A Dutch bodybuilder sowed death and destruction in Belgium

The Dutch bodybuilder enters a Bruges courtroom on May 6, 2022 at approximately 9:00 am and there is a noise in the room immediately. The suspect’s name is Alexander D. He is 29 years old, has thick, flat hair combed forward and wears a blue shirt under a stylish gray jacket. He’s no longer as wide as he was in his most fanatical times as a bodybuilder, but his arms still look muscular.

The largest courtroom in Bruges is full. It is a criminal trial, in which twelve jurors must determine whether the suspect is guilty. Belgium’s most famous criminal attorney, Jef Vermassen, stands to speak. Some members of the audience come especially for him. Vermassen starred years earlier at the trial of child killer Marc Dutro and helped the victims of Bindi Van Nigel. Describing the crimes in detail, the audience goes out because it is very painful. The Chief Justice asks Dr. about the facts. Does he admit to charges of quadruple murder and torture? And if so, can it say something about the motive? The suspect looks away from the audience and says, “I can’t talk about it anymore. I can’t get that horror on my lips anymore.”

It was the summer of 2017, and Alexander D. A ladder through a window to reach the love of his life. He went looking for Malesa, and he still loves her, so why did you break up with her, could it be okay? He wanted to show her something beautiful and terrible, an act of love rarely seen. The evidence was in his phone.

Alexander D was 24 years old. He had met Maïlys a few months earlier, and she had started dating. Finally something good happened in his life. Everything was going so well, his mother once told him that she had to strangle him as a child and his Dutch father had already completely abandoned him.
Alexander was born after a slip. Only after birth his father discovered that his mistress J. She was already married to a Kenyan man. Alexander cried a lot when he was a baby. His father had a nervous breakdown and had to be hospitalized. Alexander was two and a half years old when his father left him for good. Alexander’s mother became depressed and her son grew up in a foster family from Den Bosch. His father lived on a camp site, where Alexander sometimes went when he was a boy. His father preferred not to do this, as he thought he was kind and quiet without a wife and son. Alexander never forgot that. When he was twelve, he called his father to say, “I will destroy you if I meet you.”

Rejection in relationships is an intolerable narcissistic crime for Alexander D. If he can’t get it, no one else can.”

weeding dresses

c tried. He made money selling wedding dresses, but he went bankrupt again and again. She missed out on her most luxurious life in Kenya and sought comfort from a much younger Dutchman named Peter. It turns out that he got hooked and hit her. Peter and J. Daughter in 2004. Alexander took care of her and is still friends with his half-sister who is less than twelve years old.

Peter and Alexander’s mother divorced after an argument. C had to be imprisoned for a week, and at trial she said this was for an unpaid “fine”. Peter refused to take care of the child. Then Alexander took charge and stood behind the wedding table. Dissatisfied clients often came, and soon Alexander’s mother canceled the rent after her release and fled to Turnhout, Belgium. Alexander wanted to enter the Academy of Arts, and his mother believed that fashion and sales were a better course of study. Alexander obeyed and was in class with only girls. The boys in the neighborhood thought it was Janet and harassed him. Alexander went to the gym to strengthen his muscles. He will become as wide as Arnold Schwarzenegger, and then no one will dare to bully him anymore.

Order shakes and powders. Watch bodybuilding videos and videos on YouTube. He went to the gym and spent more time there than any client. His arms and legs got stronger and he ate protein and carbs to help his muscles grow faster. His mother and half-sister found him obsessed. So was Alexander, but he gave him comfort, confidence and purpose in life. “The bodybuilders in those movies became my role models,” he said during his trial.

The wedding venue in Turnhout also went bankrupt. J. was blacklisted and was never allowed to open a bridal shop again. Alexander, his mother and half-sister moved in caravan in the Flemish village of De Haan. And Alexander often argued. The son is like his father. His mother found this intolerable and often treated him poorly.

Alexander was eighteen years old when his mother ordered him to open a shop selling wedding dresses. This way you can keep secretly selling hats, bouquets, and dresses. He took out a loan and opened a shop in De Haan. Customers were arriving too and the business seemed to be going well. Alexander wanted a bigger store and started again in Bruges. It turned out that he was no better businessman than his mother and went bankrupt. They had to live on subsidies, and Alexander had no money left to buy shakes and powders.

When he was twenty, he rented a house in the Flemish town of Jabbeke and began living alone. Keep training hard and eating loads of hamburgers, pasta and fries. He went to the hotel school in Ostend and often left class for shakes. He took pills and hormones to speed up the growth of his muscles. Steroids cost 250 euros per month, growth hormones 100 euros and food 400 euros. He started renting wedding clothes online. He had no money left at the end of the month and used the Wi-Fi of his laundry.

Blond hair and sweet smile

Alexander met a girl through a dating site. Miles had long blond hair and a sweet smile, and Alexander became her second friend. He looked cute and charming, and I’m sure he could protect her. She found out fairly quickly that her lover also had less kind sides. Alexander can become very jealous and manipulative. He demanded sex every day and forced her when he refused. They moved to live together anyway, but the problems were not resolved and she broke up with them.

Alexander could not believe that Males no longer really wanted him. He followed her, fell asleep in her garden, what was she doing, could you do without him? I once stayed with a boy. Alexander reached his house and stood beside their bed. He asked if they had accepted. ‘yes.’ He pulled out a knife and hit the boy in the face with a clenched fist. Once again he followed Malles and forced her to feel his pocket. There was a knife. ‘This is for you.’

On May 18, 2017, he sent a message to Maïlys: ‘Here I am, my love. I will make you proud. I promise you.’ He had driven from his home in Bruges to a dilapidated castle in the Ghent district of St Amandasburg. 39-year-old amateur photographer Jeroen Firststreet was allowed to temporarily squat that castle. Alexander tried to enter. Firststreet saw a noticeably wide man and called the police. Alexander managed to escape but returned on July 24, 2017. The next day he wrote in a letter to Maïlys: “I found him and things went completely wrong. You have seen me dear. Please come back. I love you.’

Verstreet came home around five in the evening. Alexander was behind the door. Firststreet hit the ground with a baseball bat. Alexander forced the photographer to undress and tie him. During police interrogation, D will announce that he spoke with his victim for eight hours. In fact, Alexander tortured the photographer to take sexual pictures of Malaysian, which is why one of the charges was “torture”. At the end of the day, Alexander stabbed and photographed his victim. A fellow Verstraete went to the castle at Sint-Amandsberg the next morning. The front door was open, and the police were called. The officers entered around 8:30 a.m. with loaded pistols. Alexander had already made it to a home in the village of Gestel by that time. Melis lived there with her 15-year-old brother, Mile, and her mother, Jasmine, who had traveled to Dordogne for a holiday the day before. Alexander went to Mailys’ room. Open the lockers and look at the bags. He turned on her laptop and tried to reveal the secrets. What was she doing, with whom she was in contact?

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You can read more about the murders in the article. “It gets quieter in the courtroom when Malles’ brother is testifying. “He took everything from me. I really hope you feel as sad as we are, too. Mile cries and so do most judges.

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