Villains in movies and series: between street scum and a role model

Johnny Rotten had never sung before and showed no talent for it, nor did he object to guitarist Steve Jones. The rotten look was just right: a rat’s head, green hair, a shirt full of safety pins and’I hate Pink Floyd† And he had the appropriate sarcastic attitude, damn you. In the fall of 1975, Jones, Rutten, and drummer Paul Cook met at the SEX store in London and formed the Sex Pistols.

British punk band the subject of the new series pistol On Disney+ it was a short but hectic life, it wasn’t really good, but it was very moving. It had something to do with the ferocious and fast rock that they made. But certainly also with their clothes and their image. Fight, reprimand and destroy. They made a fuss, were hated, and garnered a lot of media attention.

Fourteen months after their first single, Anarchy in the UK, the group finally split up. Punk grew up in the mid-1970s in New York and London due to dissatisfaction with rock music at the time. Instead of long, complex songs from groovy prog rock and yacht-rock productions, punk bands played short songs with raucous vocals and vacuumed guitars. This is how they brought the energy of youth back to the rock. But the punk was more. Counterculture with distinct style: ripped jeans, motorcycle jackets, soldier boots, and a mohawk (bald with a strip of erect hair in the middle). From the “do-it-yourself” ideology, used clothes were cut into something new.

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Real or fake rebellion?

The Sex Pistols have been the subject of a movie many times before. Their manager Malcolm McLaren put all the money they made into the flop Great Rock and Roll Swindle (1980). this Comic Documentary He argues that the tire was a marketing invention of McLaren. He deceived the world with a fake rebellion. The legend has been supplemented with Mr and Nancy (1986) by Alex Cox. This movie is about guitarist Sid Vicious, who killed his addicted girlfriend and then died of a heroin overdose himself. The rest of the previous pistols hated the McLaren version and told their side of the story in the documentary filth and anger (2000). They were a real band, they argued, until McLaren and the media turned them into a freak show.

The new Disney series tells the version of Steve Jones. Singer Johnny finds the series’ routine intimidating up front. He calls it a “middle-class fantasy” and a “Mickey Mouse product.”

laxity in morals

The rough picture of bad guys is reminiscent of the one from the 1950s: also a youthful culture centered on unbridled new music, as well as associations with sex, drugs, and juvenile delinquency. As in the rock ‘n’ roll years, movie studios in the ’80s tried to achieve success by incorporating villains into their films and series. The villains in the movies often form street gangs that terrorize the neighborhood and the school until superheroes or other unconventional vigilantes appear on every corner of the alley. A good example of this is the worship movie batch 1984 (1982), in which an angry teacher takes revenge on a dangerous gang of punk students.

in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986) The strange world of mr. Spock with spaceship captain Kirk on the Earth City Bus to get annoyed with the antisocial villain with the ghetto bomber. the master. Spock takes out the villain by applying a volcano’s nerve pinch. This genre is called “Quincy Punk” after the American crime series Quincy, I† The 1982 episode “Next Stop, Nowhere” gave a laughably inappropriate portrayal of the punk scene that became an instant cult classic. “Quincy Punk” is now the generic name for all the vulgar villains in movies and series.

Fortunately, there are also many movies and series that manage to capture the feel of the villain, especially trash and cult movies with a strong soundtrack. The best punk movie is Repo Man (1984) by Alex Cox, in which a punk drives an old Chevy Malibu with deadly aliens in the trunk. in Rock and Roll High School (1979) Legendary punk band The Ramones explodes at a high school. The film crew used a real school for this that would be demolished anyway.

radioactive weeds

Punk and horror always work well. in Return of the living dead (1985) Bad guys are attacked by awakening zombies in a cemetery. in Nuke ‘Em High . class (1986) Students turn brutal villains after smoking radioactive weed contaminated by a leak from a nuclear power plant adjacent to the school. in green room (2015) A punk group on tour in Ohio finds a dead woman in their locker room, before confronting a gang of fascist skinheads. Villains and skins are often mixed in movies and series. So watch out: the bad guys are sweet messes with colorful ripples. Skinheads are scary and bald.

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Machos has dominated the villain scene for a long time. But recently, more attention has been paid to female villains. In the influential British series We are a lady of parts Young Muslim women find their own identities in the punk group. And if you search a little, you will come across earlier films about schoolgirls who started their own punk band. like a swedish movie we are the best!Vi är bast!) or American films my decadencetime Square And the cool spots† It is about perverted girls who overcome the resistance of patriarchy and discover their ruthless, rebellious natures. All in the spirit of the Afro-British punk pioneer Polystyrene, who sang: “Oh bondage up to you

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