Adrian Staliker: “Censorship in the United States began with a number of sex scandals and Jewish self-censorship.”

At the end of the nineteenth century, a huge wave of Jewish immigration to America began. On the outskirts of large cities, these Jews lived mainly from trade. They were the first to see bread in movie shows. What started in the back rooms has grown into the legendary Hollywood movie industry. Many Christians believed their films were satanic. They abused good morals. Jewish Hollywood and censorship Written by Adrian Stahlecker is a well-documented work on this uncovered phenomenon. It reads like a train. Luke Pauwels spoke with the author.

Hayes Code

How did censorship arise in the United States and what is the Hayes symbol?
American censorship began with a series of sex scandals that shook cautious America in the 1920s. After complaints from Christian denominations and sororities, the Jewish producers themselves took up the “self-censorship” initiative. They suggested the so-called Hayes production code In, it is named after Will Hayes, a Presbyterian attorney.

Master the scenarios and respect the “holy marriage” and the family. No sexual “perversions” (the homosexuality they meant), no segregation, no sensual kisses and hugs. Disputed stars have been released† But when actor William Haines was caught having sex with a sailor, the case was covered up after a ransom was paid to the police. MGM does not want to lose its star.

What is the connection between Jewish immigration in the United States and the smear campaign against Hollywood?
German Jewish immigrants who came to the United States around 1850 assimilated into the population. The Jewish immigrants who came from Russia and Eastern Europe thirty years later spoke Yiddish, and their behavior caused much discomfort.

vulgar entertainment

There must be something wrong. After all, Theodor Herzl, the father of Zionism, believed around 1900 that Parisian theaters were monasteries compared to Yiddish theaters.
On the Lower East Side of New York, high-rise apartment buildings were erected in a short time to accommodate the large influx of Jewish immigrants. Entire families live there, earning their money from trading or making clothes. The men cut and sew, the wife and girls line up at the buttonholes. Yiddish drama groups sprang up to provide some entertainment. Over time, entertainment became more and more vulgar, there was a lot of drinking and an increase in prostitution. Prominent Jewish immigrants intervened, and there was a limit to that. To allow the performance, one had to submit a Propa to do.

How did the Warner Brothers become so dominant in the film industry?
The Warner brothers were the children of Polish-Jewish shoemaker Benjamin, who followed the laws of Torah Live. When he left for America, he already had three children. In America, the family expanded to a whole crowd. The four brothers are Harry Warner (1881-1958), Albert Warner (1883-1967), Sam Warner (1887-1927) and Jack L. Warner (1892-1978). Father Warner continued his trade as a shoemaker in Baltimore. Many of them only had one pair of shoes and his shop read “Made While Waiting.”

The start of Warner Bros

When he heard that a railroad was being built in Virginia, he opened a shop in which children sold vegetables, fruits, and meat. It has grown into a circle of shops. Benjamin continued to speak Yiddish in America and attended synagogue on holidays and Saturdays. Younger sons Sam and Jack had no connection to the Jewish religion. Sam was addicted to American entertainment and worked at carnivals.

While staying in a boarding house, the homeowner was offering for sale a camera for her deceased son. There was also the movie The Great Train Robbery From Studio Edison. Bought the camera and view the film in empty warehouses. This was a rallying cry for Warner Bros. They were the first to make the movie in 1927 jazz singer With audio clips from the performance of the great Jewish artist Al Jolson. Almost all major Hollywood studios were owned by Jewish immigrants† Also the reason why I talk about “Jewish Hollywood” and censorship.

Jane Harlow

Tell us about Paul Berne and Jean Harlow.
There was a lot of Jewish talent working in cinema and drama. Among them are such great composers as Irving Berlin and the Gershwin Brothers. MGM’s biggest producer was German Jew Paul Bern (Paul Levy), who immigrated to America with his parents as a child. He studied theater sciences and was brilliant as a producer and screenwriter. In 1932, he married platinum-blond sex symbol Jean Harlow, who was twenty years his junior. She was a wonderful comedian. However, she had the illusion that she was able to play great tragic roles, in which the intellectual Berne could help her.

Unfortunately, the relationship ended during the wedding night. After all, his genitals turned out to be only the size of a small child, and he was impotent. A short time later, in the bathroom in front of the mirror, he ended his life with a pistol shot.

Rita Hayworth

What distinguishes Rita Hayworth’s third marriage?
Rita Hayworth was the daughter of the flamenco dancer Eduardo Cansino, with whom she sang as a girl. It took place in Columbia, the studio of the Jew Harry Cohen. The studio specialists changed her appearance by plucking the hair shaft and dyeing the black hair red. She starred in a number of films, including with Fred Astaire where her talent for dancing was expressed. She became world famous in 1946 with the movie Gilda† In that I did The suggestive striptease with which she wrote the history of the film.

After a failed marriage to a man who treated her as an investment, she married “Hollywood Kid Prodigy,” director Orson Welles. She starred with him in the movie he directed The lady from Shanghai† Both the film and the marriage failed. During her stay in Paris, she met the notorious rich man Prince Ali Kan. It became, according to the imam, “the greatest Islamic wedding of the century.” She gave birth to Princess Jasmine, but she missed the studio and had to adapt her outfits to the new faith. This marriage also collapsed and she resumed her film career. However, the luster is no longer present. More marriages followed. Rita knew why: “They went to bed with Gilda, but they woke up with me!Rita was a good actress. She continued to work into her old age. However, she contracted Alzheimer’s disease from which she died.

Why did so many Hollywood sex symbols have tragic endings?
The tragedy of sex symbols was the “ravages of time” from which they could not escape. They earned wealth quickly, but they also spent it just as quickly. Divorce and attorney fees cut it, and alcohol often hits it, too. In addition, there was a competition from younger beautiful girls. A new batch every year.

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