Divorce 128: “I hug her happy buttocks” | sex and relationships

Anouk holds her hotel room door open asking. I doubt: do we want to make love or is that not what you mean? Because I can’t find the words for it, I make a gesture of questioning. It seems to be an inconspicuous gesture, as it mimics me in surprise. The door closes and you don’t open it again. Unfortunately. I gently hit my head on the door. I wish I had convinced her that it was a good idea. Disappointed, I go to my room.

quarrel with Sarah

I no longer understand women. A few weeks ago I found Sarah crying in the office. “I’m so sorry,” she inhaled. It took 10 minutes to hand the tissues, wipe her hair and take a glass of water before I could understand why she was sorry.

Sarah was quite upset about our fight at the hotel bar a few weeks ago. She went straight from that weekend to her Tinder crush to let off steam. I didn’t know she had it. It seemed that she wanted to get back to the man quickly. “Look, this is Roger.” I looked at pictures of a boy in front of a Porsche and in an upscale kitchen. He looked like a shit to me, but he made her happy so I said he looked like a nice guy. This made her cry even more. “not nice?” I asked innocently.

“Yes. Very cute.” And so fruitful, because what I didn’t do all those months, lucky Roger succeeded in one night: Sarah is pregnant. Oof. This is great, but I kept my face straight. “How nice to you,” I said as cheerfully as possible. Sarah was scared. Where did you get the courage to say that to her? Or maybe I lost my mind? And it seems our relationship meant so little to me. Fortunately, I’m now in Brussels with Anouk and don’t have to think about Sarah and the baby for a while.

On the second day of our business trip, I shut down my laptop at 8 pm, tired, but satisfied: “Can I reserve a table in the restaurant or would you rather get something from room service?” To my surprise, Anuk chose the last option: “I don’t feel like getting dressed.”

sensitive spots

A little later, we sit down to the steamed fish (she) and the fried steak (me). Shall we open a joint account? suggest. Turns out our daughter Lente announces costs to both of us. If we pay kids everything from one account, we block these kinds of jokes.

“Okay, I can sleep peacefully again,” Anok replies when she makes the intention clear.

“How did you sleep last night?” I ask.

“I’ve been flipping and turning for a while.”

“Of course. You always have a problem with the other family. The second night is always better,” I console.

“Yes, it was embarrassing. But I was also tossing and turning for us.”

“information about us??”

“Yes. It was a little strange as last night suddenly ended. I was going to ask you for a night cup, but the door was closed. I hesitated for a while whether I should call you again, but I thought it was better not to answer.”

“better?” I ask.

Anouk nodded: “I find the situation between us confusing. At one point we are fighting each other outside the tent, but the past few months have been going the other way. Your invitation to my room seemed like an invitation to my bed.”

“OK.” We are both silent for a moment. So Anouk had the same feeling as I did. “You already invited me to your bed once.”


“That evening with good wine from the cellar.”

She laughs. “Then I got drunk.”

“Specifically. Then you invited me to your bed but I didn’t reply. I was drunk, so I wasn’t sure if you really wanted this.”

Anouk smiles at me: “Did you really do that?”

“Yes, I put you on the bed and then you left.”

“a respectful person.”

“I thought so too.”

“May I thank you for that.”

“Excuse me.” Anuk stands up and walks towards me. She leans in, pulls my face and presses her lips. I open my mouth spontaneously and our tongues make their familiar circles. Tasty. calmly and sounding at first; Then faster.

I put my arms around her and caressed her cheerful buttocks. Then I pull her into my lap and continue to kiss hungry. My hands slide into her dress, while my mouth searches for the delicate spots on her neck. She loves it when I accept it. still. She roars happily. “Fortunately,” I think, “the women understood again.”

The next morning I wake up alone.

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