Dorrestijn shares enthusiasm for smaller (and somewhat larger) animals.

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ZUTPHEN – Zutphense Kirsten Dorrestijn made her first appearance on Sunday in front of and in front of Geluksvogels store, titled The Small (and Bigger) Animal Book

By Sander Grotendorst

In an interview, she said that it was not her famous father who inspired her to write about animals. It was so much more that her father, comedian Hans Dorsten, was inspired by his daughter Kirsten. As a little girl she was already very interested in bumblebees and other small creatures. Father became a birder at a later age and wrote books about him.

He sat in the audience on Sunday afternoon, beaming softly, as ‘father’, on Schupstoel in Zutphen, where Kirsten Dorrestijn (38) The Small (and Bigger) Animal Book She made her first appearance, which is not just about birds, but about many other animals that Dorstegen says is “excited.”

In her conversation she mentioned her father, she had seen a magnate in his garden in Benicum, and from moment to moment she had a great impulse to write about the animals. This observation has motivated her career as a wildlife journalist, although she could have used some extra encouragement. Among other things written by Gemma Finhuizen, biology journalist at NRC.

Dorrestijn handed over the first copy of her book to Venhuizen at the doorstep of a Geluksvogels store: a friendly meeting between two former (Dutch) fellow students. It’s actually the second version, Venhuizen said. “I was so curious that I bought the book as soon as it came out. I started thinking it was written contagiously: If only I had this as a hobby too. Oh wait, I already have a hobby.”

Juliette Juncker of Thoma Rap Publishers persuaded Dorrestijn to write a book. “I’ve thought about it before, but it seemed like a mountain of work and customizations always come in between,” says Dorrestijn. “You can write pieces as you used to,” said Juliet. “These will be chapters in the book.” On the show, Juncker said, “It’s bad for a lot of animals, the message in the book isn’t always exhilarating. But it basically shows how much beauty there is, if you look around carefully. And then you feel like you want to contribute to the conservation of those animals.”

The show was attended by nearly a hundred spectators, both adults and children. Dorrestijn said: “I was expecting twenty at most, we’ve only been living in Zutphen for a year.” Among the onlookers were some of the experts interviewed in the book. Dorrestijn visited the habitats of certain animal species with them. As with tree frog specialist Tarek Stark, who spotted amphibians on a blackberry bush while walking. Dorrestijn: “We played the hot and cold search game and then I saw it too, a light green plump ball.” She and Frank Speakmans search for the mysterious river lamprey, which, unlike many fish, finds it difficult to take the fish belt.

After Dorrestijn and painter Herwolt van Doornen completed their autograph session in the shop, the audience split into groups, and the experts chased into town: hunting for beetles in Boompjeswal with Gerrian Tacoma, watching “city nature” at Oude Bornhof, with bee expert Ari Koster to the flower garden in Bleek that was opened for the occasion and with Anthonie van Peursen shoveling aquatic snails from Vispoortgracht. It annoyed the bee that the rain was starting to rain, but his knowledge and enthusiasm made up for them. Tacoma found only an Asian beetle and not a seven-point beetle. Van Bursen, traveling from Zoetermeer, took two drop nets from his car, which the children were allowed to use to catch snails. The harvest was meager: three small live specimens and one dead specimen of a pointed trumpet. Van Bursen spoke of the importance of water snails, for example, as prey for other animals, small (insects) and somewhat larger (ducks).

A wild snail that fell into the water also ended up in the landing net. “He’s still alive,” van Bursen noted and gently placed him on the shore. It was reminiscent of a sentence in Dorrestijn’s book: “Finding a snail is still a party for me.”

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