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showbizQ-DJs Maarten and Dorothee unloaded their bags Wednesday morning with a dangerous trick. Every caller who came live on Qmusic between 7 and 9 a.m. during the morning show received bitcoins from the duo. In the end, five listeners got richer in one fell swoop. The value of the cryptocurrency was about 20 thousand euros during the broadcast.


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Listener Wendy from Niel was the first winner of the “Every Caller Wins… One Bitcoin” event on Wednesday morning. When Wendy heard the good news, she exclaimed, “I don’t know yet what I’m going to do with the money, but we just got married. So this is such a beautiful icing on the cake! I think I’ve called over 200 times.” During the broadcast, Wendy’s husband was still working, but luckily she was able to share her joy with her four children. “Yes, three boys and a girl,” he said proudly into the phone.

Confusion in the studio

However, Wendy did not have much time to recover. “It’s exams so I have to get my kids to school as soon as possible. Since Wendy has four kids, Dorothy was curious how she found the time this morning to call the studio so much.” I kept calling while waking my kids. Then my eldest son took care of my other kids for a while.”

Before it became clear that Wendy won bitcoin, there was some confusion in the studio. In addition to Wendy, Martin and Dorothy also got another caller on the line. In the end it turns out to be Luke Fanqueli, Martin’s father. And that wasn’t the first lame joke that Q-Dj played this morning. The first caller who arrived in the studio today was Leon, Martin’s son.

bike for kids

In addition to Wendy, four other listeners have won bitcoin. Listener Nicky was able to guess the phone number via the BLOX app. As a result, he also won cryptocurrency. “So fast! How did you do that?” asked Q-dj Dorothee Dauwe. Martin was impressed, too. “Can you only guess three numbers? How many options are there?” Listener Nikki, in turn, remained somewhat balanced. “I was very lucky.” Unlike Wendy, Nicky already has an idea of ​​what he will do with his bitcoin. I’m going to sign up part of it to buy a new bike for my kids. I’ll invest the other part,” it sounds to the listener.

Listener Elian (21) is also richer than bitcoin. Although there was a moment of confusion again in the studio, because Eileen thought he was incorrectly connected. He’s got Joe DJs Sven and Anke on the phone, but of course Martin and Dorothy were part of the plot and it was a joke. “Our joke was a good little bit. Not many people realized that,” Martin said afterwards during the broadcast. Q-DJs have had a nice gift to make up for it. Eliane could also call himself a proud Bitcoin winner. Because I believe the value will continue to increase in the future. Then I want to use it as seed capital to move to France and live in the mountains there.”

Moreover, listener Conan also won bitcoin on Wednesday. Although he had to put up with the music on hold… After about seven minutes, Conan’s patience was rewarded. “It happened. I won bitcoin,” Martin told him.

1338 phone call

After Conan came Anika’s turn. Listener Anika is a single mom and thanks to her bitcoin, she can finally go on vacation with her kids. When she hears the good news, Anika immediately starts crying from happiness. “I started squeezing that green phone call at 7 a.m. and haven’t stopped yet.” In the end, Anika needed 1,338 phone calls to get the Q DJs on the line.

Just like the listener Wendy, Anika also asked for the help of her children. “When it was time to drive to school, I let my kids connect more.” Anika now wants to use her Bitcoin to go on vacation with her kids. “I’ve been saving for it for so long and now I can finally do it.” She continues, “I’m a single mom, and that’s tough financially.” Then Anika said that in addition to a full-time job, she has two more. ” .”

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