KWPN Mini Inspection: Osha KD and Narmante D’s Theft Show

Three-year-old dressage champion Usha Dee (All at Once x Tolando) Photo: Jacquelien van Tartwijk

There was a great deal of interest in evaluating dressage horses during the Young KWPN screening on June 17. Osha KD was the designated champ in the three-year-old mares. Narmante D was top in the 4-7 year old mares category.

The participating horses were first judged at Prins Willem Alexander Hall, and for CK the horses were taken to the terrain in front of the KWPN Center. Five horses were evaluated at three years of age, four of them had a steer bond and two of them were promoted to keur or keur/elite/temporary. Among the seven mares aged between 4 and 7 years old, four stars were awarded, two of which were also raised to temporary core. Henk: “All the horses were good for evaluation, inside and out. All the drivers are members of Young KWPN. They listened carefully to our instructions and this allowed the horses to show themselves optimally.”

Lots of treats in the legs

Fleur Druge took her place next to Henk and gave an explanation for the horses inside. “Three-year-old Osha KD is a neat enough mare with a well-developed ride with a nice forefoot and good butt/shoulders. A mare with a strong topline, good way to move uphill and a strong back leg. She could have let herself walk today, so she got the slightest points for that.” The Osha trot scored 85 points. Her pose and strength were 80, this was also the score for the entire movement part and she got 75 formation points. Osha KD was raised at CL Delport in Zwolle and LK Kirkwood in Marienheem. Her father is everything once and she is from Kalusha (Steer, Burst, Brooke vs. Tolando).

dump well

Osha KD belongs to Yomini Pitambersingh from Amstelveen. She bought the mare from her vet three months ago: “Some people don’t like riding a mare, but I do. I rode on a heavy ride with Fancrack and am currently starting a mare on the small tour. I haven’t been riding in twelve years; I was in puberty and was busier with things Other I am now a mother and have some stables at home and will ride again. I think the sport is very beautiful, but the upbringing is also great. That’s why I took Osha for the inspection today. I’ve Googled a lot and watched You Tube videos and been hanging out with her all week. I was really nervous today but it turned out really good! She’s also a great mare. Her dad is everything at once and I know him closely, because Yessin drives him and I go I regularly go to competitions with him. This stallion has a very nice personality and that also applies to Osha. She’s had her saddle broken for a week. She’s sharp but also cool and honest. Maybe I’ll wash her up and find a replacement so I can work with Osha in peace.”

International Sports Horses

Olçay also became a star and then temporarily keur. This Jenal’s daughter was born by H Van Houl in Aldebwaren and was recently passed into the hands of Naomi Falknar. Floor: “This mare is well developed and has a good forehand. She has a wide, clean gait, and she trots a lot with bend-and-leg technique. Runs with range and balance. Sometimes it can go a little uphill. I made shifting gears on the move very easy.” Olçay scored 75 for her outward appearance, 80 for her movement and 85 for her trotting. Born from Edelweiss KM (Sport (Dress), Brooke vs. Winton). In the mare line, we came across many international sport horses.

different opinions

In dress mares 4-7 years old, Narmante D (by Trafalgar) is from the f/g family Dielissen from Rosmalen. Narmante D is a mare of the well-known breed of Huub and Tiny van Helvoirt. Dam Hurmante D is a temporary mare created by Bretton Woods and via Dam Hurmante, half-sister to Gamante D, who became the three-year-old mares national champion at the National Mare Championships in 2014. The Gamante D was also launched in the Small Tour. In this mare line we have come across many of the great dressage horses, including the ancestors of the world jazz. Narmante D is presented by Elrieke Dielissen. In her daily life, Elrieke works full time in childcare, but does everything for her horses. Before she goes to work and after that, she goes to her parents’ house to train with the horses. “We now have different opinions at home about what we want to do with this mare. My parents, Rita and John, would like to start raising her as soon as possible, but I want to lead her for now,” Elric laughs. “She’s a very nice horse to work with and now I’m competing in L-Troide. She handles that very well. Horses from the Huub and Tiny line have a good reputation for being tough, but with us we do everything with them from a young age, they are handled a lot and they haven’t We face any problems with them.”

Narmante D (by Trafalgar) Photo: Jacquelien van Tartwijk

Powerhouse gets approved

The jury also appointed Nimarilla (by Jerveaux) as interim leader. Floor: “A tall lined mare with lots of charisma and a gentle way of moving. She runs for eight and always keeps moving in a nice pose.” It was bred by JS van Veen of Apeldoorn and is registered with fellow villager I. Vredenberg. She was born from Jimarilla, and she, in turn, is the daughter of Charmeur. Holly Holliday, the daughter of Nugiev from mare performance by Gelderland Natasga (Ahoy) by f/g ACJ Sturkenboom from Houten, was a striking appearance in the 8+ class. Ten-year-old mare will compete in the ZZ-Licht. A generously sized mare that moves very cleanly and is balanced with remarkably powerful use of its hind leg. Holly Holiday will go through life as a Core horse from today. She comes from a very mixed mare group with a young horse, and several successful competition horses as well as two international lead horses.

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