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IJmuiden – The IJmuiden Port Festival takes place this year on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 June. For two days, Trawlerkade is entirely devoted to harbors, fishing, art and culture. During these days, take a look at the many ships moored at the pier, enjoy local and professional entertainment, be surprised by art, take a cruise with one of the marine service providers and enjoy North Sea fish from IJmuiden. Elsewhere in this release, a full page overview of the program.

Havenfestival IJmuiden is a platform in our region for shipping, fishing, industry, art and local culture. Traditionally, the event attracts an average of 25,000 visitors from the region and over two days. A family event where there is something for everyone to see and do. There is a market and the stages are filled with only local talent.

Photo: Eric Baalbergen

Freeze before the wind

The organization breathes new life into the festival, because despite a period when nothing remains the same, local activity and the cultural sector in Velsen are doing well. A new industry is establishing itself in the municipality and new cultural initiatives have begun. IJmuiden thrive. This is the theme of this edition of the festival. Partly because wind energy plays an important role at IJmuiden.


The arenas were created on Trawlerkade, and each has a different approach. KNRM opens the IJmuiden rescue station to the public, organizes boat trips and a number of other activities, such as films and demos. There is also a cultural plaza with art in containers. Here there is also a theater covered with performances and you can visit the market where local museums present themselves. What’s new is that the festival ends on Saturday evening at 10pm.

Photo: Eric Baalbergen

Ore in Zeeplein

Just like last year, the municipality of Velsen, Citymarketing Velsen and the IJmuiden Rauw aan Zee tourism campaign are important partners in the festival. IJmuiden is a place of raw beauty. Difficult because of the port and industry. A unique place where you can immerse your eyes. Activity in the port area was the inspiration for a “raw” photo exhibition which can be seen at Rauw aan Zee Square during the Port Festival IJmuiden. The gallery contains 18 photos of Fotokring Polderlicht members from the municipality of Velsen. The well-known ijmuiden letters are also in Rauw aan Zee square and many entrepreneurs from IJmuiden aan Zee such as Seaside sports, ActionPlanet, Beach Inn and Cross Fit IJmuiden present themselves to the public. There is also a photo booth and a large screen in which to see beautiful pictures of IJmuiden and the municipality of Velsen.

Techport Square

Want to learn about technology? Then visit Techport Arena. In this arena of technology, you and your child discover the seven worlds of technology. Answer tech questions and take home a bag full of fun stuff. Participation in the technical activities of Felsen Technical College and Nova College Schepwart. For example, you can throw ropes, climb as a pilot, operate a lock, load a container ship, and crawl onto a life raft. You can also see what it is like at sea and on the turbines with Vattenfall VR goggles. In addition, there are small groups of windmill that rotate in a solar cell. You can assemble and decorate it. Or go to the photo booth at Amsterdam IJmuiden Offshore Ports (AYOP) for a photo that makes it look like you’re at a height like a wind turbine. In addition, local art companies present themselves via a poster campaign to work in the technology field.

Photo: Eric Baalbergen

North Sea fish yard

The fish at the Port Festival IJmuiden is of course not to be missed. Be surprised by all that the North Sea fish has to offer from IJmuiden. Of course you can eat your own fish. But there are also cooking shows and you can learn how to open oysters. A special fish table will also be set where Jan Zwanenburg, a well-known IJmuiden native, will explain about the North Sea fish from IJmuiden. And of course the North Sea Fish Foundation ambassadors from IJmuiden can be found in the information platform to answer all your questions about fish.

Cornelis Frolick Plain

The fishing company Cornelis Vrolijk is again this year the namesake of one of the squares in Trawlerkade. Havenfestival IJmuiden is delighted that this company is supporting the Havenfestival IJmuiden. This led, among other things, to a nice local program on Saturday evening. Soloists from Unidos, De Jonge Stem, Zangstudio Velsen, Dance Works and Alphenaar IJmuiden’s music lesson will perform the “Best” of all Song Festivals during the Eurovision Reprise. A success formula that can also be seen and heard during the Summer Park Sessions in 2021 under the leadership of Daan van Putten. Starting at 8.15 p.m., All-Stars will be in the region with several singers, including a number of vocalists from Driehuis’ Koel Productions. Of course, the dance hits, beautiful poems, and top 40 hits won’t be missed during this two-hour performance. The party ends on Saturday at 10 pm. This is earlier than usual.

Photo: Peter Bigelman

Culture Square

You’ll find art and museums in containers at Culture Square. And just like last year, there will again be a festival market with sidewalk stalls. Several social organisations, including Zonnebloem Kennemerland, Dierenambulance, Stichting Comité 4 en 5 mei Velsen, Stichting Zwerfkatten Havengebied IJmuiden, Stichting Welzijn Velsen, and Stichting maintain the original steam ships. Local museums are also well represented. Visit one of the containers containing the Sea and Harbor Museum, Pieter Vermeulen Museum, Bunker Museum, Fort Eiland and Hoogovensmusuem. In addition, there are local companies including Game Solutions, Hightide Surfshop, Shiplens and Cherliz. Or take a look at the Summer Park Sessions booth. And for the game of drafts you can go to the tables of Damclub IJmuiden.

Children’s activities

A special children’s card is available at Techport Square. This lists the children’s activities that can be done at the festival. This year too there is a lot to do for the kids. Think of throwing ropes, climbing as a pilot, operating a lock, loading a container ship, and crawling on a life raft. There is also a virtual reality experience from Vattenfall, windmills that run on solar cells can be assembled and there is a photo booth of the Amsterdam seaports IJmuiden (AYOP). At OpStoom kids can build platform huts and there is a chalk wall for toddlers. Loodswezen is again building a climbing tower and various activities for children can be done at the Pieter Vermeulen Museum and the Sea and Harbor Museum in the market.

Ships on the pier

Vissershaven is filled with interesting ships during the harbor festival. Striking is the tall ship De Morgenster. Good prospect for scout group Michel Adrianzon de Ruyter, Zaandam from Zeekadetkorps IJmond, harbor boat De Adelaar, inland navigation training ship Princess Maxima from Maritime College IJmuiden and Naaldwijk (former naval minesweeper) also docked in Trawlerkady. Most ships are open to the public, but this always depends on how busy they are. Depending on the wind direction, Fire Boat De Weer also offers several demos with fire cannons on board.

Photo: Jab Baker


From the pontoon near the Ymuiden stores, free cruises will take place on Saturday 25 June and Sunday 26 June between 12:00 and 17:00 by the IJmuiden marine service providers. Extension, Vletterlieden and Sail Naval College IJmuiden. The fire ship “de Weer” will also sail from the pontoon and perform firefighting shows. Visitors can simply stand in line. The pilot works with time slots. Adequate fences will be erected to separate waiting passengers from any other activity

Photo: Mitchell Craig

Sailing on the Morning Star

During the harbor festival, you can also sail aboard the beautiful tall ship Morgenster. Sails on Saturday 25 June and Sunday 26 June from 10am to 12pm. The sailing cost is €35 per person and €20 for children up to 16 years old. There is room for a maximum of 90 people per cruise. You can register via https://havenfestivalijmuiden.nl/trein/.

for the festival

The organization asks visitors to the Ports Festival to come to Trawlerkade on foot, by bike or by public transport. If you are taking the car, you must take into account the crowds in the surrounding streets. As in previous years, a large free bike shed will open at the Wageningen Imares Research Institute (formerly Rivo). Bicycles and scooters may not be placed on fences. Trawlerkade is completely bike and car free from 10:30am during the Port Festival. Parked cars must also have been gone by that time.


The Port Festival is organized by the Port Festival IJmuiden Foundation. The Board of Directors consists of Jerry Nottenbaum (Chairman), Martin Mewe (Secretary), Dennis Van Kloster (Treasurer), Karin Maat (Vice President), Kees Kueber, Hans Weren and Friso Huizinga (Advisor). The project group consists of Kees Kuiper (Chairman), Art Hemstra (Navy), Nettie Strogs (Volunteers), Hilda Odendjic (Market), Tom Siekman (Project Leader), Patrick Oetendaal (Technical Producer), Dennis Centeny (Program), And Tess. Huijbens (program), Denise de Bokx (crew catering) and Dion Rorda (communication). The Harbor Festival is a production by No Nonsense Productions. Felsen City for Marketing | ijmuiden.nl supports the promotion of the festival. Companies and organizations without which the festival could not be organized are listed on Havfestivalijmuiden.nl.

more information:

www.havenfestivalijmuiden.nl www.facebook.com/havenfestival, www.twitter.com/havenfestivalinstagram.com/havenfestivalijmuiden.

Above photo: Mitchell Craig

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