Albert Hein and KNVB Organize School Football Final

It’s the first time a school football final can be played

Free time – On Friday 17 June, 300 boys and girls from all over the Netherlands will come to the KNVB campus in Zeist for the finals of the KNVB School Football Championship. Albert Heijn, as a KNVB partner and supporter of Dutch football, serves fresh fruit during all matches as a snack during the first half.

The National School Football Final for Groups 5-8 of Primary Education begins with an impassioned talk by national coach Louis van Gaal about the youth finalists. In the week leading up to the final, tournament participants are given the opportunity to submit a question to the national coach with their class via a digital warm-up. Van Gaal will answer that question in the opening National Final. In addition, the coach will likely have some final advice and encouragement before kick-off.


It’s the first time since 2019 that the tournament can take place physically again. The previous two editions of the school football final were canceled due to Corona. Then Albert Hein and KNVB launched “School football in the classroom!” Organizer. Johan van der Zanden, Director of Marketing and Communications: “Together we work hard for a healthy, sporting and strong future for all. We do this through the power of connection that football provides to allow people to move together and with pleasure.”

Source: AH / @FoodClicks

Author: Stephen Van Beek

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