112 News: Young girls (16/17) injured in a powerless motorbike accident in the Kralingen part


There are only a few scooters and motorcycles left. © Media TV

In this post, we will keep you updated with the 112 latest news from the region in the last 24 hours.

10:50 am – Power outage in Rotterdam Kralingen

Part of Rotterdam Kralingen without electricity. The power outage affects the neighborhood between Oostzeedijk and Gerdesiaweg. More than 1,100 connections there are now without electricity. Inform Steden that the malfunction has been resolved.

23:10 – The scooter driver was seriously injured after colliding with a car

A car collided with a scooter passenger on the Markonstraat in Rotterdam. The scooter driver, aged 29, had drunk a lot of alcohol. A 37-year-old woman was sitting on his back, both were injured and taken to hospital. An air ambulance landed in the accident. Firefighters returning from a search for a missing swimmer immediately provided first aid.
The scooter rider was taken to the hospital.
The scooter rider was taken to the hospital. © Media TV

22:55 – Three injured after a motorcycle and a motorcycle collide

Three people were injured in an accident on Holysingel in Vlardingen. The motorcycle and scooter were involved in the collision. There were two little girls on the scooter, ages 16 and 17. One of them was taken to the hospital. Onlookers said that the motorcycle was racing a passenger car. The police can’t confirm this, but they do take that into account. The biker, 24, from Papendrecht, was injured in hospital and arrested. A police truck transported a passenger car parked near the collision for investigation.

21:57 – A person in the water at Marconistraat in West Rotterdam

Around 9:30 the fire brigade received a report that someone was in the water at Merwehaven near Marconistraat in West Rotterdam. Firefighters and three diving teams are looking for someone who fell into the water there. Perhaps the person fell from a barge. The body has since been recovered. More information in this post.
The body was found around midnight.
The body was found around midnight. © Media TV

6:52 p.m. – 15-year-old drives through Rotterdam West in a shared car

Police arrest a 15-year-old boy who broke into the city with a shared car
Police arrest a 15-year-old boy who broke into the city with a shared car © Police Delfshaven

On the night from Thursday to Friday, police arrested a 15-year-old boy who tore Rotterdam in a Green Wheels shared car. Because the car drove through the streets at such speed, the Delfshaven police chased after. At the Kleijnstraat in the Bospolder district, he decided to leave the car aside and continue on foot. The officers managed to arrest him there.

5:52 p.m. – The A15 in Sliedrecht in the direction of the Ridderkerk is closed due to a trailer overturned

Traffic must go in the direction of Rotterdam from the Gorenchem Junction via the A27 / A59 / A16.

5:17 pm – Man stabbed and taken to hospital

Update: Police report that a man was injured in a stabbing incident in Bloomstenweg in the Oud Charlo district in south Rotterdam around 4:30 pm. An air ambulance was at the scene. An ambulance took him to the hospital. The police launched an investigation into the neighborhood. The police have not yet arrested the suspect. Police said witnesses saw a white Volkswagen Polo drive away after the stabbing.

A man was injured in a stabbing incident in Blommesteynweg in southern Rotterdam
A man was injured in a stabbing incident in Blommesteynweg in southern Rotterdam © Media TV

16:53 – No trains Utrecht – Rotterdam and Utrecht – The Hague at night on Friday and Saturday

There are no trains running between Utrecht, Rotterdam, Utrecht and The Hague on Fridays and Saturdays. Rail manager ProRail reported this. The reason is the lack of staff.

4:45 pm – Rotterdam South stabbed, shock helicopter on the way

A stabbing incident occurred in Rotterdam, south of Bloomstenweg, in the Oud Charlo area. The police confirm it. An ambulance is on its way. An update will follow at a later time.

3:28 pm – A bullet penetrated the window of a house in West Rotterdam

Residents of a house in Josefstraat in western Rotterdam on Wednesday morning saw a bullet hole in their double glass in the front of the house. Police say a bullet casing has been found. No one is hurt.

According to the police, local residents questioned during the police investigation did not hear any shots fired during the night from Tuesday to Wednesday. Police are looking for images, for example, doorbells and dash cameras of cars parked on the street and witnesses to the accident.

2:34 pm – Police arrest women fighting in south Rotterdam

At 1:45 pm, police arrested two women who ran into each other at Machavin metro station. They attacked each other at a bus shelter in Rotterdam, Feyenoord. One of the other women was stabbed with a nail clipper she was carrying. An ambulance nurse examined the women. They didn’t have to go to the hospital.

A female fighter who had nail clippers in her handbag and stabbed him with it
A female fighter who had nail clippers in her handbag and stabbed him with it © Media TV

12:44 p.m. – Parking at Hoek van Holland Beach is full

12:14 PM – Bükkelsbrough is hit by a pusher

A propelling ship collided with the Beukelsbrug on Schie. Two people were slightly injured and were immediately examined by paramedics. The wheelhouse of the thrust vessel was completely demolished and he ended up in the water. The ship was loaded with containers – full of waste – but they did not fall off the ship.

The collision caused oil to spill from the ship into Schie. The hatch is closed. What exactly happened is not clear. It was the fifth time in eleven years that a boat accepted against Beukelsbrug. The damage to the Beukelsbrug is currently being investigated, so the consequences for shipping are unclear.

Broken propulsion ship on board
Broken propulsion ship on board © Media TV

11:15 a.m. – Man convicted of throwing stones at police bus

A 23-year-old man from Capelin was sentenced to 90 days in prison, of which he was suspended for 53 days. He also receives a 120-hour community service order and must pay compensation.

All this was imposed on him because on December 19, before the match between Feyenoord and Ajax, he threw a stone through the windshield of a police bus. The driver was injured and his assistant miraculously avoided an accident. Pictures of the man were seen on social media and at Bureau Rijnmond. The man finally turned himself in.

09:50 am – Ten hungry people arrested in Maasvlakte

Rotterdam police arrested ten collectors in Maasvlakte on Thursday night. They had burglary tools in their possession and were being interrogated.

9:35 am – Two men arrested for attacking buildings

Police arrested two men Tuesday morning for their alleged involvement in a series of attacks in western Rotterdam. It is about a 23-year-old man from Oud-Mathenesse and a 25-year-old man from Spangen. Between January and June of this year, many homes and businesses were bombed and blown up, two businessmen were blackmailed and a man was seriously injured in an explosion.

Two separate police investigations into these incidents are still ongoing. Earlier, seven people were arrested on suspicion of involvement in the events.

9:18 a.m. – Two men arrested for possession of firearms

While monitoring traffic in Slinge on Thursday afternoon, 23-year-old Papendrechter and 25-year-old Rotterdammer were arrested. Suspected of possessing firearms. During a traffic stop, the police wanted to stop a car with three men in it. The driver decided to run away, after which the chase began.

When the car was found, the two drivers fled. The officers arrested the driver with their rifles drawn. Another passenger was later arrested by an observing witness. This person threw something while running away. So this was the firearm.

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