Jessica Mull: “Daughter’s Therapy Horse and Z2 are eligible to start!”


Jessica Mull has ridden a horse from an early age, but has never owned a horse/horse. Her twelve-year-old daughter was four years old when Jessica decided to make a choice for herself and her daughter. After a long search, the brown mare Zi-zu ran their way. Zie-Zo helps her daughter Lindsey relax and offers mum Jessica the chance to give her equestrian ambitions a chance.


“My daughter is twelve now, but she’s only mentally two,” Jessica Mull says candidly. “She has a rare chromosomal abnormality, with autistic traits and developmental delays. She communicates through a speech computer because she cannot talk, but she can walk and has finally been toilet trained since the age of nine.”


“Lindsey can get very frustrated at times and always wants to have something in her mouth or hands, but horses get very calming. We found out when we went to a friend’s Shetland. She was completely relaxed: both physically and mentally.” Jessica and Lindsay often went to Shetland. “I liked it, you can say. Later, we rode a horse together once, walked quietly, and then fell asleep!”

From an early age, Jessica’s dream was to own a horse. “I’ve ridden all my life, but never had a chance to own a horse. I get a lot of energy from everyday activities related to raising and riding a horse. But yes, if you have a horse of your own, you have to go there every day and it remains exciting to come to terms with costs. But if you can find a very reliable horse, Lindsey can also benefit from it.”

“Like a little dog chasing her”

“I decided to get over it and went looking. I raced up to level 1 and wasn’t an experienced rider. So I wanted to start from the beginning, but it had to be a great, reliable horse. Preferably one a size small, so Lindsey and I could do it together” .

Finally, they come across Zie-Zo, a bay mare that is 167 centimeters long and without leaves. “She was near me, so I decided to go and take a look. I actually thought she was on the big side.” But there was an instant click. “Lindsey just walked away from her. And you see? He followed her like a little dog. She gave us so much confidence. It had to be her.”

Jessica immediately started working with natural dressage. She had to know a few tricks to be safe with Lindsey. Because Lindsay knows no fear. You walk up to it or under it without thinking. Zie-Zo can now stand idly by if you ask her and this is necessary if, say, we almost fall off her.”

For the first two years Zie-Zo was in a pension stable. “But you have a bond with them, he’s your best friend actually. That’s why I really wanted her at home. Two years later, the Shetlander Kareltje came as Zie-Zo’s friend, so they could come home.”


“I’m riding her taming. We needed about 40 matches to beat Class B, because she found everything intimidating and I was very nervous in every match. I always had big ambitions and now I finally had the chance to achieve them. I wanted so badly to show that it was possible! After B We went through all the seasons together and are now eligible to start on the Z2. We are now working on the flight keys.”

Relax for both

“Lindsey still gets a lot of relaxation from the horses. She is there every day and she loves to cuddle them. Recently Shetland Karelji was asleep in the field and sat on top of it! She does it too with a Zie-Zo pony (by All once). It’s amazing To see how you enjoy it and how horses love it.”

Since Lindsay is now a big lady of twelve, they can no longer ride a horse together. “When she was little she sat in the front of the saddle. When I got older she was behind me and now we use a vault size. He wasn’t trotting anyway so we switched from walking to cantering. In the meantime we hold onto the stride, she is very secure with a jump size. And Lindsey is ok with her “.

“It’s great to see how much fun and relaxation Lindsey gets from horses. Same for me, by the way, haha! I just do it differently from her.”

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Photo: Mooii Moment Photography

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