Job witnessed a gang rape: I heard them screaming

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Once at the villa there is loud music, laughing gas, booze and cannabis and everyone is dancing. “It was good, until the other boys consumed a lot of nitrous oxide and alcohol. I joined too, but wanted to stay alert enough. I was still alone in a place I didn’t know. Suddenly it got bleak, and there was an insult among them and I noticed that The girls didn’t feel comfortable about it.”

The girls stop dancing and sit on the sofa. But the boys don’t like it. “Someone shouted in French for them to dance again. When they indicated they didn’t want to, he got even more angry and because they couldn’t move and were afraid, they started dancing anyway.”

Naked dance

But that doesn’t seem to be enough for the boys. They force the girls to take off all their clothes and dance naked in front of them. “The girls got angry and screamed that they wanted to leave. Then someone punched a girl in the face. Everyone became silent and scared. Meanwhile I sat in the corner thinking how I ended up in this horrible situation. I couldn’t do anything.”

All phones were taken and everyone was forced to undress. Job too. They didn’t want to film proof of what they were going to do next. Then I got really scared.” What will happen next, he sees every night since then in his nightmares.

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gang rape

“Boys wanted sex, girls didn’t.” But just as in previous situations, boys make sure they get what they think they deserve. “In front of my eyes, the women were raped in the most brutal ways. Their legs were pressed to the ground as the perpetrators pushed themselves in and muttered in their mouths.”

At some point, one of the boys wants to involve Job in the gang rape. “He had previously told me he wanted to show me what real life in Marbella was like, but I had no idea what he meant by that. They thought I’d be happy if they let me have sex, but of course I didn’t want it that way. I wouldn’t touch the crying girl. “.

When Job says that to the boy, he continues to insist. “I said, even if I wanted to, I wouldn’t get a hard penis from a crying girl. It’s not right. But he told me to do it, so when I said ‘no’ again, I got a full punch in the nose. After the second hit, I fell to the ground.” Then I thought I would die in that house in Mallorca that night.”

No way

After lying on the ground for five minutes, Job noticed that the boy had resumed what he had been doing before. “I got up and went to the bathroom to think what I should do. There I stared at myself in the mirror for fifteen minutes and wondered why I had come here. I didn’t know where my phone was and I was in the mountains. I couldn’t move. At that point, the only option seemed to be Go back and wait in the corner until it’s over.”

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He is left alone for some time, but then the boys turn their attention to him again. “They told me to dance naked with one of the ladies. The girl whispered that she was fine and that she was scared too. While crying, I whispered in her ear that I didn’t want this either. She reassured me that I had done nothing wrong, but we had no other choice.”

“When this was done I got dressed and went back to sit in a corner. They left me alone for the rest of the evening until the next afternoon. Surprisingly that afternoon there was a boy who helped me when he saw that I was still scared. He told me to sneak out the door when he went upstairs and he was calling a car Fare for me. When he went upstairs, I went first to look for my phone. I found it in the kitchen cupboard.”


The police do not dare to call Job, because he is afraid that he is corrupt and that he himself will get into trouble. “Outsiders, I asked my Snapchat followers for help, just in case the guy helping me didn’t have the best intentions after all. I turned on my site for my followers and indicated I would be in danger if they suddenly walked out without notifying me.”

Twenty minutes later, a taxi finally arrived. “So I went back to Marbella. From there, the person following me on Snap was able to take me to Malaga. The next day I went back to the Netherlands and registered TikTok with the whole story. It went viral, so the perpetrators saw it. Since then I received threats from them. Out of fear, I deleted the video.”


Job was not able to speak to the girls who had been raped. “I would really like to, but I don’t know who they are.” He has thought about reporting the gang rape, but he doesn’t dare. “Those shit guys. I only have pictures of two or three boys in that house, so if they get caught, others can still hurt me. I don’t dare take any chances.”


However, he thinks it is very important for him to continue telling his story, so that he can protect the other girls. “Although I can only warn one or two women about this. It is not normal what happens there. You go there to celebrate, but come back with a shock that you will never get rid of.”

Job himself has nightmares every night. “I have flashbacks where I hear all those horrible sounds again. The sound of girls screaming I can’t stop it. I can no longer sleep and think well. I am shocked.”

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