“You made a lot of horses happy again and with their owners” | Darb’s Diary of Anellos Kist

It gives the people of the area an insight into their daily life in the form of a diary. What do they do, what keeps them busy. This week’s Annelous Kist from Darp veterinarian/horse dentist..

December 4, 2021

Yes it is Saturday! There are no horses today. Our dog Dubu has been with us for 1.5 years now. It has already exhausted a lot of owners for us. Today we go to the last boss. We go for a long walk and drink hot chocolate on the balcony. I am thankful to her that he let us grab Dubbo, he is in the right place with us.

We went home at noon. Work to be done, our DIY house is almost done. Despite the fact that we do everything ourselves, we have outsourced the painting of frames and doors. Just a few points to put on i in preparation.

December 6, 2021

Loud meowing and a scratch on the door woke me up..Louis and Stimpy (our cats) are not in the mood for a Monday morning, they want to eat! It’s six in the morning

I look forward to that day! Planning isn’t my forte, but today I managed it really well. Two years ago I started my own practice as an equine dentist/veterinarian. In 2013 I graduated as a veterinarian. After working for 8 years in an internship where I can develop my passion, in 2019 it is time to spread my wings. I love him! I am grateful to the strong clients I work with and with so much love.

Anyway, as proud of my schedule this morning, there are still two emergencies that can’t wait. Among those horses is a young horse suffering from watery diarrhea and difficulty feeding. I treat the teeth and remove the loose milk elements, which is a rewarding job. 6 p.m. I’m home. Good, as this often doesn’t work. Cook, feed the animals, call my dad, do the management, and then relax.

December 7, 2021

Hop hop, the alarm went off. 6.00 am. I have tended to include the visit before my daily schedule and therefore have to be at the Oldemarkt by 8.00. It will be a whole day.

7.00 I’m standing in the dark with a headlight on shoveling manure from the ring. The horses are happy, because they can go to the meadow early.

I suddenly realized that I was going to put a horse to sleep this afternoon. A feeling of sadness creeps over me, but I wave it away.

The first customer is already waiting. Get out of the car and get to work! In the afternoon I call my friend who is working from home today. I asked him how the animals were and if he wanted to feed the horses.

Then the moment came, I drive into the yard where the euthanasia was planned. Even though 99.9 percent of my work is dentistry, if a client wants me to get their beloved animal out of harm’s way when the time is right, I will do so with love. At the next customer, I check the horse’s heart before anesthesia and again focus fully on balancing the teeth. With that, a heavy feeling flows from me, and I get used to it.

In the evening I check my app and smile. It has made a lot of horses happy again and yet so has its owners. Nice of them to let you know.

December 8, 2021

December is always considered a month to check the year. I realize that my goal this year was to find a good work-life balance. Today, for the first time this year, I’ve finally been able to make some time for fringe matters, which is great. Next year I have to do better.

Unfortunately, I have to make a less pleasant ad for my second client. A few weeks ago, I got a video of him not using one side of the grinding surface. I was very curious. While dating, taking a quick look at his incisors, I noticed that age (8 years) couldn’t be right. Well, I’ll wait and see … I get my things ready and we take the horse to the place of treatment, it is a little nervous. When examining the molar row, it is noticeable that all molars concave out She..or molars have started their last remains. They are almost finished. One of the teeth is split, which explains the complaints. Feel free to add 15 years to the age…

Just switch, how am I going to get this. I tell my note carefully, showing the owner what I’m thinking and making her feel in the mouth. I see disappointment. When I sympathize with the owner of this horse, I realize this must be heavy. We talk about it at length and develop a treatment plan for this horse. First, he treated his teeth and extracted a split molar. Fortunately, this is going smoothly. We take his passport. This indicates that this passport was issued in 2017 in France. It is assumed that the vet has estimated the age based on this horse’s appearance rather than the teeth, which makes estimating the age a lot easier. Unfortunate, but fortunately this horse has a nice owner who keeps him in good spirits.

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