‘She has a special view of things’

Sarah (12 years old) loves to draw but has trouble spelling. So her father, Harry, 67, advised her to read more. “My father can read a very thick book in a week.”

Yuki Hochgemuth

Harry (67)

“My dad wrote his whole life. Now that I’m retired and I have more time, I’m rewriting the notebooks he wrote. It gives me a better idea of ​​his life, where he wasn’t really there when I was young. So my goal was: I don’t want to be an absentee dad. I think That this worked out so well.I intentionally took a day off with my children, and we did a lot of campaigning with FNV to make this parenting day in Holland easier.

Sarah thinks about things a lot. We are both great readers and I still read her every night. When I ask what she thinks is going to happen, she is always right. She is also encouraged by the school to share with the world around her. We watch the news togetherWe recently watched a documentary about the storming of the Capitol. She can be emotional about such events in the world, she really cares about that.

She has a special view of things. When she was once asked what she thought was the most important thing to change, she said that there should be peace between people and animals. She sees the current relationship between man and animal as a kind of war. We are all very concerned about taking care of the animals in our family, but the way they were born is typical of Sarah.

Now that she is in high school, she has got her homework done. She prefers to postpone it as long as possible. I really need to remind her: Have you done your homework yet? I hope I don’t.

Sarah is very creative. Then she comes home with things like stones or shells, because she has seen something in them and she still has to do something with them. Or she suddenly said, “Now I have to sign,” and then did it right away.

When she was about six years old, the two of us took a trip to Thailand. That was great. We traveled together through the forest, on our way to all kinds of temples. I thought it was exciting with such a little kid. When we were on an island near Bangkok, I had a massage due to the massive tension in my back. My older daughter joined later. We have been to beautiful hotels with swimming pools and the most exotic breakfasts. Even on that trip, Sarah had to carry a notebook and pens with her at all times, so she could draw when she needed to.”

Sarah (12)

“What I think is really cool about my dad is how fast he reads. He can read a very dense book in a week, while it takes three months. We both love reading, even though we read different things. I read the twilight-triple. What I read is because of him: I have a spelling problem, and he gave me a tip to read more to improve it.

It helps a lot in school anyway. Because I find spelling difficult, I find German difficult. He recently did a full audition for me so I could practice. This gave me a higher score than I would have otherwise, although unfortunately it wasn’t enough, but a 5.4.

When I was six, we both toured Thailand. In the summer it was very busy and we had very little time. Mama and Moos went to a place with snow later in the year, and we went to Thailand. There we did a lot of fun things together: we swam in cold pools and saw a lot of strange animals. Like elephants, we also washed them, and it was very interesting to do them together.

He can be very strict. For example, because I stay up late during the week, or I secretly eat a candy bar, but sometimes I don’t think it’s really necessary. Although I know he is right at such a moment and should be quite stern, he does not feel fair at such a moment.

We love to do things with the whole family. Everyone sleeps on holidays. When I have a day off, I often don’t go to bed until two in the morning, so I usually sleep until about eleven. Then we’ll have breakfast together, well, more brunch actually. After that, everyone usually does their own thing, and then we play a game together or go for a walk outside.

In the evening, we do something together again: we like to watch to here or Who is the mole† Mom and Moose are often very fanatical when it comes to gaming. I do a little too. Then Papa laughs, because Mama and Moss are screaming like that.

A father can keep his cool in situations where I think: what the hell† A while ago the cat fell off the roof. Then Papa picked up the cat and called the animal ambulance, and he kept quiet. I really don’t know what to do in such a situation. And everything is fine with the cat now.”

Harry Lindelof (67)retired و
Ingeborg Hill (49)Drama teacher, School De Indische Buurt
Mos Lindelof (15)4th grade Phosius Gymnasium
Sarah Lindelof (12)First Class Berlage Lyceum
Stephen Lindelof (26)web developer at Sowiso
Vin Lindelof (26)works at Wakker Dier

The family lives in an apartment in Oud-West.

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