Franklin’s daughter Olivia Carla Tupper daytime during SK Velddriel

Encanta Karla under the leadership of Mireille ten Have. Photo: Foto4U

32 horses appeared before the jury Twin Hoffs and Johan Hemminga on June 24, and no less than 25 of these horses became stars; Great start to the KWPN River area. A few mares of good stock stole the show at Velddriel. The highest score was for Olivia Karla (by Franklin) from Small Tour mare Encanta Karla.

Toine Hoefs: “Today we were able to make judgments and get an overall impression of the good quality of the horses. This is evident from the number of stars we were able to distribute. The property was well organized and we had access to an expert team of moderators. There are a number of reputable breeders Here in the region and that is reflected in the track.”

Olivia Carla 95 points for jogging

With 80 points for her pose and no less than 85 for movement, Olivia Carla was the winner of the day. I was born at GBM Loeters in Didam and registered with Melissa Castein of Beekbergen. The jury explained: “A generously developed mare, padded long and long legged with plenty of neck and forefoot. Standing, it looked a little narrow in the middle, but there was no sign of that in movement. It ran exceptionally well, and got 95 points. I kept Always with a gentle stance in all her gaits.”

The half-sister of Odessa Carla is a star

Olivia Carla is the daughter of Franklin and hereditary elite mare Incanta Carla (S Vivaldi). She was successfully released by Mireille ten Have on Prix st. George. Olivia Carla was born to a surrogate mother and sold in 2019 through a Maiden Nederland pony auction. Also in Velddriel, her half-sister, Odessa Karla (s.Glock’s Toto Jr.) of the same breeder and now also registered with Melissa Kasten, also shared in Velddriel. This did not score higher than Olivia Carla, but he became a star.

Oneette II 80/80 سجل record

At least six horses achieved a score of at least 80 for both morphology and movement. Including Onet II, daughter of Just Wimphof of Unette II (keur prefst s. Gribaldi) born and registered at René Franssen in Boven-Leeuwen. The jury described the dark brown Mustang as an elegant mare, but also solidly built with plenty of hood. Functional drive, with plenty of tech in the legs and always in balance.

Estoril Certified by KWPN

Renee Fransen built a successful mare line with the daughter of Hurricane Nanette. Nanette had a total of sixteen foals in her lifetime. Two of these competed in the dressage grand prix. Four of Nanette’s daughters hold predicate preferences and performances. At least fourteen of the Nanette’s horses compete in dressage or grand prix jumping. From Nannet comes Unette. She is the grandmother of Oneette II and also the grandmother of KWPN-certified Invershin, who competes on a small tour with Theo Hanzon. In addition to Onet II, Unette II is also a KWPN-approved Estoril Dam.

Also 80/80 for Osyra-Dine RS2

The Osyra-Dine RS2 also won by 80-fold. Glock’s daughter Toto was born by ICM Schel-Schippers of Cuijk and is registered with the RS2 Dressage Center in Groesbeek. The jury described it as a tall mare, padded with a lot of front and with clear shoulders and shoulders. The lions, built to the top, walked wide and clean and showed a powerful trot with good range. In the canter she could jump a little more than with the withers. Dam Osyra-Dine RS2 is Farludine’s elite mare (s.Vivaldi). It comes from a well-known stock from which many sport and inspection horses come from. The same is the dam sold at auction Marilyn-Dine (by Daily Diamond), bought by RS2 for €70,000 at the Prinsjesdag pony auction.

Omiek 90 points for jogging

The jury described Omiek van f/g Rhenoy’s Damy Story as: “A generously developed mare, built to the top, with a good rectangular form. Supplied with a properly installed foundation. In terms of space, she could impress more in the step. She showed a lot of technique and strength in her Trot. We could give 90 for this. I ran with a lot of rush. In this mare, the ability to transform was especially noticeable.” Omiek is the daughter of the stallion Grand Prix Hermes and comes from Ceramics (Saint Samarant). It is also a dam for the international dressage horses Hippi and Griffin. Ceramic Dam is Normic (by Hitchcock). Produced by Bormiek (by Tuschinski), the dressage pony National Champion in 2006. Just like the small dressage horse Donzel (by Zeolit), Normick was bred from the famous UTV mare Termiek (by Onyx). Great-grandmother Keramiek Utopia (Duc de Normandie) is the full sister of the KWPN stallion Ormand and Normand. From this famous line of Lady Revell come the Pretendent, Dream of Heidelberg and Vivaldo dressage stallions.

Olivia Newton-John DVB scores 85 points

The same result went to Olivia Newton-John DVB of Team Dressuurstal Van Baalen of Brackel. Escolar’s long-legged daughter ran with a score of 85. In terms of the muscular system, it would have been more developed while standing, but it stood out due to its functional way of locomotion and beautiful leg technique. In the canter, she showed a lot of impulsiveness and poise. Dam Olivia Newton-John DVB is the auction dowry of Farzana (S-amp) via ET.

World Championship Persians Farzana

The latter has a proven track record. For example, she managed to make it to the final of the National Sea Examination, passed the IBOP with high points later, and became an elite mare. Subsequently, the stunning mare won at least one young horse competition each year, becoming the Dutch Z2 Champion and later winning the ZZ-Licht title at the KNHS Indoor Championships. Mara de Vries and Farzana participated in the World Championships for Dressage Horses. In the first round of qualifiers on Thursday, the duo narrowly missed a direct referral to the final, on Friday they avenged their sport by taking a beautiful third place in the mini-final, earning them a starting ticket to the final. Farzana is ranked 12th in the world with this! The Persians are currently competing in the small round.

80/80 for Ostara/DC

Ostara / DC by f / g AAJ Aalbers from Winssen graduated from elite Persians IC / DC (s.Vivaldi). According to the jury, the daughter of the Chestnut Blue Horse Farrell is a sufficiently developed and purebred mare. Her neck is a little deep in the chest. She has a long torso and strong legs. She walks well and shows a cute tate at the trot. In addition, she continued to walk very gently from the withers. At the dam line, we came across many international sport horses. Her score was 80 for both morphology and movement.

German born Odessa

Odessa (Foundation x Sandro Hit) is an all-German A-mare registered, but with a score of 80 for formation and movement, she was also found to be a KWPN star by the jury: “A thoroughbred and straight mare. A horse with a strong headline. She could have had More bones. She moves lightly and practically. In the canter, her easy changes especially stood out.” The Stallion certified by Oldenburg Allende comes from the same dam line. Odessa was born by H. Germs from Midwolde and is now registered with AMJ Moors in Bergharen.

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