7 surprisingly beautiful hiking trails around the corner

Well, with all the chaos in Schiphol (and of course your sustainable nature) you don’t feel like flying. Good for walking or hiking. Seven great hiking spots in Germany that you can drive to in just a few hours.

When you think of impressive hikes, you quickly think of Scandinavia like Sweden or Norway. There you will indeed find beautiful landscapes, but near the house it is also great to walk and you will find the most perfect paths.

Hiking in Germany

Do you know Germany mainly from berlin and hot dogs? Then it’s time to go for a walk. Or hiking, as it is called by the word hip. Whatever you call it, these are seven beautiful hiking trails you can take.

1. Malerweg in Saxon Switzerland

This path is also called the painter’s path, because famous painters such as Caspar David Friedrich used it as a romantic backdrop for their works. The walking route is one of the most beautiful hiking trails in Europe. movies like The Chronicles of Narnia It’s recorded here, so some places may look familiar to you while you’re walking.

saxon switzerland
(Photo: Unsplash)

You walk through Saxon Switzerland, the German part of the Elbe Sandstone mountains between Dresden and the Czech border called, and you will be amazed by the many rugged rocks, gorgeous valleys, Table Mountains and the famous Elbe River. The route, which begins in Pirna, is quite challenging. This way you climb the parts, but you also come through the deep valleys.

Prepare yourself for the many stairs and stairs as well as for the picturesque villages. Malerweg is 112 kilometers long, but you can, of course, walk in separate parts.

2. E5 hiking trail, Allgäu Alps

The 3,200 km European E5 Walking Trail is one of the longest continuous walking routes in Europe. The E5 extends from the French coast of Brittany through Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Italy to the Adriatic Sea.

Urlaubsregion Allgäu
(Photo: Urlaubsregion Allgäu)

In Germany you can enjoy a nice part of the road. Then you walk through the Allgäu Alps, a mountainous massif in the Northern Alps. Here you can choose from day trips and two-day excursions with overnights in a mountain hut. There are methods for beginners and experts. Put on your hiking shoes and go.

3. Schluchtensteig, Black Forest

Schluchtensteig literally means throttle path. During this walking route through the Black Forest, you can walk from the gorge to the gorge. You walk through the beautiful, bushy nature that inspired the Brothers Grimm to write fairy tales.

Schluchtensteig, Black Forest, hiking, hiking trails, Germany
(Photo: Germany’s Best Trails)

Schluchtensteig is a three-day trip from Grimmelshofen to Wehr, but of course you can also take individual portions of it. This road features forests, rivers, valleys, complete silence and wild animals. On the way, pick the healthy blueberries you come across especially everywhere.

4. Goethe Trail, Harz National Park

You will find many walking routes throughout Germany called the Goethes Path. The most famous is the Torfhaus – Brocken, which runs directly through the Harz National Park. During the eight-kilometre route, you’ll walk Brocken, the 1,141-meter tallest mountain in central and northern Germany.

Harz National Park, hiking, Germany, hiking, hiking trails
(Photo: Jens Bachmann/Harz National Park)

If you go for beautiful panoramic photos, you are in the right place in this area. If you are looking for beautiful forest lakes too. Why is it called the Goethe Path? German scientist Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, who came up with genius ideas while hiking, regularly climbed Brocken.

5. Renesteig, Thuringian Forest

Rennsteig is a historic hillside trail through the 170 kilometer Thuringia Forest. The history of the road dates back to the thirteenth century and consists of several stages. The only period in which the entire route could not be walked was during the Cold War, when Germany was still divided into East and West.

(Photo: Wikimedia)

Rennsteig offers a lot of variety in terms of nature. One of the highlights is the 3-kilometer Dragon Gorge (Drachenschlucht), which you can see in the photo.

6. The Greens Band

Speaking of the Cold War, Das Grünes Band is a 1,393-kilometre walking route along the former green border between East and West Germany, part of the former Iron Curtain.

(Photo: flickr.com/photos/leidorf)

On this route you will not only pass beautiful nature, but you will also gain historical knowledge while walking through the many information boards. The road runs from the Baltic Sea to Vogtland, but of course you do not walk all the way. The most beautiful part can be found in the Harz, where an area of ​​\u200b\u200bone hundred kilometers from the former border has been preserved.

7. Hiking through the German capital Berlin

Also great: hiking in Berlin. The original route in this regard is the Free Alternative Berlin Tour, which leads you beyond typical abandoned East German buildings.

Berlin, walking trails, hiking
(Photo: Unsplash)

You will also pass through part of West Berlin. In Berlin you will find beautiful street art, and during this free tour local guides (who are not very popular with their fellow “professionals”) will tell you all about it.

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