Train driver active on Horn Road, more victims: ‘His tigress was still on the ground’

Stories about a train runner pile up around Horn Station. Increasing numbers of women report that they witnessed a boy having sex on the train. This is after a letter from two underage girls who have recently gone through the same thing. Milo, 28, and Nadia, 24, tell their story. “I saw his little raptor still lying on the ground.”

The stories surrounding a rolling train pile up at Horn – Tom de Vos

It’s May 16th around 3pm – Nadia travels from Horn every day by train because of her studies and work. Also this afternoon. She gets into Kersenboogerd.

“He got on at Horn Station. I’m sitting at the top of the train and he’s sitting deeper in the cabin, in the direction you’re looking.” She sees the boy is acting crazy with his fingers, but she decides not to pay attention to it and turns on her music.

Nadia tries to ignore the boy, but suddenly she sees something crazy. “In the corner of my eye I suddenly saw his hand go up and down. I can’t believe my eyes are stiff.” Nadia sees him finish it and leave.

Two minutes later the conductor comes. “I’m still shivering.” She sees that something is wrong. “She takes me to the other room, where the assailant has just done his thing. She almost wants to sit in the same seat, but then I say that boy was just sitting there. If I look closely, I can still see his crotch lying on the floor.”

The conductor is shocked and tells Nadia that a cleaning crew is coming to clean it. “She couldn’t do anything for me at the time, because she wasn’t red-handed,” says Nadia, frustrated.

Nadia still gets chills down her spine when she thinks about it. “At that moment, I don’t think about calling 112 and I have a bad feeling. It’s so dirty and you feel like something. He really is a bastard.”

But it doesn’t stop there

On June 4, it happened again – Nadia, unknowingly, was again in the room with probably the same assailant. This time when you travel with Intercity from Kersenboogerd to Amsterdam.

“I sit on a four-seater sofa, look out the window and sit with my back to him,” explains Nadia. “At that moment, I don’t see at all that he came to sit on the four-seat sofa next to me.” Another passenger, sitting on the four-seater in front of him, notices something.

Nadia continues: “She looks at him directly between the chairs.” “She saw the boy start to please himself, so he freaked out and sat down in the first row. Then she went back to my cabin, but by that time he was already gone. He probably saw her getting up and thought: I distort her.

are you kidding me?

The women start talking to each other. Nadia: I ask her: Is everything all right? which says: There was a man sitting next to you who was provoking himself† And I really think: are you kidding me?

They are also discussing what the boy looks like. “And this description of the boy corresponds 95 percent to my first encounter on May 16. He is a Dutch boy with black hair and wears a dark tracksuit,” sums up Nadia.

So far, the assailant has not been caught – Tom de Vos

Another victim

But not only is Nadia the victim, Swedish Melo also reports to editors with a similar story.

On May 3, she visited her aunt after a long time. She is in the Intercity from Amsterdam to Hoogkarspel. “I’m sitting on a four-seater sofa and browsing my phone when suddenly I hear a crazy noise under the cabin.”

She looks out her window and sees a man in the reflection. “He’s looking through the seats at me.

Out of disbelief, she takes her things in shock and sits somewhere else. “The train left at Horn Station. Because he was wearing a mouthpiece and a hood, I couldn’t see him very well.” She thinks he looks young and has a Dutch look. “If I saw him in the picture, I would recognize him right away.”

Milo looks at the incident in amazement: “I won’t forget it soon.”

Is that all?

No, because in addition to the two younger sisters, Milo and Nadia, there is a woman who also reports to Noordhollands Dagblad. An unknown person tells her father that he is his property 20 year old daughter The same thing happened.

Stories keep piling up about a guilty libel on the train in Horn. Nadia and Milo have since filed a report and are in contact with the police.

They are not satisfied with NS, the emergency number is not working according to them. “If I get assaulted, there’s really no way to enter a number. So it’s already too late,” Milo says.

“I don’t feel like I’ve been taken seriously by NS,” adds Nadia. “I go on the train feeling less pleasant. Especially because I know NS won’t do anything with my report. The conductor says simply: Call the emergency number. But that doesn’t help…”

Tom de Voss

NS . response

A Dutch Railways spokesman was once again shocked by the two new train quakes. “100 percent prevention is not possible,” says spokeswoman Elvira van der Wis. “But we catch almost everyone.” An NS spokesperson is still investigating what happened to the reports from Nadia and Milo. “At the moment I can’t answer that question yet,” Van der Vis continues. “But if what she’s saying is true, I can understand she doesn’t feel taken seriously if there’s no response.”

According to the spokesperson, it remains important for travelers to report train accidents. “It’s horrible for these girls and we don’t tolerate this at all. If something like this happens, call 112, talk to another passenger and don’t sit alone in a cabin.”


Do you know or know someone who was harassed by a criminal during a train journey between Amsterdam and Hogkarspel and would you like to tell your story? Then send an email to: [email protected]

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