Highest result in the Den Hout barn examination for Negro son Oeps Geuzenhof

Nacho (Negro x Krack C) with Charlotte Fry, Photo: Melanie Brevink-van Dijk

Bart Bucks, Marjan Dorestijn and aspiring inspector Luke Smitzer evaluated 26 horses on Tuesday at the Stable Inspection Center in Den Haute. Three horses moved to get 85 points, including Oeps Geuzenhof (by Negro), who also got 85 points for his compatibility. This eunuch is the full brother of the certified stallion Nacho.

19 of the 26 horses became a star at Den Haute. “It was a very good and practical day,” Bart Bucks sums up. “Everything went on time and we had time to properly assess all the horses. They were all in very good shape. A few were a bit fresh at first, but we had time to let these horses run a little longer. It was great that in addition To 19 mares, we also evaluated 7 stallions and bred for their mothers’ preferred position.”

With 85/85 scorer

Negro son of Ops Gusenhof (of Benetton Steer D-OC by Krack C, breeder S. Maakenschijn of Chaam) of Van Olst Horses was the top scorer of the day. “With 1.81 meters this is an impressive look. He stands well in the rectangular form, has a lot of forward, has a well-shaped neck and good proportions. In addition, this eunuch has a strong baseline and a correct foundation. He showed good technique and ductility in trotting and trotting. He was He always goes with the withers and it was noted that he can bring a lot of balance and changes very well.”

Oceane NA advances by 85 points

Oceane NA (Taminiau from Kayleigh NA Elite IBOP-dres D-OC by Negro) from breeder NA de Rooijen from Lage Zwaluwe also applied for 85 points, got 75 for formation. “This is a well developed mare with a good rectangle form and could be a bit more of a riding type. It has plenty of front and right front line. On trotting, this mare showed good technique, lots of lunge and lots of power. In both trotting and trotting, it was noted that This mare does not need speed to be able to expand. It has a lot of balance in the canter and can change easily.”

Ouliana JS: 9 to trot

Daughter of Kingston Blue Horses Ouliana JS (from Huliana JS elite EPTM-dres D-OC of Cupido) and breeder A. Jaspers of Leende and P. Jaspers of Panningen) owned by BC van der Hoorn of Made has a higher score of 70/85.” This mare has a lot of charisma, nice forehand strokes, is well muscular and has a strong topline.For higher conformation numbers she should have had more development and basically correct.I got a 9 for her trotting with very good technique and good use of the back leg.Plus Plus, she’s light-footed, can shift gears very easily and goes well uphill. In the canter, she’s shown good lunge, gentle use of the front leg and can shift easily. For higher grades, she can have more power in the canter.”

80/80 for Ola D’Or

Chippendale daughter Ola D’Or (from Gynola M ster pref PROK by Rousseau) passed from breeder B.C. van der Hoorn with an 80/80. “This is a burly horse and has a bit of a stiff coat. It has a nice shaped neck and a good elongated form. It has a lot of range and balance on the trot and also showed a lot of self-transport. For a higher pitch in the trotting, you could have leaned a bit more in the back leg” .

Also 80/80 for Oderona

The same result went to Oderona (GLOCK’s Toto Jr from Hearona Elite IBOP-dres D-OC by Russo) from breeder B. Wilschut from Bosschenhoofd. Damha is a full sister to the Grand Prix stallion Blue Horses Zack, and has also produced the Lennox US stallion. “This elegant mare has a lot of charisma and has a good rectangular form. She is strong in communication and baseline. This mare is very flexible in walking and can easily switch between trotting and trotting. She is easily changed and can move a bit more with higher withers for higher scores.” .

Olenka BVP is a tough mare

Olenka BVP (Joop TC from Cilenka K ster pref perst PROK by Lord Leatherdale, FWJ Burema breeder and RAJ van Praat of Chaam), outside the Everdale line, Van Olst Horses also scored 80 points. “This is a tough mare with a lot of charisma. She has a good elongated mannequin, has a lot of forefoot, a strong topline, and a well shaped neck that was also nicely taut. On the trot she showed good range with a lot of flexibility and good technique. May she gain more strength And it could show a further move to a higher pitch in step.”

75/80 for Oda

75/80 riders record, including overall daughter Oda (from Spada ster by Ferro, breeder: M. Streppel of Lemelerveld) by Van Olst Horses. “This mare has a good rectangle form, but goes down a bit towards the rump. She has a built neck, light head neck, good shoulders and a solid foundation. She was trotting with great technique, good lunge and strength. She ran with a lot of jumping and a lot of lunge, so she had More space in it.”

Also 75/80 for O’Gina

O’Gina (painted black from Kaylina ster by De Niro) from breeders RAHM van Erp of Oss and Van Olst Horses also earned a higher score in the strip. “This is a young mare that could have a little more body length. She has a lot of bloodlines and looks. She showed on the trot a lot of strength and lunge with good use of the back leg. She came up gently with the withers and showed a lot of suppleness. The trotting has a lot of lunge and a lot of range.” But sometimes she can handle more.

Daughter of Dettori Otori Lady NA

Breeder NA den Rooijen had another star mare with daughter Dettori Ottori Lady NA (outside Zarah ster by Negro). I got 70 for formation and 80 for movement. “This mare is more than adequately developed but could have a slightly more elongated form. It is a little downward in direction of the body but has a well-formed neck which was also well taut. The withers are well developed and has a well-formed muscle group. She was walking Fast pace, rush and strength.She also showed a great deal of strength and rush in the canter, but she could have more balance with that.

The Nuvvi G has charisma

The Nuvvi G of Van Olst Horses (Diëgo outside of Gucci ster PROK by Lord Leatherdale, breeder CAM van Gorkum of Udenhout) also passed 70/80. “This is a horse with a lot of charisma. She has a sufficiently elongated form, she has a nice front and well-developed wither that works well. She could have more muscle in her loins. This mare really values ​​herself in movement. She trots with a lot of suppleness and good technique.” She’s got a lot of balance and she’s going really well. She’s hoping for good motivation and good range, but she can put more use of the body to a higher degree.”

Five decorations from Van Olst Horses ster

Five weddings by Van Olst Horses deserved a star at Den Hout. In addition to Oeps Geuzenhof, this included Niksmismee VK (Everdale from Evita-Roos PROK by Vivaldi, breeder HC Vervoorn-Knaap from Geuzenhof), who scored a higher score at 80/80. “This is a generously developed horse with a great deal of expression and strong powers. He has a slightly sloping crotch, but of a good length. On the trot he showed a lot of flexibility and good use of the front leg and could switch easily. The trotting also has a lot of power and drive. For the higher grades, this can The horse has to move a little more with the withers high.”

Olexus NA record (in black from Izzy Lady NA by Lord Leatherdale) 70/80. This wicker is jointly owned by breeder NA den Rooijen. “This horse is more than adequately developed, has a light joint at the head and neck, and a good upper line. It trots with good use of its hind legs, a lot of suppleness and very gentle with the withers. On the walk it was active with plenty of space. We saw in the trotting a lot of Strength, but he could have had a little more rest. That was now at the expense of the balance.”


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