Experienced Producer (Kids for Kids)

Would you like to join the happiest children’s choir in the Netherlands, which has been a favorite with young and old for 42 years? In addition to well-known TV shows such as “De Grote Show”, “Kinderen voor Kinderen” and well-watched videos, Children for Children are popular on YouTube with nearly 600,000 subscribers and millions of views per month.

For children For children We are in August 1 (or sooner if possible) looking for a file

Experienced Producer
(24-32 hours per week – in consultation)

This is what you will do
• In collaboration with the Editor-in-Chief, she develops new plans and advises on financial and organizational feasibility. Replace the editor-in-chief in his absence.
• As an experienced producer, you are involved in the initiation, supervision and completion of many projects. Projects range from videos to ENG series, from auditions to events and from large live shows to creating an annual album.
• Oversees the use of the annual budget, sets various production budgets for programs and activities and monitors them, identifies and validates any excesses and abuses and suggests solutions.
• You develop complex productivity and annual plans, identify deviations and make continuous adjustments for improvement.
• It concludes (financial) agreements with the self-employed and the partners of the facility and monitors them.
• You initiate and maintain extensive contact with external partners, and are responsible for activating all resulting activities.

This is what you offer
• you are a freelance producer or someone with strong project management qualities with at least 5 years of experience in a cultural or media organisation;
• You have experience overseeing several projects at the same time, you are adept at keeping your finger on the pulse from a distance and you can make quick (financial) decisions;
• You have a significant financial responsibility.
• You have an affinity with children.
• You can express complex matters in a quick and simple way.
• Have flexibility, ability and willingness to work regularly during weekends and school holidays;
• ENG and studio experience is desirable, as is experience with events.

This is what we offer
• A fixed-term employment contract valid until January 31, 2023.
• Salary in the range H ranges from 3,293.71 euros up to 5180.43 euros, based on 36 hours per week. Your salary is determined based on your education (level) and experience (at work) and is based on a broadcast employee collective labor agreement.
• A place in a large team with plenty of room for your development and growth.
• At BNNVARA we pay attention to your development: in addition to the regular training budget, there is a personal professional budget.
• Relaxing drinks (digitally or in our bar) and interesting knowledge sessions. All without obligation.
• Inspiration sessions, a carbon dioxide calculator, and we share tips on working as green as possible. At BNNVARA we want to be at the forefront when it comes to sustainability which is why we participate in the international sustainability platform “Albert”.
• Terms of employment are compatible with the collective labor agreement for broadcast workers. This collective work agreement includes:
holiday allowance of 8%;
December payment of 6%;
200 hours of annual leave at a rate of 36 hours per week;
Travel allowance of a maximum of €151.80 net per month.
– Group pension scheme (2/3 paid by BNNVARA);
A total health insurance allowance of €30 per month
Homework allowance of €20 per month on a full-time basis.

do you have questions? Ask them to mike, via moaike.fijen@bnnvara.nl

Submit via the apply button. vacancy open Until June 30

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