Girina gives stray dogs a new home

“I now have three dogs in the house and it’s a lot of fun,” says Gerina Janssen, 52. Over a year ago I followed her passion and have since voluntarily taken in stray dogs. She already has six dogs in the house.

“I have always had a thing for animals. You can give them a lot of love and get a lot in return. Turning a somewhat more difficult dog into a feel-good dog is a huge challenge.”

Kluivert Dog Rescue

A year ago, her first dog flew from Curaçao, but it didn’t stop there. “Last October we adopted a dog from Curaçao at Kluivert Dog Rescue. Then I started following them and we kept in touch every now and then. They said they needed help in Holland. They were looking for a volunteer. And voila, that’s me!”

Equal chances

“Because I now have dogs in the house, it is easy for people to judge whether or not they want to adopt the dog. Not only have they seen a picture, but they can also meet the dog, cuddle it, or walk with it. When people only see the dogs in the picture, they often What they choose is best. Other dogs deserve equal opportunity.”

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Photo: Jerina Janssen

chasing dreams

Meanwhile, Jerina has already taken care of six dogs as a volunteer at her home in Hengelo. But that will change next year and she will follow her dream. “In August we move to a farm in Welsom, Germany. There I will start a dog hotel, where I can accommodate up to ten dogs. These can be dogs from Kluivert, but also from the Netherlands or for a period of shelter when the owners go on vacation, for example. This It’s why I’m now pursuing HBO’s education.”


“Working with animals has always been a dream. I’ve tried other things in my life, like the clothing store or the hospitality industry. I kept thinking. This isn’t it. Until this came my way and I adopted my dog. The first dog really thrived here and the second and third dog are also having a great time.” In my house. I’m busy with it all day, but I know what to do for it and it’s just so much fun. I’ve really found my passion, and that’s actually what I’ve always wanted to do.”

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Photo: Jerina Janssen

better life

Taking care of dogs means a lot to her. “There are a lot of stray dogs all over the world. I think bread breeding should be stopped. Let’s give the dogs that already exist a better life. I feel so good when I see that dogs are living well with their new owners and they are doing well. That’s great, of course, this What I do for.”

love and peace

The dogs arrive in Schiphol after a long journey. Jerina is always waiting for them at the airport with a big smile. They continue on their way to Hengelo, where Jerina takes care of them with great love. “When I hold Schiphol dogs, they are usually scared in a crate. When I’m at home, they’re usually happy right away. Almost all dogs have been through something. You see them growing up day by day, and it’s so nice to see them.”

Jerina now knows exactly what to do. “Be patient a lot and give them rest too. Don’t push or go straight to exercise. Give them peace and lots of love. Soon they will notice who is feeding them, walking them, or embracing them.”

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Photo: Jerina Janssen


The dog stays with Gerina for a week, sometimes up to two months. When they find a new home, it’s time for Jerina to finally give a hug. “This is definitely difficult. But I first got to know the new owners very well and often see that they are very happy with their new dog. I often keep in touch afterwards and when I get a message that things are going well I feel happy.”

“I also recently had a dog that stayed here for two months and then it became hard to say goodbye. At that moment I had a lump in my throat, but then I think again; you will live a beautiful life.”

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Photo: Jerina Janssen

just the beginning

Jerina hopes to be able to accommodate more dogs. Now she remains in Hengelo, but soon on her German farm. “This is my vision for the future. I really want to do this for years to come. I don’t know yet how many dogs there will be. I don’t plan to stop doing this for long, it is just the beginning.”

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