Saint Joseph’s School celebrates its 100th anniversary


“School literally and figuratively makes room for growth”

Written by Barbara Pavinatic

ZIEWENT – On the edge of Zieuwent there is a beautiful old building. Saint Joseph’s School. This school with a wide view of the surrounding nature is celebrating its centenary this year. The villagers have been busy for months with preparations for the party that will take place on Sunday, July 3rd. The school will then be open from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. An exhibition of 100 years of education, old Dutch games, pancakes, talk show and musicians who will play a mix of music from 1922 to 2022 – special for today. Everyone, young and old, is welcome to come and have a look, enjoy and savor the atmosphere.

green oasis
“The school literally and figuratively makes room for growth. Literally because it is located in a place where space breathes and because it has large classrooms and wide corridors in which children can learn to their heart’s content and completely freely. In the past there were about 340 students, today there are about 100. And that It means there is plenty of room to move in and around the school We have two rooms for each group. But there is also a symbolic space, because we allow children to discover a lot for themselves by playing together and giving their own interpretation of what they like to do and learn. The school also exudes a certain calm. We are a true reading school We pay great attention to good reading and there are hundreds of books in our spacious school library. This has classics like Dick Trume, but also the latest versions,” says director Jack Jansen, “There is a school garden in the schoolyard behind the school. Young children grow and harvest flowers and vegetables. The upper groups do the maintenance with the caretaker. We also have many trees with bird boxes in the yard and there are regular squirrels roaming. It really is a green oasis with us. This way we know the best Baby love nature. They can play on our field in a normal way. It’s like a little forest with a water pump that comes out when the weather is nice. The kids can then play for hours in the sand and water.”

The participation of the residents of Zieuwent is enormous. Everyone wants to take part in the school celebration. Parents are happy to think together and help. They’re ready to provide manual, year-round services, and right now. When the news of the centenary became known, a task force of eleven men was immediately formed. The whole community is busy and also contribute financially to make it a great party. On June 28, 29 and 30, a special event for children was organized. Then we introduce them to the old crafts and they can come to school dressed up and write with dip pens, for example. Photos are also taken in traditional attire. We go back a hundred years in time. “We would like to teach the kids how people lived a hundred years ago,” Jack says.

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Things worth knowing about 100 years ago (St. Joseph) school Overview
The current primary school, as far as we know, is the fourth school building in Zieuwent. The first school will be built around 1809, the second in 1853, the third in 1890 and the current school in 1922. At the beginning of the 20th century, the school was very small. Then the students had to go to school in Harefield during the first grades due to lack of space

I used to wear clogs to school. But few people can buy shoes. You wear slippers to school. If there is snow, then first put the tampons in a saline solution, otherwise you will get large pieces of snow. Everyone also had to write with the right hand. If you write with your left hand, you are in luck. Then your left hand was clicked so you could write with your right.

The school had a boys side (right) and a girls side (left). Girls and sisters are taught by girls, and masters by boys. Girls were only allowed to wear skirts and dresses. Boys and girls were also strictly separated from each other in the school yard. During the morning break, boys played on the “boys” side and girls on the “girls” side. The Missing and the Master walked down the corridor, from the front of the school to the road and back again.

In the sixth grade, the best students were sitting by the window. They are prepared for ULO, HBS, and school. The other students were headed to the Craft School and the Agricultural School. The teachers were very strict. The penalties were, for example, that you had to stand on one leg in a corner or write penalty lines.

Before you go to school, you go to the children’s mass first. It was from 7:45 am to 8:30 am. Although church attendance was not mandatory, records were kept of whether you attended. If you come a lot, you will get a beautiful picture of saints.

Sometime during World War II, the school was taken over by the Germans and the students had to move to another location. Teaching was moved to a farmhouse kitchen diagonally across from the Schieevenboer. The students had to bring their own firewood for the stove.

a program
On July 3, the aforementioned memories will be recalled by the main interlocutor Ben Donderwinkel (Matthijs van Nieuwkerk from Achterhoek). Four children, aged 80 to 90, sit at his table and talk about the times. Would you like to be there? which can.

11 am opening
11.30-12.15 Interview with students from the past
12.30-13.15 Live music from the period 1921/1972
13.30-14.00 Interview with former teachers
14.00-15.00 Live Music 1973-present

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