85 points and a NMK ticket for Oslo Katrina

Oslo Caterina (Corydon x Isla Caterina v. Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve) Photo: Jacquelien van Tartwijk

The first regular inspection of the genealogical book was scheduled for the Gelderland region on Wednesday. In a good quality check in Varsseveld, Oslo Caterina (by Corydon van T&L) got a ticket for NMK. I jumped for 85 points with a 9 for strength. The jury was able to promote at least nine of the 17 mares submitted to temporary core, and seven of them scored 80 or more points for jumping. Marcel Bookers: “It was a good check with many showjumpers.”

The stranger was Corydon from T&L Oslo’s daughter Katrina. The breeding product of host Stoeterij De Radstake (from Isla Caterina ster by Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve) originates from the impressive jumping line of the influential Santa Catarina mare, the Zaranza Dam of the Grand Prix’s Glock horses and the grandmother of the El Salvador stallion. Oslo Katrina already scored 8 points for formation and strength, 8.5 seconds for reflexes and technique and even 9 for range. In jumping, she showed good reflexes, very good technique and great athletic ability. This earned her a ticket to examine the National mare.”

80/80 for Ovanartica

Many mares came home with 80 jumping points. Glasgow’s daughter W van ‘t Merelnest Ofanartica (of Fantartica ster by Indoctro, also born by De Radstake) has an 80 score for her appearance. Her grandmother Antarctica is the mother of El Salvador and thus is closely related to Katrina Oslo. “A tall lined mare with a nice forehead again and good shoulders. She hops with a lot of reflexes, sometimes a little flip-flopping in the front leg, but with great range.”

Ofanartica (Glasgow-W vh Merelsnest x Fantartica v. Indoctro) Photo: Jacquelien van Tartwijk

Also 80/80 for Oorida

The jury also decided to go 80/80 for Oreda, who was born by WHM Hanselman of Groenlo, daughter of Amadeo van ‘t Vossenhof Z of Sarida keur sport-jump van Kroongraaf. “A very charming mare with lots of expression and forward. She has very light turf with good balance. Her jumping ability was good, but she was a bit nervous today, which made her miss an overview and may not show herself optimally.”

Orida (Amadeo van’t Vossenhof Z x Sarida v. Kroongraaf) Photo: Jacquelien van Tartwijk

three times radstack

The Venderbosch van De Radstake family received a number of mares provisionally with 80 jumping points. Okita is the daughter of a Baltic VDL of Chikita ster van Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve who hails from a breed where, in addition to Grand Prix horses, around 3* racers are also born. “The tall mare lined with a good topline, neck set a bit horizontally. She showed a lot of balance in the case with easy changes. She jumps using a lot of body and with good technique, and opens well behind.”

The famous Ipinacolada

Opinacolada is the daughter of Jardonnay VDL of Gytan Pinacolada of Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve. As its name suggests, it is descended from the well-known Ipinacolada, including Ocolado’s mother from Ellen Whitaker. “A mare of sufficient length that might be a little stronger in the front line, but the shoulders and shoulders are very nice. In the jump, you finish the jump from behind well and show good scope.


So is Utreumf (El Salvador by Utreumf Steer Levin Finn), who along with de Radstack had 80 jump points. “A long-line mare with a lot of lead that can be a little stronger in the front line. She jumps with good technique and range.”

Oldest mare

The jury was able to promote all the older mares with Toulon Nitro VH’s daughter getting 80 jumping points. The WL Hünker breeder from Wehl (from Quatro VH ster sport-jump PROK by Nabab de Reve) was distinguished by its strong body. “A well-built mare should show a little blood when standing up. Her neck is a bit heavy, but she has good arms and a topline. She jumps with good lunge, good technique, front and back, and shows range in the process.”

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