San Juan Party on June 23 and 24

Madrid – San Juan Night or Midsummer Night, is an ancient and traditional festival in many European countries. In Spain it is customary to welcome summer with lots of campfires and throwing fireworks. The festival is celebrated during the night of June 23 to 24, while the shortest night of the year is actually June 21. San Juan is celebrated in various forms from Finland to Brazil. The tradition in many of these countries is to burn old furniture or wood in the street or on the beach, something that still happens in cities like Barcelona, ​​Alicante, Valencia and Malaga.

Wikipedia writes about San Juan: The Nativity of Saint John the Baptist is an official feast in the Catholic Church that is celebrated on June 24 celebrate it. There are still many customs around this festival, such as bonfires, that go back to the pre-Christian midsummer festivals held around the summer solstice.

Saint John’s fire like this Torchnamed after John the Baptist, which in previous centuries was part of the midsummer celebrations and was lit on June 23 or 24 in almost all European countries since pre-Christian times.


Many traditional festivals are held in the Andalusia region, such as in Cadiz People burn dolls called juanillos in the street and celebrate with firecrackers, fireworks and music. in Almeria It is custom as in Malaga To celebrate on the beaches with moragas and campfires (no longer allowed in Málaga). Also missing here Firecrackers and fireworks Do not usher in the summer.

It is also a tradition here on the night of June 23 to 24 in midnight Wet your eyes or take a swim in the sea to start the next day fresh and fresh. In the community Lanjaron In the province of Granada celebrates with the Fiesta del Agua y del Jabón, or soap and water feast, which, of course, says enough, is a big wet and slippery mess.

Balearic Islands

While on the islands Mallorca and Ibiza There are a lot of parties on the night of June 23 or 24, it’s all on the island Menorca Dedicated to horses in Ciutadella and surrounding municipalities. Riders (also called jinetes or caixers) of strong horses wear black and white on their horses which they ride through the streets sometimes letting the horses soar to the beat of the music.

This party isn’t completely harmful because a lot of people are trying to breastfeed horses Touch, sometimes fatal, from impacting the moving front legs or descending the horse.


in Catalonia Tradition says that on the evening of San Juan (Nate de Sant Joan), the youth of the village must find the tallest tree, put it in the town square and return it to its owner in August. However, this does not happen often anymore. In addition, it is customary to finish the festive dinner with Coca de Sant Joanspecial cake, and cava, spanish champagne to drink.

Of course there will be many fireworks Thrown, a lot of fireworks can be seen (sometimes more than the end of the year), Diablos are used in CoreFox There is a big party with live music in the squares or on the beach and people sleep late.


in Galicia (And in fact all over Spain) San Juan Night (Noite de San Xoán) is celebrated with Hogueras, a campfire, which is usually lit on the beach. this campfires It is mainly lit after midnight on June 24th to welcome summer. It is assumed that jumping over this campfire nine times brings good luck or makes a woman capable of childbearing (?).

Where Coca is eaten in Catalonia, the Galicians eat it cachelosUnpeeled potatoes that are roasted in a fire and eaten. They also eat grilled sardines.


Hogueras in Alicante Originally it is about celebrating the longest day on June 23 to bring in plenty of harvest and the shortest night from June 23 to 24 to destroy all bad things. However, since 1928, the party has been Formal city party Which is somewhat similar to Fallas in Valencia. Large paper dolls are burned to celebrate Saint Joan.

In Alicante, these days have been announced as an interesting nationwide festival starting on June 19 or 20 (depending on the year) with many activities for young and old. Naturally, many tourists come to the parties. Similar celebrations are also held in other municipalities such as Torrevieja, Guardamar del Segura, Javea, Denia, Benidorm, Elche and San Juan de Alicante.

Above are just a few of the celebrations in some states Spain It described, but in fact there are parties all over Spain where fireworks, firecrackers, a party with live music and food and drinks are always the main ingredients. However, no matter how one will spend their night in San Juan, the truth is that summer has begun!!

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