“I can’t believe my luck”

Milking cows, riding horses, shooting animals. Finalists for the RTL 4 Program The perfect picture in Argentina I think they have already completed the next task. But then it turned out that they were going to shoot a fashion shoot in the country. A big surprise in the last broadcast yesterday, especially when the stunning models can choose between the three photographers themselves.

Photographers who went for honors and an exhibition at a museum in Hilversum: Who will be the best amateur photojournalist of the TV season?

Jochem van Gelder can see the storm coming. “They will probably go to the beautiful Maurice or Thomas,” said the announcer. It means fellow finalists singer Thomas Berg and TV presenter Maurice Lady. He’s wrong about that, too: Jochem is the first to be chosen by a beautiful blonde and can’t believe his luck. Thomas and Morris are also happy with their model, although Morris wonders why it was finally chosen.

The perfect picture in Argentina

When all the paparazzi are working hard, Thomas suddenly discovers a bull in the distance. “a silly ox. A monster with two shoulders like this, says the singer with wide eyes, imitating a monster. But his biggest concern is with the model. “Is that okay? Because she’s wearing red. It’s like a target.” As soon as the singer receives reassuring gestures to him, he stands in a pipe and bursts into laughter.

When the jury announces its verdict and his picture gets only a six, that smile disappears from his face. And the verdict read: “A lot of colour, not a pretty outfit, a lot of stuff going on.” This means that the candidate has to pack his bags and go home. Thomas is still very happy that he got involved. According to the final candidate, the program is “bucket list itemAnd he wouldn’t have missed it.

Thomas may have received the jury verdict: the other two candidates are still waiting for the final verdict on the last photoshoot. At the end of the program they can finally choose. “The light is beautiful, the hat is well used and it is clear that there was a very good collaboration with the model,” says Jokim’s photo. But as always, there are downsides too. “The model has shrunk a little bit through this lens, which makes it look a little smaller and wider than it actually is.”

Cowboys in Argentina

The jury also had a positive opinion about the image of Morris. “What a neat photo, really beautiful. We see a beautiful composition here. The colors are a bit faded, but that is for the benefit of the photographer. This is also the best photo.” Final verdict? Jochem got 8.5 and Maurice got 8. But this is not enough, because the last shooting session still had to follow.

It wouldn’t be the final end if there was no very special order in the menu. It is up to Jochem and Maurice to record the lives of traditional gauchos: also known as “Argentine cowboys”. With their soft and persuasive actions, the gauchos know how to perfectly hypnotize their horse. The finalists are trying to capture that connection with their animals.

Elected winner

In the end, Morris is the one whose photos are best appreciated by the jury. According to them, “The Storytelling Latif” from his documentary triptych, and thus the travel presenter is chosen to be the winner The best picture in Argentina† Can’t believe his luck. “I am so grateful, I want to thank my parents!” And this is what he does as he flies around the neck of his father and mother.

You can watch the final of The Perfect Picture In Argentina via Videoland.

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