Global themes dominate the show, and it stands out in its questions


“I must say frankly that I am pleasantly surprised by what I see.”

By Henry Walterboss

Questionnaire – its own reputation precedes the annual spectacle parade by many years. In the past, the name of everyone from their village who crossed the line, left or right, was mercilessly ridiculed, the 2022 edition has mainly global themes, seen from a Dutch perspective, but then explained in its questionnaires. This edition does not contain a Spanish word. In his own career, he’s more questionable and direct, and doesn’t show any bones about what people think of things. Last Sunday’s parade, June 26, isn’t an exact show, and isn’t for those with tender hearts, long toes, or short wicks. On the side, there are several thousand interested people watching the colorful show with a smile.

More calendar questioning
Whether the Askar residents have been good for the past three years, forgotten or meekly indulgent, in the march, fellow villagers and especially politicians, both local and national, are saved, President Putin and the dirty men of The Voice of Holland (“Come to my cabin. Then I will look Under your skirt”, “to break through to the semi-finals, it was a bit of a squirting and gulping”), and scolded her several times in no uncertain terms, in witty texts and aphorisms that could be inserted into their calendar. Further questioning is not that sensitive, not that difficult, and certainly not about political correctness today.

Themes are ready to grab this edition. Especially the topics that one would never suspect in 2019 would be the current topics in the upcoming show, even though that is 3 years later. The creative and free spirits of ‘Vroager bult’ can immerse themselves to their heart’s content in all these subjects, and nobles are required. The questioner has a reputation to back up.

Of course, come high fuel prices (“Diesel can’t go any longer. We’ll push the car ashore ourselves,” Schiphol (“Farmers have to stop while we’re cramming planes,” “We keep lying, so you can keep flying’), The next student life of Crown Princess Amalia (‘Amalia’s student room with a fancy kitchen, it would be a nice time for students with a lot of kings…’), the war in Ukraine is over and Corona is still little by little. Also come the men of Today Inside. – Like Johann Dirksen. “They weren’t that hard in the past,” said one of the cars, one of the mildest this afternoon, though it was worse, be honest. Marked with a new, unfamiliar name for the municipality of which Questionder is a part Of which; ‘Gemiente Kutzooi’ is written on a dish plate. Tasteless? You can say that. Anyway, with regards to winning souls in the Questionder in question, there is about clear that there is work to be done for the local politicians, if they want to Be a little more positive on the Asker parade in the 2023 edition.

Strollers open display. They enlighten mundane matters chiefly from their beloved point of view. Some girls make a happy sound on their wagon; “Finally the show again.” A reliable message of applause from all spectators and with which everyone agrees. Other girls have their own ideas for addressing the housing shortage; Build your own sand castle.

red handkerchief
If the themes are very diverse and subjective, then the symbol that passes on each tractor is quite topical; The “farmer’s flag” or red handkerchief. A symbol of solidarity with Dutch farmers and the struggle they are waging against the current nitrogen schemes. Not surprisingly, in the birthplace of one of the symbols of the resistance, “King Henk” Unc. Minister Van der Walle and Groen Links leader Jesse Klaver have to pay for it not in the most satisfactory text. There is also disagreement about taste here. Let’s just say it partly means with a wink, but the tone is clear, perhaps higher than the tone. At Asker Parade, farmers also receive support from the younger generation of wagon builders with ‘#Farmers’ Pride’ and ‘Farmers in power’, guys in red handkerchiefs. Asylum policy, in turn, takes a hit at farmers’ protests; “Livestock decline, but growth at Ter Apel”.

swan bats
If possible, Lievelde was lovingly handed underwater stitch to Lievelde. With the abolition of the Schanskloppers (“People cannot be saved by Schanskloppers. Then they will be fine in Vroagender”), a long-time participant in Asker’s procession, this is gratefully used with their interrogators substitute; Pelican Peters. Here, too, the photos leave nothing to be desired for the sake of clarity. There is a good laugh.

Prior to the show, jury member Sander Iselink, among others, is allowed to judge the cars. “You can see that they haven’t been able to do anything for two years, and they are doing a great job now. It can be seen that most of them have paid great attention to the car. Like craftsmanship and finishing for example. Usually you see the triple split. Good cars, middle class and lower class “It’s really tougher this year because the quality is better, especially the mid-range. I don’t have one at the moment that I think it will be. We’re looking at the concept, the finish, the design, and in the show, we’re looking at how the car is doing and shaping with the audience, interacting with them” . Sander also knows the show’s reputation. The rules were tightened for this reason a few years ago. He thinks he’s fine, so far. “I’ve never had anything so far that I think is impossible. It’s always what you see with the necessary humor and a wink. There’s always sexual and ambiguous things in it. I must say I’m pleasantly amazed at what I see. And it’s great that the enthusiasm stayed high with the 13 big cars, and 4 Participants in the middle class and 19 smaller strollers.

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