Teos van den Brink: “Only buy foals with the money you have left”

Teos van den Brink Photo: © DigiShots

Teus van den Brink has a good nose for jumping horses. The list of international jumpers up to 1.60m of Grand Prix horses from his stable is long, but also hunters, equestrian horses and great amateur horses come from Nijkerkerveen. He still regularly explores competitions, but often comes home more empty-handed than before. A lot of money is demanded for competition horses, which is why he turns to auctions to buy young talent at a younger age. He also auctioned off the young jumping talent on his “Sale of the Rising Stars” and is currently participating in the VSN Horses online auction. Horse auctions in Europe have 6 questions for him.

I’ve bought quite a few ponies at auctions for a few years now. What is the reason for that?

Because it is difficult to find older horses for trade. Real gems, I have them regularly with foals. But I also like to follow pony auctions, otherwise you definitely shouldn’t do that. Best would be to buy a three, four or five year old, but today’s riders often like to keep a good horse longer for training, they are too expensive or come from private individuals who don’t want to know anything about sales. In order to get good young horses in my stable, I began buying at pony auctions about nine years ago.”

How old are the first auction purchases and what have been the best successes so far?

“The ponies I bought online at the start of the corona crisis are two years old. I can’t say much about that yet. The kit was so worth the investment. Although some horses were a bit disappointing, others made up for it. He is Klass, seven years old and a KWPN certified stallion. He jumps great and breeds well. Then I have a few kids at the age of five. We have business stability, so we don’t keep everything for long. I also bred some cute foals from sexy young mares that I bought as ponies. There are also a lot of setbacks, but you go ahead. This is the hobby. Do I auction ponies myself? Not rarely. I’m not an auction breeder. I’d rather look at it for myself for a few years.”

Is buying foals an investment you can recommend to everyone?

“You have to make do with the money you have left. In the casino you may win faster. You assume you will make more money than that, but there can be a lot of bumps in the road. It’s not really easy. That’s what I always say to the young riders when they start to play.” Buy a pony again. Stop it! Buy a four-year-old. If you can’t find it, look longer. And don’t breed yourself. If things go wrong, you could lose all your money. Of course everyone should know what they’re doing, but know that The process is long and a lot can happen.”

Will the increase in auctions affect your business?

“I buy and sell partly through auctions, but I don’t necessarily need auctions to get rid of my horses. I still have the trade as I always have. You don’t have to expect everything from auctions either. The market determines which horses sell well. If you have a neat animal worth €10,000 or €12,000, you wouldn’t get €24,000 at the auction. People realize what they do and don’t want and what it should look like. You could say that online auctions have taken on a new dimension. I’m amazed at how easy it is now for people to buy online and what they sometimes pay for. For a three-year-old. On the other hand, it is incredibly beautiful that there are now so many platforms for sale all over the world.”

What do you pay attention to when buying a pony online?

“First of all, I pay attention to the pedigree and I like the foal itself. Personally, I would rather buy a pony live than buy it online. I like to see the real mother there, the behavior can be observed and you will see more. In the online auction, you can only rely on a video For the best moments.You also don’t see the exact size of the pony.I also prefer seeing older horses in real life.When they are auctioned, you can pre-view them with the participant, but very few people do.It just depends on how much work you want to do “.

Do you have any tips for anyone wanting to buy at an auction?

“Think carefully before you bid on a horse! In an online auction there are people who impulsively press the button and then buy a horse. Later they regret it and then come up with something to get rid of. If no one bids on you, you are the last bidder and you own a horse. Know what you intend Do and do your homework beforehand.”

Source: www.horseauctions.eu

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