Eighth update | Pique: It makes no sense, I didn’t say anything wrong

Nelson Piquet, father-in-law of Max Verstappen and three-time Formula 1 world champion, is currently under heavy fire. The former driver used the Brazilian version of the n-word to describe Lewis Hamilton when he talked about last season’s crash at Silverstone. There is a strong online reaction to the Pique interview.

The accident between Verstappen and Hamilton during the Great Britain Grand Prix is ​​still etched in the memory of many Formula 1 fans. Pique was reminded again in an interview and was not happy with the Mercedes driver’s job. The interview took place in November of last year, but the photos have resurfaced. The former driver used the Brazilian word niguinyoElemental term.

“This little black guy threw his nose up at that fencing, but had to back off, because there’s no room for two drivers to get past that corner,” Pique was quoted by the Brazilian branch of ESPN† “It was a big joke. He was really lucky, because it was only Verstappen who got it wrong. Hamilton managed to finish the race. In the end, he crossed the line first, and scored his eighth home win.

Buxton condemns Pique’s words

The interview was also discussed among Formula 1 journalists on Twitter. Will Buxton, among others, has expressed his displeasure on social media. “We must condemn this quickly and harshly,” the journalist wrote on Twitter. There is no reason or excuse. It has nothing to do with language. There is only one translation of the word. I’ve seen the video, but I won’t share it. Buxton said. Moreover, the Briton does not understand that the video is now only circulating on the Internet. He would have liked to see action taken sooner.

= https://twitter.com/wbuxtonofficial/status/15416778886872092672 “data-service=”twitter”>

Updated 11.40 am (06/28) | Formula One and Mercedes speak out against racism: ‘Lewis is a true champion of diversity’

Formula 1 and Mercedes very quickly came out with a statement against Nelson Piquet’s comments. They speak out against racism and defend Lewis Hamilton. “Discrimination and racism should not be part of society,” the newspaper quoted a statement from Formula One as saying. BBC† “Lewis is a great ambassador for the sport.”

Mercedes also responded to the former Formula 1 driver’s comments. We condemn any form of racist language. Lewis has always been at the forefront of the fight against racism and is the true champion of diversity, both on and off the track.” The driver and team will continue to fight for diversity within the sport together.

Second update 13.55 (28/04) | Hamilton responds to Pique’s comments: “Focus on changing the mentality”

Lewis Hamilton responded to Nelson Piquet’s comments on Twitter. Earlier, Formula 1, Mercedes as well as the FIA ​​discussed the incident, and took a stand against racism. Hamilton made a statement in both English and Portuguese against Pique’s comments.

First, Hamilton responded to a tweet that said, “What if Hamilton” Who is Nelson Piquet? Tweet then shut down Twitter. The Mercedes driver simply wrote: “Imagine.” Then came the real statement of the seven-time world champion. It is more than just a language. We need to change the way of thinking that is outdated, and has no place in our sport. We still have a lot to learn. It’s time to work. The driver also tweeted in Portuguese: “Let’s focus on changing our mindset.”

= https://twitter.com/LewisHamilton/status/154175081296244736 “data service=”twitter”>

= https://twitter.com/LewisHamilton/status/1541745996278992896 data service=”twitter”>

Third update 14.15 (29/06) | Pique responds to the uproar: ‘I have no intention of insulting Hamilton’

Nelson Piquet responded to the controversy surrounding his comments about Lewis Hamilton. During an interview in November 2021, the former Formula 1 driver spoke about the crash between Hamilton and Max Verstappen at Silverstone. Use the word pique niguinyo, a Brazilian word that can be used as an insult. In his own words, this was still Pique’s intention.

“I would like to clarify the stories circulating in the media about a statement I made in an interview last year,” Pique was quoted as saying. Motorsport.com. “I said something frivolous and I’m not defending it, but I will point out that the term can be used in Brazilian Portuguese widely, and in the past it was used colloquially as a synonym for a man or a person.”

So the former driver points out that he had no intention of insulting Hamilton or anyone else. Pique apologizes, particularly as he is unhappy with the media. I will never use the word I was accused of in some translations. My sincerest apologies, including to Lewis, he’s a great driver. The translation of some of the media now circulating on social media is incorrect. There is no place for discrimination in Formula 1 or in society and I am happy to articulate my thoughts in this regard,” concluded the three-time world champion.

Fourth update 15.13 (29/06) | Pique’s apology doesn’t matter: the former driver is no longer welcome on the F1 circuit

According to various sources, Nelson Piquet is no longer welcome in the Formula 1 circuit. The former driver will be banned after his comments towards Lewis Hamilton. The Brazilian claimed he didn’t want to offend the seven-time world champion, but Pique’s apology to Hamilton isn’t enough for a Formula 1 race.

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Fifth Update 6.13 AD (30-60) | Verstappen responds to racism around Nelson Piquet

Several teams have already given their stance on the racism of Nelson Piquet. A difficult situation, to which defending champion Max Verstappen has not yet responded. Verstappen has an affair with Piquet’s daughter and is reported in Silverstone. “I think I’ve spent more time with Nelson than the average person. And I can tell you: he’s not really racist. But it’s not right to use that word, he knows it himself. It’s very insulting.”

However, the current World Cup leader does not agree with the decision to ban Pique from the ring. “People deserve a second chance. I don’t think a ban will help, especially when it comes to the three-time world championships.

Sixth update 10.50 AD (06/30) | Verstappen doubts the effectiveness of the Piquet . ring ban

Max Verstappen would have preferred not to see his father-in-law, Nelson Piquet, no longer welcome in the ring. After racist comments about Lewis Hamilton, the Brazilian was banned from the ring, and Verstappen does not believe this is the correct way to deal with the problem. He also spoke about former Red Bull reserve driver Gore Phipps, who lost his place in the junior program after racist and anti-gay comments.

Race The Dutchman, who has delved deeper into today’s topic in Great Britain: Pique Sr.’s words about Hamilton are quoted in an old Brazilian broadcast of the incident between Verstappen and the Englishman in Cobbs’ Corner. Is F1’s decision to deny entry to Piquet? The Red Bull driver thinks: “I don’t know that yet.”

It is best to have an open conversation about it. When you exclude people, you don’t solve the problem. Verstappen, stressing that communication is very important in this case, said, “Then don’t talk about it. Reason: If you simply deny someone access, it won’t be clear what you’re trying to follow. You want to let people know. These kinds of problems can be easily resolved.”

Junior VIPs lose their place in the junior team at Red Bull

Recently, the Red Bull junior was also fired due to some statements during the live broadcast that were not acceptable. Verstappen also highlights this incident: “The team has solved this problem in a similar way, now he is no longer a junior player in Red Bull. I think people deserve a second chance, you can easily divulge that.

“Sometimes people don’t think about how much hurt these types of comments can cause. I know Gauri better than most people, he is very nice and knows exactly what he did wrong.” He really sees this as a mistake by the Estonian and may be at peace with the fact that his F2 team, Hitech GP, has not stripped him of his seat for the remaining 2022 season.

Seventh update 12.50 PM (01/07) | More photos of Pique’s racist and homophobic comments have surfaced

More material has emerged of racist remarks by Nelson Beckett Sr., in addition to photos found earlier. Pique Sr. noted that the words used in his language are not overloaded, but that it was clearly a racist comment. He also used the same word in another interview from 2021, while also making an anti-gay comment.

This interview was about Hamilton and his colleague Nico Rosberg. Speaking of the 2016 title fight, he again referred to Hamilton with “neguinho,” the racially charged word, and later also added an anti-gay statement by noting that Hamilton was too busy ‘selling his ass’ (loosely translated from British tender (“backside”).

= https://twitter.com/Metropoles/status/1542700761272012800 “data service=”twitter”>

Eighth update 9.25 p. (06/07) | Pique: It makes no sense, I didn’t say anything wrong

Nelson Piquet is unhappy with the reaction to his comments in an interview in November. As he put it, the former Formula 1 driver said no wrongdoing. “It doesn’t make sense at all, I’m not racist at all,” Pique was quoted as saying by the newspaper. Motorsportmagazine.com† The three-time world champion said, “Sometimes I use that word for my white friends.”

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