“I can get angry when people moan from showering on the sidewalks”

Barbara Jurgens (57 years old) writes books and movie scripts. Her fifth children’s book will be released in May, the reserve† She lives in a houseboat in Brouwersgracht, loves her old husband, and walks daily with her dog Piet in Westerpark.

Diane Bleecker

For the first time in Amsterdam

“I was born in the 1960s in Kattenburg, which is a nice but rundown working-class neighborhood where many students also live, because of course it was nice and cheap. My parents were also young students when I was born. At the end of the 1960s, this whole neighborhood was thrown to the roof and full of apartments. The faded. Then we moved to Rotterdam and later to Breda. This is where I grew up.”

I am the Prince of Amsterdam, because …

“I was born, but I didn’t grow up in Amsterdam. I had a short hiatus, but I’ve lived here almost my whole life. That time away from me may have made me love Amsterdam more. I think you can be happier if you come from out of town or are away from it.” It’s less clear.”


“Extension table for my friend Jonah Freud from De Kookboekhandel. I’m not a big fan of hip spots, I like the most burgundy and warm. Usually she cooks by herself, sometimes inviting a celebrity chef. Together you sit at a long table and you get three courses plus wine for Thirty euros. Everyone can join, but it feels so good, as if you were eating with a group of friends.”

Extension schedule at De Kookboekhandel.Sophie Sadington statue

Outside the city with bitumen and feathers

“People who live in spacious quarters are on the water and groan from bathtubs. Sometimes I go snorkeling in Principeland and then there are those acetic acid types that take down the swimming ladder or disrupt jetties, on purpose, because they can’t stand what other people and kids want too. Three times in The year when it’s warm enough in Amsterdam. It can make me angry.”

Amsterdam for kids

“The animal friendly Bardenskoll Cacklebont riding school is a great place for the kids in Westerpark. I work there as a volunteer. We ride without a bit and treat the horses as friends. You can do some tricks on a horse and learn to ride seriously when you get older. All these tubers have their own character. 35 years old: Arno, the oldest horse in Amsterdam.”

Arno.  Sophie Sadington statue

Arno.Sophie Sadington statue

ready for demolition

“I feel shy every time I drive near Piet Heinkade. An imaginative row of tasteless block boxes, spoiling the view of IJ. Shabby entrance to the city. Urban planners, go to Bordeaux and get inspired. There is a quaint avenue along the river, full of art And the fountains, with an unobstructed view of the water. Look, there you can stroll. Well, they have a Roman bridge and we have the IJtunnel – indeed a losing battle.”

favorite market

“The Lindenmarkt on Saturday”. Where the whole of Amsterdam is up and coming, it remains the same. My favorite market vendors are Hermann the vegetable vendor and Jantje Plantje. Both have been on the market with great pleasure for 40 years and it shows.”

Hermann the vegetable seller.  Sophie Sadington statue

Hermann the vegetable seller.Sophie Sadington statue

The most beautiful place

“Our aft deck. You can sit there with a beer and enjoy an enchanting view of the Brouwersgracht and Koepelkerk.”

Preferred means of transportation

“Then I’d like to make a case for our Ford Mercury Grand Marquis Woody, an American glider from the ’80s. It drives like magic, stops easily and speeds hard. But building a new electric cargo bike also emits a lot of carbon dioxide.”2 Outside, you have to bike for years to make up for that.”

Barbara Jurgens on her favorite mode of transportation, her old meter.  Sophie Sadington statue

Barbara Jurgens on her favorite mode of transportation, her old meter.Sophie Sadington statue

I don’t want to be dead

“In the canal. It seems that every month someone is drowning in the canals of Amsterdam, awful. However, it also works on my imagination. I live on a ship and look out into the water through the hatches. When does a dead body float? ”


“West Garden. I walk there every day with my dog ​​Pete and I know every tree and every dog ​​with an owner. You can chat with everyone, lie on the grass, or listen to podcasts. Without Westerpark I would have weakened and stumbled.”

Escape from the city

“To my allotment garden in Chillingwad. There is still a wonderful rural and village-like area. Once I’m on the ferry to the north, I’m on vacation.”

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