“This is a great time for comedians!”

#MeToo, Cancellation Culture, Naming and defamationWake-up motion… These are tough times for long toes and sensitive egos. What is said these days and what should be hidden? subway said Youp van ‘t Hek, Pieter Derks and Peter Pannekoek, three comedians who have set their course in an extremely irritable society. “This is a great time for nightclubs.”

Is it called “whole demographic exclusion” these days? When Youp van ‘t Hek, during a New Year’s Eve conference in 1989, opened his ludicrous attack on drinkers of the non-alcoholic beer brand Buckler, there was only a loud laugh—there was no wronged protest. Van ‘t Hek was not interested in the tasteless beer per se, but with the ‘bad husband-in-law and his stupid brother-in-law’ that he ate. Within two years, the Heineken brand disappeared from the market: no son-in-law or son-in-law dared to put Buckler to his lips in public. Naming and defamation of the avant-garde literature

Youp van ‘t Hek gives advice

“Saying what I want to say, I’ve done it my whole career,” said Van ‘t Hek, 68, who was performing The last round! Traveling through the Netherlands. It is the latest show for the comedian and columnist in his career that spanned over 50 years. “I especially advise people who are annoyed by my conferences and jokes to sit behind computers and relax. You know them, cowboys in the attic. It will undoubtedly be a relief. In my halls there is a lot of laughter about so-called sensibilities. Indeed, my audience expects me to throw Jokes, preferably harsh.”

Comedians Youp van 't Hek
Youp van ‘t Hek. Photo: Bob Bronshoff

“A lot of credit to anyone who has no sense of humor in this world”

Also cabaret artist Peter Dirks (37) – currently performing his widely acclaimed new performance. From where I don’t know He does not place restrictions on himself when writing his presentations. “I’ve never stumbled with the idea: I should stay away from it. I don’t think you can say the least these days. I’m not ashamed of any subject. I also think it’s a great honor for those who lack humor in this world.”

“People who complain about abolition of culture or fomenting terror are usually men. They are especially upset that if they say something rude, then others speak it again, as they used to be quietly annoying. In many cases I think: you will not be canceled, you Very long capsules† Additionally, a discussion discussion is a great way to avoid having the discussion itself.”

Peter Pannecock joins

Fellow comedian Peter Pannecock, who will play from September DNA He will play, faithfully joining his teammates in the field. “I think and write quite freely. If people are hurt, that’s fine. Often a joke is taken purely subjective. By the way, it is often the case that the injured have annoyed him on behalf of someone else. Someone who has a friend and an uncle has cancer … Cancer patients themselves, according to In my experience, they often laugh at jokes about their illness. Even or perhaps especially when they are subjected to unnecessary rudeness by third parties. When people say ‘You can’t joke about it, the comedian in me wakes up. So I have to joke about it.’ But a good idea, huh! That’s a requirement.”

Youp van ‘t Hek says it’s great to be a comedian in the satirical shelter of theatre, which is fundamentally different from the medium of meninkjes called television, at this particular time of long toes and wounded vanity. “Anyone can express their opinion there, without being held back by any knowledge. I don’t know who it is and what it is going on. I recently saw Caroline van der Plas of BoerBurgerBeweging going off somewhere on a talk show about…the Eurovision Song Contest. Seriously. It’s It just hits the spot.”

Peter Dirks woke up to a culture of cancellation
Peter Dirks Photo: Marge Kipper

Youp van ‘t Hek: Johann Dirksen is drunken bullshit

„Or Johann Dirksen, that drunken nonsense of a half-mad grandfather started about childhood sin as he appointed a zombie girl as a candlestick. The sad thing is that they all respond to each other. Eva Genk on Dirksen and vice versa† This is how the TV fills itself. You smoke Brussels sprouts from your device.”

Van ‘t Hek limits his television presence to the rational and the practical. „I have been contacted for the program Dutch celebrities in hospital† You must have had cancer and Youp van ‘t Hek is suddenly at your bedside. Cancer is already so bad, but then there’s Youp on top of that… No one survives that, right? By the way, Rahim was killed delightfully.”

A girl from this announcer calls me over and over. A bit shy and insecure, because now she knows I say no if they ask me again for an item about Sywert van Lienden, for example. I agreed with her that When you call for the tenth time and I traditionally say no, we’ll go out to dinner. To celebrate our birthday.”

Theater is a messy place.

Peter Pannekoek agrees with Van ‘t Hek. “People come to the theater especially for you. The theater is a chaotic place, sacred to freedom of expression. It is different on TV mass media.” In this sense, both Bannecock and Dirks have been regular stand-up comedians The world goes onTheir share of the angry bourgeoisie. Peter Pannecock: ‘When I came’ DWDD Threats came. “I’ll beat you to death,” was another friend. I was threatened by someone on behalf of ISIS. Well, I think it shows a bit of ambition as a major terrorist organization if you take me for that.”

Wake up Peter Pancic
Peter Pancic. Photo: Hans-Peter van Veltoven

“I think there are people in this country who send a thousand angry emails a day to Geert Wilders, Vimki Halsema and everyone in between. I had to avoid taxis on my bike at Leidseplein when I said on TV that I understood the popularity of Uber. Taxi drivers in Amsterdam were very upset. From that, to say the least.”

According to Peter Dirks, humor is also a matter of straight back. “At the time of the ISIS attacks, for example on the French satirical weekly” Charlie Hebdo And later of course the Corona crisis, everyone was in a “we do it together” mode. It was said: Is it permissible for you to joke about that? My answer is: Yes, of course! “

“People are always complaining on Twitter”

Dirks again: „You know, there are always people who complain on Twitter. It’s like oxygen and rain – it just comes. If I write a column on climate, I’m a leftist BNNVARA Dick. When I touch on an economic topic, I’m a brat who doesn’t understand it. And if I find something about the Forum for Democracy, I find all kinds of supporters for this club on my neck. With anonymous accounts of course. With national images of medieval drawings or a tractor with a flag. It’s kind of swearing, there are no people at the door.”

And if this is the case? Dirks: “Boh… I can’t answer that question. You can’t do that unless it happens to you, because obviously there are people going away. All I can say is I want to see my kids grow up and I want to keep my house intact” .

Youp van 't Hek
Youp van ‘t Hek. Photo: Bob Bronshoff

According to Youp van ‘t Hek, comedians in particular should not impose any form of self-censorship. Whereas social topics like the royal family and the church were taboo in the 1950s and 1960s, today social media is spreading a diarrhea of ​​anger, indignation, deep hurt and feelings of revenge.

Youp van ‘t Hek about waking up

#MeToo, Cancellation Culture, Naming and defamation And the very radical wing of the Woke movement has to be approached with humor and a good dose of perspective, patriotic clown Van ‘t Hek believes. “I used the word angry in 2017. Mark Marie Hogebrechts, Paul de Leeuw, Ari Boomsma… They all took it very seriously. While it was about Jill Brandt Curstius who claimed to have been drugged by a drunk cousin.” Later it turned out to be different.

“But they made connections that I never meant to. I tried to explain: I have nothing against my cousins, but I object to the protesters. When I say ‘bitch’, I’m not saying anything about all women. Everyone has decency these days. Not I have an idea who all these people are. I neither hear them nor come across them at my favorite pub. They just do their best.”

Peter Pannecock in his element

Peter Pannecock: “At my New Year’s Eve conference I wondered how you could compare the Corona crisis to the persecution of Jews, as the Forum for Democracy does. I thought the comparison was completely wrong, because I was totally kidding, all the major festivals in Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen were still going on at that time. …I’m in my element with jokes where I think: Peter, now you’re walking the fine line.”

For Peter Dirks, the limits of humor lie above all in the quality and functionality of humor. “If a joke is rude, but is very good and very accurate, people take it less offense. At such a moment, the joke has a function and meaning: which makes it stronger. Incidentally, I rarely play on a man with a sense of humor. I am more of a contemplative type. At the same time: in my current performance From where I don’t know I’m talking about the wildcard issue. “She has a veil, so they know very well who they spoiled …” Or about people in Terre Appel having to sleep on the sidewalk. Then you hear a kind of “oh” in the room. I don’t mind people being a little scared of it.”

Peter Dirks
Peter Dirks. Photo: Roy Sutiko

Plus, Dirks says he gets away with a lot of things. Perhaps also because he seems to have an eternal patent on his student-like, youthful appearance. He laughs: „Now I am somewhat gray in the temples. Good thing too. Can I finally buy alcohol without a passport … but seriously: my audience accepts very much. Apparently I have some kind of weapon worker. “Oh my God, that Peter…a kind boy, always sympathetic.” My style isn’t very confrontational, and I like to pack it up.”

“Not always with a straight leg”

Peter Pannekoek: “You don’t always have to go in with your legs straight. On my show After that everything was better You’ve talked about #MeToo and about human inability to handle it. I tried to do it lovingly, especially the minute details. Then come certain topics that are just as difficult, and sometimes even more difficult. In my first program soft on the inside She came out wearing a djellaba, a long Arabic robe. Immediately in the hall I saw two veiled girls who entered into a convulsive state. “What the hell are you going to do now?” I saw them think. But after half an hour they understood the tone of my performance.”

In his farewell offer The last round! Youp van ‘t Hek is certainly not ignoring the taboos nowadays, from the choice of penis and mixed defecation to the irresistible rise of the non-binary segment of the population. The crowd roars with laughter (“Would I be an angry white man?”) from the pub and the bakery is removed for inappropriate comments. I no longer dare anything. If I opened the door for a woman, she would say, “What do you mean by that, sir?!” ‘ And van Heck ponders, ‘You can no longer even tell a girl she’s wearing a nice jacket. Not to mention the possibility of doing that as well…”

In terms of non-alcoholic beer, Van Heck is back full circle, more than 30 years later. He concludes that his attack since then has not yielded anything in the balance, and he concludes with depression on stage. “Now they command a radler in front of you…” Because self-irony, the three comedians agree, is a powerful weapon with which to be much emphasized.

Peter Pannekoek: “Godfried Bomans once said, ‘Humor is overcoming sadness.’ That’s how I see it. Life isn’t fun. Let’s laugh about it and don’t immediately feel taken for granted and offended.”

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