Nice start to inspect Young KWPN: Nikita Champion

Photo: Melanie Brevink Van Dyck

On June 17, the Young KWPN’s genealogy and central inspection was conducted under beautiful weather conditions. There was a great deal of enthusiasm for her and the show jumping horses started. Nikita was crowned champion at the end of the showjumping horse category.

While examining the genealogy book, Nikita showed that she is indeed attractive. In jumping, she showed good reflexes and athletic ability. The horses were judged by jury Henk Derricksen and Junior Inspector Stan Kramers. Henk: “A very charming mare, maybe not the biggest, but of the right shape with the shoulders and neck. She ran well and in good balance. She turned forward very easily and jumped with a lot of lunge.” Nikita was bred by DJ Menkveld from Keijenborg. She is now registered with Janne Jolink of Hengelo (Gld).

totally awesome

“I came here in the hope that Nikita would become a star. It was temporary. This tournament, of course, is very cool. Nikita is a very beautiful horse. I carried it myself. She is a little lady, but she always remains honest. I jumped in competitions with my pony and hoped to do the thing Same with Nikita this summer. ” This mare got a score of 70 for formation and 80 for jumping. Nikita is the daughter of the Zambezi and is out performing the mare Vishnu (depending on level). This mare is also the dam of international show jumpers Arjo, Gucci and Kulson L. At the dam line, we came across several international sport horses in both vaulting and dressage.

Jump better and better

Another great horse turned out to be Nettetal van de Schimmelstal, daughter of Justice HL who was Dam Wondersteen (elite, performance, Ibop (jump) D-OC against Revenge W). Henk: “A generously developed mare with 1.71m. She has a good rectangular form and has neat connections. She could be a little more subtle, but she showed a generous range in the trotting. She always finishes jumping right from the back. The higher she jumps, the better she jumps.” I got 70 for conformation and 75 for jumping, and now also got provisional approval. Nettetal van de Schimmelstal is owned by f/g JA van Hout of Bergen.

Grand prize

With 70 to pose and no less than 80 to jump, Misty has also been upgraded to a temporary keur. Hardwell’s daughter comes from Sterf Burst Zoe (S Numero Uno). This is also a dam CCI4*HP Hollywood Dancer. Carlos, a Grand Prix player, was born to Grandma Grace (keur pref perst v. Wolfgang). Misty was already recorded in the genealogy book as a three-year-old, but he was less attractive at the time. According to Henk, it has now grown into: “The mare is sufficiently developed with a height of 1.66 metres. She could have been a little taller. In the canter she shows a lot of range and in the jump she shows good reflexes. It was also true that she jumped better the more she did in the many times “.

to get up early

Misty was born in E. Onrust in Nieuw-Buinen. Anniken Jansen bought it from the meadow when she was two years old and taught it herself. “It was very easy, because she can be stubborn at times, but other than that it was very easy. When she was three, she didn’t look as pretty as she does now. That’s why I wanted to try again today with her to achieve a star datum. It worked over! We had to get up early for that. At 4.15am the alarm went off and at 5.45am we left Wytgaard, at 7.50am we were in Ermelo. Fortunately not for nothing! I plan to do some show jumping with her this summer She was supposed to have a foal in the spring, but she turned it down. She is now a foal again, by Etoulon VDL. If all goes well, this foal will be born in January and then I can continue with her in the sport.” Aneken was accompanied by her twin sister Erica at the inspection: “Usually my mum or my friend goes with Anneken, but they couldn’t come. I’m a little afraid of horses myself, but I think they are very beautiful when I see them. And of course I think it’s great that Misty is doing so well. “.

I did well

Bruminka from the well-known Minka line has also been offered to increase the grade. The daughter of Numero Uno of Juminka (Acord performance) vaulted herself at 1.35m/1.40m. Henk: “This mare could be a little bit bigger, but she has a solid foundation and is built right. Her special performance makes her even more interesting in terms of breeding which is why we made her a star today.” Bruminka was bred by H. Verhey and is now registered with N. Speet. At the dam line, we came across a number of international sports horses, including Grand Prix players Guiness, Aminka A, Billy Clinton A.

Both are elite

For the central inspection, the invited mares were again presented on the lawn. Two older mares also entered the orbit there. Estella (by PhinPhin) has a Z+13 jump as an athletic site. I was born by TJ. Santema in Wytgaard and registered with L. Kooloos in Barneveld. Henk: “A mare that is sophisticated enough, long padded, and agile. Partly thanks to her athletic achievements, because these are always taken into account, this mare is the elite of the day.” Gamantha Fortuna (from Singapore) also appeared in the ring with a very attractive pony by Van Gogh at the foot. The spiny fox has been shot in several ways in the sport: M+7 in events and Z+2 in jumping. Henk explained: “The mare is attractive and the rides can be padded a little longer. It has a real mare footprint and broad, strong power. In December it got a sports statement which is a D-OC. So there is every reason to give this mare an elite kick as well.” Çamantha Fortuna (s Verdi) is known as Gamantha’s mother. Gamantha Fortuna was born by P. & AM Rinkes-Tjeenk Willink of Wanneperveen and is now registered with SL Prins in Ede.

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