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Cleaning tip of the weekThe house can make major repairs every once in a while. That’s why cleaning expert Marja Middeldorp helps with everyday problems. This week: Uninvited guests who leave a poop, for example.

Now that the weather is nice, the doors are opened and sometimes someone who wasn’t invited comes in. “Well, anyone? A bike walks or slides or flies indoors and such an animal can make a mess. A field mouse looking for food, flying through the living room until late at night or snails leaving a trail on the kitchen cabinets,” sums up Marga . “We live together in nature, but it’s not always fun.”

follow the fly

Mary Middledorp. © Joost Hoving

“The blue vial is attracted to food or something that rots away. Who knows, the cat may have secretly taken its prey inside and hid it,” explains Marga. The beauty of nature is that such a blue bottle exists to eat the last leftovers. So don’t kill it right away, but follow the fly and you’ll find out what you have to clean or clean. Then try to free it from the house with a tea towel. It doesn’t have to die, does it? “

Everyone knows the little black dots in the house, the white window frames, the lamp or the lampshade. “It flies like a warm donkey when it leaves its poo behind, so you used to see those black dots — feces, so — especially on fluorescent lighting in the kitchen. Well, grandmothers have a trick to cleaning it up and because I’m a grandmother too, use some cold tea. I pat a cotton ball in it and clean the surface.” Which you want to clean. Because of the acid in the eyes, the droppings of flies disappear like snow in the sun. Do you need to clean the lampshade? Then it is better to use a toothbrush and clean it.”

Marja also offers some advice for anyone who wants to keep “airplane scum,” as she calls it, out of the door. If you don’t want to or can’t hang a screen, you can hang an old CD that you no longer listen to by a nylon thread. Because of the glare, insects are unlikely to approach and fly in the other direction.”

Want to create your own screen to keep out flies and mosquitoes? Then vtwonen has a step by step plan that you can follow.

bird droppings

“Will you just see that you went through the car wash, it was suddenly covered in bird droppings from the do-nothing birds in the tree above. My advice is to do it right away, but really right away, with a damp cloth. So, the moment you spot it, you have to To give up everything and go on with it.”

A cleaning expert points out that bird droppings can seep into the paint. “Okay, so you’re too far from home. It’s hard to clean things like that. In any case, don’t use abrasives. At worst, make soapy water with an all-purpose cleaner.”

If bird droppings are on the window or on the frame, it’s best to act quickly, according to Marja. “But don’t worry. Usually after it rains, it loosens up again and you can wipe it off with a rag.”

snail tracks

“It’s a very clever way of how these creatures manage to crawl inside,” said Marga, when asked how you deal with the snails you leave behind. “They leave dirty marks on your kitchen cupboards. Fortunately, you can easily get rid of them with a little water and an all-purpose cleaner. But are you tired now? Then you can put down a bowl with some beer. At night the snails crawl out of their safe place and the beer gets drunk to the point It goes to snail heaven. It’s not animal friendly, but it helps.”

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