Do Podcasts What Goeeed! Who is the Meiland family really that much?

“Okay girl…then cough!” “Brett Decker on the phone??? How good!” Can’t stand it? So don’t listen to the new podcast What good! From the Meis family. If you are curious, please keep reading.

Last Friday there was suddenly. Podcast only positive from TV set Martien Meiland and his wife (still) Erika Rinkema. What good! It’s called, after the consistent positive slam we know so well from TV from Martien. This podcast is essential for Blik op de Buis, and subwayThe section where Eric Yunek discusses new or great programs from regular channels or streaming services.

What Goéed podcast you can also watch

In case you are wondering what a podcast is (subway By the way, put five “Favorites”) on every Thursday Look at the tube-section, the answer is already in the subheading above. What good! You can of course listen (here), but you can also check out But eh, this is it What good! – Is it already in your head? – excellent? subway He discusses Episode 1, which we announced earlier, heading into the new episode. It will appear this afternoon at 4 pm.

Positive, that’s what the Meiland family is all about in their podcast. “With so much misery and negativity in the world, we think it’s time to create a podcast about only the good and the beautiful things in life,” says Martien Meiland. “Every episode is a party,” Erica adds. There is nothing wrong with a little positivity. Although many Dutch, thinking of Martien, would immediately think ‘Oh no, that would be the case’ too much‘ It bears fruit. Let’s be honest: People who don’t attract Meilandjes on TV don’t attract a 40-minute podcast at all. Enough fans for the TV family, though, are typically over a million, so there are plenty of potential listeners and viewers left.

What a good family podcast Meiland

Six Ordinary Objects of the Meiland Family

“Do you think you can do that, just be positive?” “I’ll try Erica,” his wife replied. The two are sitting at a high table. Nose sheets, two glasses of wine and bowls of snacks. At first, Martin read a lot. This also makes it nice to see that he’s unabashedly candid. Duo Meiland finally comes into the picture. Sometimes he coughs (Erica, or actually more often). Then again they make funny faces in an unappetizing snack (Martin, “No, those peppers are nothing”). “Don’t talk with your mouth full,” says the lady of the house as an easy-to-use podcast tip.

The two operate on a consistent six-element pattern, otherwise it would be a mess. If someone taps the wine glass with a knife, it means “cut, next topic.” There is a lot going on.

  • Item 1: Personal good news

These are great tips for announcing the upcoming new TV season (seventh!). Maxim’s soon-to-be-married daughter, for example. The fact that Erica now serves the “national interest” in Noordwijk city council. Lowest number of people receiving welfare in eight years (it’s good to go to last season Chateau help will be converted). Chateau Milland, which was finally sold in France. And that we will see another step on TV. “Our new paradise of Eden.” But hey, wait, damn it, negative news: Martien left his pretty checkered jacket in France when he left the palace. penalty point.

There is also some good news about celebrities other than the Meiland family themselves. Amalia and study in Amsterdam for example. That’s a bit of medieval news now.

We All Know It: The Dilemma Game. You are presented with two options, where you must choose one and explain why. Martin gets the cuter of the two. Wash your hair every day with mayonnaise or talk over the speaker forever (choose mayonnaise). W: to be buried in your own garden or set up next to the pommel dog. It actually chooses the garden (“comfortable”) rather than the setting and continues to exist forever. This last dilemma is very nice, but of course it has nothing to do with it at all. Would you like to send a dilemma to Martien and Erica Meiland yourself? Then you can send an email to [email protected] Erica adds succinctly: “Three e’s!”

  • Item 3: Positive gossip

The middle this time: love. The ‘news’ is very old again, but the Meiland family had their own opinion about it. Martin, for example, suggests that Doe Pop had sex with Katja Schuurmann. On the toilet thirst farm Wherever you are.” Erica thinks intercourse sounds like the fifties, and Martin doesn’t like the word fuck.

Ness: “We have to say something about Jimmy Trinity,” Erica says. “But I don’t know who this is. You?” “No, and neither am I,” Martin admits. Googling live produces TV presenter Jamie Trenité, and becomes a father. But she is wonderfully rude. Podcasting produces something, while you have no idea…

The Meiland Raven of Dorst family rewards

  • Item 4: Dutch celebrities in the spotlight

Raven van Dorst from the same TV show thirst farm Deserves the first sunshine of a podcast What good!† Martien Meiland explains: “Raven with me and Caroline van der Plas had 700,000 viewers. Now, she has over 1 million consecutive weeks!”

Brett Decker has the scoop. This is someone Martien has known for a century through TV games, of course, but on a happy note, Brett is always good. “It’s only positive,” he says. Her positive news on video call: Brett lives with her horses and wakes up to stomping hooves, her big dream. She is still very happy with her horse, George, which she received from John de Mol as per her TV contract. “At least he’s not talking about anything.” By the way, Brett Decker is talking about her horse.

“I could have killed you this week because…”But I love you because…”And Martine and Erica Melland have to fill that in. It doesn’t matter much of course, but okay.

can tube illustration

Final Verdict on Martien and Erica Meiland – Renkema

Is this a thing What good! Who is the virgin? This columnist must admit that Chateau Melland See great regularly. It attracts the duo and their daughters Maxime and Montana. With only 40 minutes of the two behind their table, the podcast is a bit on the long side. Fans will appreciate it. People who don’t like Meilandjes on TV will find it horrifying.

Number of cans: 2.5 out of 5.

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