Products that are still good to eat after the date

Hey, you just want to eat it and then see it’s over. What do you do, throw it away immediately? Shame, because you can still eat many products despite the expiration date. Curious about the things you can still enjoy? Then read on quickly, because you can still eat this stuff.

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40 million kilograms of food was discarded

According to the Nutrition Center, we throw out 40 million kilograms of food per person annually. This adds up to 800 million each year. That is 100,000 full garbage trucks, which costs us more than 155 euros per person. Toss, that’s a lot! But did you know that we can still often eat and drink this food? There are surprising products that you can still use after their expiration date. What about milk and eggs, for example?

Important product labels

Package can contain 2 different stickers; Best before date (best before date) and best before date (used by date). It is important that you pay close attention to these things because they make a huge difference. The Best Prehistoric label is used for foods that don’t spoil, such as flour. After dates, their quality deteriorates, but you can still eat them for a long time afterwards.

You have to be careful with the TGT label. This applies to perishable products such as meat. After this date, dispose of the product with you, as it is no longer safe to eat. The day of the TGT date is the last day you can take it. Even if it says you can keep it in the fridge for a week.

You should never eat meat after the best date, regardless of the attached label. Chicken and pork in particular are a major source of bacteria and regularly lead to food poisoning.

Tip: Food lasts longer in these special storage boxes!

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Twelve things left to eat

You can still eat these things after the expiration date:

leben: You can keep pasteurized milk up to 50% longer if you refrigerate it cold. It is preferable to put the milk at the back of the cooler rather than the front. You can still make pancakes from milk that has become slightly sour. Bacteria die from high temperatures.

eggSurprisingly enough, eggs can still be used after their date. If you cool it at five degrees or less, it can keep good for four to five weeks. You can still use it when you cook it. For example, a boiled egg in your salad. They should not be eaten as scrambled, boiled, boiled or fried eggs. Then they went too far.

sugarAnything with a high sugar content can be eaten. Sugar is a preservative. Cake with fruit, jam, honey, candy, and other foods that contain plenty of this sweetener can be enjoyed for some time to come. Sugar itself is not outdated.

German sauerkraut and Korean kimchiYou can still eat these foods safely, as they are foods that have been pickled, salted, or dried.

Potato Chips: Although the chips are softening after a better date before, they still hold up well. This is because it has been well processed and because a liter of salt may fly on it.

biscuit: The same applies to chips; Because it has been processed so that it can last forever. When they are soft or tender, you can put them in the oven for a while and they will be tasty and crunchy again.

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dried noodles: Lasts well to the end of time, if well packed in airtight containers. This applies to all dried products.

bread: In the freezer you can survive the second ice age with bread. If there is a little mold on it, you can cut it off. † please note That there is contradictory advice, including that of the nutrition center. They write that moldy bread can no longer be eaten whole, because microorganisms are present throughout the product and spoil it.

Canned food: Canned food lasts a very long time, but if you also store it in a cool dark place, it will last a long time.

packed salad: We often don’t want to eat our salad because the leaves look so sad. However, you can still eat it as long as it does not have mold. You can make wilted leaves tasty again by soaking them in cold water.

chocolate: We often look with despair at chocolate that has been given a white coating. Will it still be good? yes! Chocolate doesn’t just go away. The layer is due to the exposure of the chocolate to air, causing the fat to melt and float to the surface.

hard cheeseCheese like cheddar cheese can still be eaten if you cut off the hard outside. The same does not apply to soft cheeses, such as Brie and Camembert. When it loses its freshness, harmful bacteria grow in it.

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