

In this consoling final, Sverre appeared to take the third prize with Jorrit after an early 4-0 deficit. After a beautiful catch-up race, the two had three chances to win 5-5, 6-2, but in the end it was 5-5, 6-6. With everything on the line, Mart Roersma (Stiens) put in an effective comeback hit, which resulted in him taking home a third prize with Jan Willem Koopal (Witmarsum).

Peter Huntgis couldn’t handle Tjerkferd’s Danielle de Boer in B2. The first match was narrowly lost and this happened again in the second round. However, a new wreath decorated the facade of the Haantjes family at Harich. The day before, he won the adult Puma Party with Hessel Medema and Chris van der Zee.

In Class A, wreaths were for Ruurd Oosterbaan (Sneek) and Allon Elzinga (Bolsward) and in B2 Harmen Faber (Achlum) and Thomas Rinia (Wons) received flowers.


First grade girls’ pupils: 1. Noel Hedinga, Sint Annabarucci, Manuk Sharinga, Drunrip; 2. Mariska Stejinga, Balk, and Anna Lott van Beem, Droprip.

Class B1: 1. Floorke de Boer, Hommerts and Fenna Koster, Niawier; 2. Elske Kroondijk, Witmarsum and Rianna van der Wal, Sexbierum; 3. Iris Verhoeven, Drenrip and Marin de Vries, Balck.

Class B2: 1. Dana Marrit Koopmans, Blije and Jeline Bosch, Arum; 2. Anniek de Vries, Oosterbierum and Rikst Punter, Raerd; 3. Aisha Mahmood, Sint Annabarucci, Sarah Galdau Kramer, Palk.

Resit: 1. Silke Hofstra, Dronryp and Idwer Vis, Stiens; 2. Laura Wagnar, Whitmarsum and Lestra Wistra, Pulsward.

Pupils of the first-class boys: 1. Rord Osterban, Sneak, Alon Elzinga, Pulsward; 2. Frans Osterbahn, Sneek, and Alart van der Meer, Dronerip.

Class B1: 1. Hilwert Kuiper, Huins and Sem van der Wei, Witmarsum; 2 – Joachim Schaaf, Petjomol, Rick van der Werdt, McCumm; 3. Mart Roersma, Stiens, Jan Willem Koopal, and Witmarsum.

Class B2: 1. Harmen Faber, Achlum and Thomas Rinia, Wons; 2 – Harmen Postma, Leeuwarden and Sibern van der Zage, Mantgom; 3. Klaas Dijkstra, Makkum and Jimte Tilma, Mantgum.

Resit: 1. Peter Dumas, Menaam and Millie Telsma, Hillard. 2. Yedi Bockma, Staines and Jill Rosier, Anjum.

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