Do you want to do business with subsidies in equestrian sports or invest for an adequate tax rate? …you can do it

Do you want to invest in the business to increase the quality and sustainability of your company? There are many support options ABAB can consider with you.

Why do you want to innovate or invest? Animal welfare and health are characteristics that are receiving increasing attention from politicians and society. The ethics associated with equestrian sports are not ignored here. As a stable owner, breeder, groom and rider, you play an important role in the sport’s image of the community.

What support options are available?

Holland has many support pots. ABAB can think with you to find out what support you are eligible for. Below we discuss subsidies to build or renovate your dwelling, investments in roads, supervision of student staff, placement of trees, hedges and other green spaces, innovations and of course the conditions you must meet.

Building or renovating housing

Since 2022, you can take advantage of tax benefits to build and renovate your home. You can get this benefit by building or renovating according to the requirements of the sustainable horse breeding procedure. This tool tests your plans against criteria in areas such as animal welfare, animal health, climate, and fire safety. The requirements relate to the dimensions of the stables, the size of the pasture, but also, for example, whether or not they have solar panels.


It is best to check if you can share the measuring rod during the sketching or drawing phase of your project, so that you can adjust the dimensions if necessary.


The benefit consists of a tax deduction of 27% of the costs incurred through the provision for environmental investment and Vamil (arbitrary depreciation 75%). On an entire building project, the advantage can easily reach hundreds of thousands of euros. In this way, your company becomes future proof and meets the high requirements of luxury. Sharing is possible in accommodation with single accommodation as well as with group accommodation.


The corridors in your company are of course an important part of your residence. Do you want to invest in a new outdoor route? Then you may qualify for a subsidy for this. You can get a minimum tax advantage of 45% + Vamil 75%. To take advantage of this advantage, you should invest in a route in which rainwater can be collected from your commercial buildings with overflow into a collection pit, canyon or dam ditch. This way you contribute to sustainability: you keep rainwater on your property for future use.

Support the construction of trees, hedges and other green spaces

The eye also wants something: the experience of visitors, whether they are buyers or customers, is important. You can achieve a familiar feel by ensuring a neat and clean yard and stables where the horses are calm, spacious and clean. The presence of greenery also contributes to the formation of a positive image. Like a street of trees at the entrance, groups of trees in the horse pasture, perhaps the presence of a swimming pool and the decoration of the site with hedges and shrubs. You can get support for all these green investments. This year you can get a tax refund of at least 45% of investment costs as a deduction for tax to be paid!


You can also get support for supervising trained staff. For example, through a hands-on learning scheme. If you are registered with the Chamber of Commerce as an agricultural company, you will even get a bonus! Do you want to develop a business school or educational resource for your own company? There are also support options. With the SLIM scheme, you can also get support for up to 80% of development costs and career advice for your employees.


There are different ways to innovate in the horse industry. The best known method is breeding: the conscious creation of hybrids to develop a new species/model with specific characteristics that have not been created in this way before. Under the Research and Development Promotion Act (WBSO), you can request a benefit on payroll tax to be paid for development projects. The scheme is for every entrepreneur who has employees who bear the costs of innovation. A pilot project for several breeders is currently underway to investigate the applicability of this scheme to the sector.


Keep circumstances in mind with all of these investments. Each investment must meet specific requirements. For example, a dishwasher, oven, or washing machine may also qualify, but they must be specific and sustainable models. You must also apply for support within three months of signing the purchase agreement. With measuring rods, it is wise to start the process before construction begins.

Invest with support

If you coordinate all of these aspects of horse breeding and take advantage of the options described, you can invest and innovate in a tax-efficient manner. This also improves the image in society: people will then see that the guards and knights own the animals first.

Source: ABBA / KWPN

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