“Like a mother I cry over everything”

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in the movie pregnant & co It’s all about one thing: pregnancy. But in real life, Lake Van Lexmond, Mike Martins, and Bo Merten have a lot to discuss. Three actresses of peace, cleanliness, regularity, laughter and laughter were completely out of control.

“our end!” Beau and Mikey shout to each other at about the same time. Muzi, Bo’s son, had just turned one year old and his birthday was on the same day as Maaike. “This creates a bond,” Maaike laughs. “He must be a nice guy,” she winks.

pregnant & co

The three actresses haven’t seen each other since then pregnant & co It was recorded in the fall of 2020. Initially, the coronavirus threw a wrench in the works, but now the film is finally in cinemas. In it, Leakey plays a lonely introverted obstetrician Meryl, Beau is her pregnant niece Eva, and Mikey plays Annette, a mother of two fascists, who confronts her with her secret desire to have another child.

Maaike: “Given Annette’s age, the question is whether she’ll still work. I realize that feeling. I was 42 and already had two kids when I realized I still wanted to have kids. When I inquired at IVF clinics, I was turned away. Almost immediately. Bam.

I also felt that in this role: you might have been crossed out as a category, but who knows, maybe you’re still lucky enough … Cross through, you made an appointment at a Belgian clinic where there were more options. In this regard, I was more fortunate than Annette: on the day of the appointment it turned out that I was pregnant! I feel fortunate that she succeeded.”

Interview with Dutch celebrity Lieke Maaike Bo Pregnant & co

during recordings

Bo, you were pregnant even during the recordings, that’s another thing acting method

Bo: “That’s right, I found out about it a few days before the first day of filming. Although I haven’t been able to tell anyone yet, it immediately gave an extra dimension; my character Eva, like me, got pregnant for the first time. It was intertwined in a way Funny. I played my first ultrasound, in fact I had my first ultrasound in the same week. When I look back at the movie, I just know: Mozy was already there at the time. Although no one knows…”

“Bo: The week I played my first ultrasound, I had my first really ultrasound.”

Interview with Dutch celebrity Lieke Maaike Bo Pregnant & co

Leakey: “To be honest, I felt everything I was pregnant: you were soft, dreamy and have a different energy. But yes, it is inappropriate to ask.”

Maaike: “I remember thinking you had a voluptuous good-looking…but I also thought her shirts were too tight, haha. Later on, it turns out you’ve already tried on all the clothes before you got pregnant and everything fell into place. I don’t have anything Other than to praise the pregnant women in the group, you have to hold your belly or hold a handbag in front of her, then you feel warm again, then cold again, brother.”

Poe: “I was so tired. As soon as I fell asleep, I sat in a chair between scenes. I felt shy. I was happy when I was able to explain it.”

Interview with Dutch celebrity Lieke Maaike Bo Pregnant & co


How were the reactions?

Pou: “Everyone was very attentive. Lecke came right away after a day with a gift for the baby, and I thought that was very nice.”

Leakey: “When I hear that someone has become a mother for the first time, it immediately moves me. It’s very special, and as a mother you don’t know how special it is. I really had to restrain myself not to give a hundred pieces of advice, but at least I wanted to let You can enjoy it as much as possible.

I even did a big live show a few weeks after giving birth, and now I’m thinking: What did I do with myself? The maternity period is unique and very challenging. You need help and time to figure everything out and cocoon. With yourself and your child. It’s your child’s first acquaintance, he dares to take all the time and space for him, because he is charming.”

Mike: “But this is actually very complicated. After the success of The lice mother, I was in a good position in terms of a career, but I couldn’t jump on that train because I was pregnant. For a moment I was so angry with all the men in the world: why can’t you give birth? ?When I finally got the success I had been working for for years, I had to go back to my apartment!

“Maaike: I was just angry with all the men: why can’t you give birth?”

Interview with Dutch celebrity Lieke Maaike Bo Pregnant & co

In the end, I was pleased to keep working through my pregnancy, and the train kept running after that. In fact, motherhood has strengthened me. I became more efficient, and where I used to live for the art, I now live for my children. It made room for my playing, and I let him celebrate a little more, which ultimately made me a better actress.”

Beau: “During filming, your youngest was only six months old. I remember how you told me you weren’t quite as accurate with the third as you were with the first, but it still went well. I thought that sounded very reassuring.”

Mike: “Haha, with my first girlfriend Bart said, ‘We’re just pretending this is the second.’ Of course you don’t, but in second place you’ll notice how ‘over-managed’ with the first. Our little boy is just running around, he’s a boy, but he’s He always wears his sisters’ clothes. At first you buy everything new, with number three you think: Well, what does it matter?”

Interview with Dutch celebrity Lieke Maaike Bo Pregnant & co

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What surprised you about fatherhood the most?

Poe: “Everything has to be planned. Everything! I remember very well the first time I asked David, ‘Um, would I like a shower, can you stay with Mossie for a while?’ The most obvious things, like a shower, are suddenly no longer possible without counseling” .

Leakey: “Yes, this takes a while to get used to. I was always very restless, working hard and being everywhere and nowhere. I still like to go with the energy of the day and do spontaneous things, but that’s not possible if you live with multiple people in a family. You have to be on time for swimming lessons.I learned incredibly from him.

“Lecky: Since I’ve spent more time with them, I see a different energy in the boys”

At first I did not realize it, I ran from one shot to another, and when I got home I wanted to make up for the guilt, but this did not work at all: the boys rebelled or did not want to sleep. Logical: They wanted peace and time with their mother. I radically changed my priorities, as I spend more time with them and standing in the schoolyard myself, I see a different energy in boys. This is very beautiful. They are my mirror: if I am not in touch with myself, I immediately receive this disorder from my children.”

Maaike: “I am also amazed by the whole passion of life. I was already a little sad, but since childhood I was a kind of open vein. In fact, my biggest change is that I can no longer live without waterproof mascara – I cry over everything. All Songs and rituals from the past that you learned yourself come back in a different way.”

“Maaike: I was already sad, but since childhood I have been a kind of open vein”

Bo: “I have this too. My parents always sang songs they made for me, and subconsciously I do the same now for my muse.”

Maaike: “There is an extra dimension: first you live for yourself, then for each other and now for the whole family. Bart and I regularly laugh so hard and cry so hard together, or yell at each other that these are really tropical years, work, young children … Sometimes I get so tired, But you get away with it. I think: You can stay in this fatigue, but you just have to deal with it, or else you will miss all the beauty. Having said that, sometimes this is a misfortune really; pound, pound, plan.”

Interview with Dutch celebrity Lieke Maaike Bo Pregnant & co

to balance

Bo, how do you try to combine work and motherhood?

Poe: “Since my vacation I’ve been shooting a couple of movies. I had no qualms about leaving the nest because Mozy was with David, we really do it together. Once at home, the other time, right now it’s all going the way it is.” It’s a very special time, my muse is very young. I let her reach for me, if a nice project comes my way, I’ll accept it.

Poe: “Acting runs or stands still, and as a mother I think that’s the perfect job”

In this regard, my ambition has not changed. Acting is running or standing up, and as a mother I think that’s the perfect job so far; Sometimes I’m not there for a while, and then I have all the time for my muse again.”

Leakey: “This is still a well-balanced job. It often goes a lot to the left or the right. While I doubted whether I should take on this role, my agenda was full of presentation tasks: do I have time left for my family?”

Lecky: I explain to my children how much I love my work, and that we live out of fun and love.

But Bass is a good catalyst in this. He assured me: “Come on.” Film is your passion. This is correct. I also explain to my children how much I enjoy my work, and I want them to know that I care about it. That we live in fun and love, and that they should try to have their own party every day.”

Maaike: “I always look for the vibrant element in life, so I dance a lot with my kids in the living room. Don’t fill up on everything, just let that body do its work.”

The entire interview is at Kek Mama 07-2022.

Interview with Dutch celebrity Lieke Maaike Bo Pregnant & co

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