The Tesla Model Y is not God, but it is almost

The first Tesla Model Y from Tesla’s new factory near Berlin is a psychological landmark. Thus, the German automobile industry’s dragon slayer is now building fat Americans under the smoke of the Reichstag. Musk is sitting there, which is ironic, because no German car boss ever believed in his revolution. In this way he can attack unhindered, which is why now the Germans also assemble Teslas, as if the Trojans built the horse themselves.

You hardly notice the German quality bonus. Brandenburg Tesla is no better than California. Germans will be hysterical about the headline board. Push the edge and you’ll see it move, millimeters of play – but it doesn’t vibrate. As if the Germans are fighting so hard for their distinct claims, by the way. They have been under a lot of pressure lately. Low margins for electric cars make perks in finishing and use of materials inevitable. There the difference only becomes smaller. On the other hand, its environmental performance should still give the German competition a head start.

Time and time again, Teslas surprises with its impressive efficiency, including this two-ton, high-quality four-wheel drive SUV. Its two engines together produce 462 horsepower and overkill seems like a dream recipe for a consumption orgy. But it sucks the current like a hamster from a pet water bottle.

At departure, the range is 478 kilometers. The temperature is favorable with 16 degrees, strong winds are a bummer. On arrival, after 191 kilometers of driving, I still had power for 298 kilometers. Thus, the Y consumed 15.1 kWh per 100 km with the air conditioner turned on, which struggled with the huge cabin under the heat-reinforced glass roof. My BMW electric minivan, more than 650kg lighter, hardly makes it to a nice day. The Koreans consume a relatively large plug at about the same level, but no like-minded German sucks as discreetly as the Y. Then you talk about a car crushing a Porsche Taycan in a traffic light race. I didn’t drive faster than a 110 with performance, but to the shame of my honor and the damage to my body, I depressed the pedal fully at once. You literally see the stars. Model Y isn’t God, Elon really is, but he almost is.

modern window store

On top of that, it’s an excellent design in the sense that it’s been more thought of than tampered with. Tesla has elevated the lines of the familiar Model 3 so subtly that you can barely see the difference from a distance. Model X Manatee. While the space has increased significantly, including that for the head under the panoramic roof, often limiting the freedom of movement between the contenders. He will not age quickly, because with his online updates, he keeps pace with the times and the external appearance of this theme does not conflict with fashionable curls. As in the interior: a shelf with a screen, no pattern, everything is basic.

Musk has never forced Tesla as a design brand on the shield. Design, I think he knows it, is the obsession that is destroying Europe. This brand gives priority. What is the standard it should be. Multimedia, ergonomics, consumption, autonomous driving. The fully self-driving Tesla autopilot, the €7,500 package, now also recognizes traffic lights and signals them with a beep when they turn green. This is nonsense, but shrewd nonsense, deliberately warning everyone about how ready the digital Y senses are to take over.

Even the lovable Tesla Model Y quirks

No car has a higher IQ than a Tesla. Everything is running fast. Loading, accelerating, navigating, running. I love the unrelenting jobs of infotainment engineering. Sometimes logic confuses you for a moment’s ambiguity. Above the image of the car on the screen, the words “open the hood” appear above the front and rear panels, which makes you think at first that they are open, while the explanation only says that you can open them via the screen by touching the screen. Open. Even the madness is grainy. To adjust the steering wheel and mirrors with the left scroll wheel on the steering wheel, you must first check the “steering wheel” or “mirror” on the display. sweet!

A little thing: In the washroom, I sprayed open the cover of the loading port with a high-pressure sprayer. Maybe the Germans can fix it. They were always good at hinges and locks. Then again a gentle pounding on the highway. Sustainable Over Red / With the Trojans of Elon!

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