Nubino VGH to the highest points in SK Lonneker

This morning a couple of good ponies entered the ring at the Inspection of the Book of Horses in the Lanker. Norbino VGH, the four-year-old daughter of Cape Coral RPFZ, jumped to 85 points.

Of the twelve jumping mares, seven became superstars, including six with no less than 80 jumping points. The sporting mare Je M’Appelle Loma (Numero Uno from Leloma ster pref by Voltaire, breeder HJM Engbers of Enschede) was declared owned by Mareille Engbers. “This eight-year-old mare jumps 1.35 meters and has a good rectangular form. She has a strong, well-developed main line,” says Henk Dirksen. This descendant of the Loma line earned 75 formation points.

Highest points

The highest jumping points were obtained by Cape Coral RBF Z’s four-year-old daughter Nurbino VGH (from Urbino ster perst PROK of Indoctro, breeder KJL Curfs of Voerendaal) owned by PEM Hulshof of Markelo. I got 85 points for canter, technique and range, plus 75 points for formation. It was immediately declared temporary. “This well-developed mare is still fairly weak and has a correct build. She has a spacious and active cage with good balance. She jumps with a lot of impulsiveness and athletic ability. She jumps with good technique, quick reflexes, and good use of the body. It is a very athletic mare.”
The Nurbino VGH comes from a strong sports line, for example is the half-sister of the 1.50-meter (s.Lucky Boy) ballistic that the Sencer Can rides. Also star and temporary was Neptal (Kornett Obolensky of Venus Verona Burst of Cantus) for WTM breeder Oude Lashof of Rossum. You made the upper bar 75/80. “This is a well developed mare with an interesting pedigree. She has a tall sporty mannequin, and we also saw that sportiness in jumping. She started out very naturally and shows a lot of range on the bulls. A great detail is that her breeder Johan Blaugers produced it himself and this is already his seventh generation. From his breeding Dam Venus-Verona produced the Doortje 1.45m horse (by Whitaker).

80 to jump

Four jumping mares became steer with a ratio of 70/80. Onda Donna, daughter of Highway M TN (from Donna Van Ustinov) from breeder Johan Blaugers, received 85 points for her technique. “This is an attractive mare, with a strong, long cushioned foundation and oozing blood. She moves lightly, jumps with good reflexes and very good leg technique. Her use of the body is also positive and she also jumps with more than enough range. Not only does this mare have her potential as a show jumper, but You also look interesting as a hunter.” Innovation daughter Oliki DH (from Kimberly DH’s IBOP-Jump PROK by Calvino Z) from breeder De Dinkel Hoeve of Denekamp scored 85 points for feedback and an 80-point total. “This is a young, sufficiently padded mare with a proper foundation. She hops with good reflexes, looks wary and maintains a good overview. She hops really well with the body up.” Olita (Justice HL from Zolita Elite PROK from Indoctro) earned 80 LGM breeder points ten Vergert of Enschede for all jumping events. “This attractive and well-developed mare showed off her good reflexes from the first jump. She is sharp, jumps with a lot of rush and is very good uphill.” Five-year-old Molita from the same registered breeder/star was also out of the same dam with a 70/80. “This mare has a light trot and shows good reflexes and caution. She started a little hurriedly when she jumped but piled positively, showed good use of the back and did the jump more than enough from the back,” Henk Dirksen explains.

degree increase

Two older mares were successfully submitted for promotion at Lonneker. This made seven-year-old Kattebelle M (a shaman from Gestelle M elite sport-jump PROK by Toulon, breeder WFJ Wigink-Markvoort from Schalkhaar) to be ridden by A. Zwiers of Weerselo Elite. “This mare has already completed a good IBOP with an 8.5 for the range. She is well developed, has an athletic build and a good rectangular build. Her 1.40m dam is the half-sister of the KWPN-recognized Grand Prix stallion Cristallo who is ridden by Dennis Lynch. “. Lamor (Great Blue out of Famour elite EPTM-spr PROK from Verdi, Breeder: J. Esselink from Geesteren) from MG Vrielik of Zenderen provisionally approved. “This is a well-developed, attractive mare and riding horses of sufficient quality. If she passes the test of abilities or achieves the goal of the sport, she immediately becomes an elite.” Among the three dressage mares, one mares became a star.

Source: KWPN

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